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Requirements Android+
Updated On February 7, 2022
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Email Aqua Mail Introduction

Email Aqua Mail MOD APK (Pro Unlocked), a mail browsing app on mobile and tablet, is available. This App, although not as popular than Outlook, is a great option for those who are already familiar with it.

Why not combine all emails into one place?

Email is today’s most powerful and popular online communication tool. However, the modern world is full of unpredictable situations.

Common mistakes in creating and using an address email are numerous. Sometimes it comes from the owner’s inadvertence or sometimes careless errors in the manipulation process. Let’s see a few situations I have faced:

  • I created a Yahoo Mailbox a while back and used it for several accounts on social media sites. Yahoo suddenly stopped being used. What can I do?
  • An email address has been unused for some time. However, I used this email to retrieve personal information from the bank or hospital. Every time I want to receive a notification from the bank or hospital, I can’t do anything because I forgot the password of the email box.
  • One email account is for work, one for personal expenses and one for social media. I don’t know how I could do it if, every day, I had to check at least three to four mailboxes to see if any new messages were available.

And 1001 other tragic situations… But you also know how painful it is if every time you find your old email address, you get “rejected” because you used the wrong password. So bad, right?


One app that can collect all your emails is a great option. You don’t have to remember too many usernames and passwords anymore. Email Aqua Mail is that app.

What’s outstanding about Email Aqua Mail?

The first point I have to mention is that it can gather a lot of email addresses even from old sources such as Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Exchange… No need to set up anything complicated. Enter the mailbox username and password one more time. We now have a common place to store all mail types, magically and systematically.

The email management app has many flexible features to meet any need. Like editing draft emails with tools for bold, italic, underline, font correction, color… More advanced are functions to create, delete signatures in outgoing emails, block ads, backup, and restore in Cloud services…

Email Aqua Mail MOD APK has a widget that allows you to receive notifications about new emails right from your main screen. It can also support rare apps such as launchers, DashClock and many other popular apps on smartphones or tablets.

You can add as many email accounts as you wish to the application. Smart Folder can be used to manage and navigate emails by their content.

Email Aqua Mail MOD APK supports the push to the server process (company/corporate email), via Exchange, Office 365, or any other mailbox that supports IMAP/POP3.

This App currently has 20 languages that are very popular and is appropriate for all types of work environments.

Email security is the number one concern for email users

Email-Aqua-Mail-MOD-APK2Email Aqua Mail MOD APK – App Screenshot

Security and safety are the main concerns of users with an application that aggregates their email addresses. Email Aqua Mail allows you to have complete control over the process by:

  • Access control by pin code or fingerprint
  • Separate licensing is required for Wi-Fi and mobile data sources to set internet network limits.
  • You can even set up mail backups and restore them using popular cloud services such as OneDrive, Box and Google Drive.

Maybe you want to try: Hotspot Shield Premium

Main Features

  • Smart folder – Unify messages from multiple accounts and control the order of their appearance by date, time, or type. You can decide which message elements you want to display, such as the account and folder names.
  • Calendar synchronization for Exchange & Office 365 – Compatible with all Calendar widgets or apps
  • Widgets for the Home Screen – Check your priority email at a glance with Smart Folder preview and Message counter.
  • Android Wear Smartwatch Integration – Browse your emails from your wrist, and then reply using voice input.
  • You can save your emails to PDF or print them right from your phone.
  • Unique Signature support – Attach a different signature (including images, hyperlinks, and text formatting) to each mail address
  • Backup and restore settings via cloud services such Dropbox, OneDrive or Box, or a file.
  • There are many battery saving options available, including night and weekend mode.

Go Pro. Get All the Premium Features

  • Manage unlimited accounts
  • End-to end encryption – use S/MIME certificate to send/receive encrypted or signed emails. It also helps prevent data leaks and phishing threats.
  • Push for Exchange – immediate email delivery for corporate email
  • Email identities – unlimited aliases per email
  • Transfer messages between folders
  • Open & Save EML files
  • Priority notifications
  • You can delete folders
  • In outgoing messages, remove the Aqua Mail promo sign
  • Remove ads

Email Aqua Mail Reviews

Tuan Nguyen: All emails are synced, but the inbox does not display emails that were set to be moved to specific folders in outlook office365. Would you be able to show those folders under inbox the same way they are in office365? Thank you.

John Fricano: I have used Pro for two accounts. It has been a reliable email client for over 4-5 years. The Smart account allows you to easily identify which account is sending the email by using its color background. We have tried several other highly-recommended apps, but this app is by far the best. Highly customizable, highly recommended. The best, most customizable and highly customizable. You can also use the defaults to make it perfect without needing to dive in.

Tacoma SanJuan: Update: A.M. has been my go-to for over five years now. really, mostly complete settings&options I’ve never had need to go elsewhere…. truly, this is an essential buy. The pro version is a complete app experience that’s well worth the purchase. Automatically filtering inbound emails into subfolders is something that I still need. However, all other options are available in settings. Thanks for aquamail. Very satisfied…

Download Email Aqua Mail - Fast, Secure APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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