Publisher Alarm Clock Alarmy,
Latest Version 5.11.07
Size 248MB
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Requirements Android 7.0+
Updated On March 9, 2022
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Alarming Introduction

Alarmy MOD APK (Pro Unlocked), is a compact app that helps you wake up from a deep sleep. It has many small, useful features that can help you get up and running quickly.

A peaceful and productive morning can be achieved by getting up early in the morning.

Although you may not realize it, how you wake up each morning can impact your mood throughout that day. It all depends on many factors such as how much sleep you get, the quality of your breakfast, the pace of the day, and whether the breakfast was scientific. However, it is important to wake up well and gently in order to have a productive day.

But how do you wake up? You can wake up at your leisure. Each person will have a different definition. People from countries like Japan, Korea, or the US that have a stressful lifestyle will have their own definition of leisure. This is in contrast to cultures that are more relaxed. But in general, a successful morning begins with waking up gently, without surprises, without being rushed or overwhelmed with anxiety…


This can be done on your own or as a routine. You can also use Alarmy, an app that supports smart alarms to simplify the process.

The smart alarm app Alarmy has the main goal that is to help users wake up gently and quickly after a long, good night’s sleep. Alarmy is not just a simple “alarm clock”, it also contains a lot of highly convenient features, helping you to start a fresh and most refreshing day.

Alarmy is a way for your body to fully awaken

To be fully awake, to not feel rushed, and to remain alert, you’ll need more than you realize. The brain also needs light exercise to keep it fresh and ready for work.

Alarmy MOD APK will allow you to do this in the most comprehensive and detailed way possible, while maintaining a smooth rhythm.

  1. Photo mission Alarmy displays an image that you have previously set as a screen once you press the alarm. This image will inspire you to follow the routine of your day after you wake up. If you are a regular user of warm water in a shower, this image can be used to capture a photo of your bathroom or a picture from the Internet. The screen of your phone will display a photo of the bathroom every time you turn off the alarm.
  2. Barcode mission: This allows you to scan QR codes or barcodes to do something about an item after the alarm has been turned off. To scan the barcode on a favorite book, you can scan it so that the screen shows you the page. This feature and the photo mission will help you live a balanced, healthy, and enjoyable lifestyle.
  3. Squat mission – It displays a quick Squat workout of between 10 and 20 movements that will help you warm up right after the alarm goes off. Depending on your fitness and desired “warm-up” level, you can choose the number of squats and the intensity of this mini exercise differently. However, the best level for everyone is the average.
  4. Step mission: The main screen displays a 30–50 step exercise. After turning off the alarm, it reminds you to complete the exercise. This will help you get ready to go for work.
  5. Shake mission is: It’s a way to remind yourself to move your body after turning off the alarm. It’s the movement of shaking your phone up to 999 times.
  6. Math mission: It is also important to warm up your brain. Alarmy may open up advanced or basic math problems. You can turn off the alarm to warm your brain up at the beginning of the day.
  7. Memory mission: A series of memory tests that you can open by turning off your alarm, getting up and starting to get out of bed.
  8. Typing mission: This function allows you to freely enter any of your favorite quotes that will appear on the main screen. It can also be your motivation.

Various additional features that offer many benefits

Alarmy-MOD-APK2Alarmy MOD APK – App Screenshot

Alarmy MOD APK offers many useful additional features, including:

  • Wake Up Check: many of you, after turning off the alarm on your phone, quickly… go back to bed again. Alarmy is able to recognize this and offers a Wake up
  • Check your alarm to see if you’re awake. Repeat the alarm until you feel completely awake.
  • Backup sound: This feature is included with Wake up Check. You can also add this feature for a louder alarm sound.
  • Quick alarm: When you are not able to complete each setting, the application will automatically install some basic tasks.

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Alarmy Reviews

Papa Smurf: Thank you, developers! It is my favorite app. Your app has a special place in my heart. This app makes me sleep and wake up every morning. The messages when exiting an app are really nice. I rarely download cracked apps. This app is not one of those. I won’t be rude to you. I would love to have the premium version. Best regards, my dear friends.

Amy Taylor: Excellent alarm app. Has never let me down. The alarms are very customizable. The maths challenge is my favorite mission. I have not missed important meetings more than twice due to the wake up check. It is easily worth the cost of a cup of coffee once a month. I feel that some reviewers are unfairly blaming this app. Android OS is very strict regarding battery power saving. Therefore, apps must have permissions in order to function properly. This applies to all apps, not just this app.

Summer: This app is very useful! It’s still difficult to get up in the morning, but that’s my problem, not the alarm. I love the popups when I exit and the little timers. It isn’t intrusive (except for when it is supposed to lol) and it makes me smile when I open the package.

Download Alarmy, Challenge Alarm clock APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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