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Size 134MB
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On February 18, 2022
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Fotor Photo Editor Introduction

Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked), an online photo editing app, is gaining a lot of trust and attention from young users. Many users even claim that this application is the perfect tool for amateur photographers. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this powerful application!

A photo editing app seems normal but definitely not “a big bowl of instant popular noodles”

If you use other photo editing apps on Google Play or the App Store, you can easily feel that everything is like “a bowl of instant noodles”. They, from color to photo effects, left no different or typical attraction, all faded or become “too much”. Then you want a “therapy” in between, reconciling these two extremes, making the image after editing become harmonious but still retain the inherent natural nuance. Especially for pictures of landscapes or people on a natural landscape (this is also Fotor’s strength).

When I found Fotor, I read a lot of reviews because I didn’t want one more disappointment. A series of pictures are waiting in my phone while I haven’t found a perfect app meeting the above criteria yet.

It is worth the effort. I have downloaded it and used it. Fotor is an excellent app.


For those not familiar with this advanced photo editing process, there aren’t too many complex parameters or tweaks that can confuse them. Fotor’s interface is simple to use, intuitive and modern. Each feature is minimal and focuses only on the image.

Fotor has 5 main features

Add effects, borders, and stickers

Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK has hundreds of special effects available with ideal color indices that have been refined by veteran photographers, in a variety of styles: film, retro, kaleidoscope, romantic, brightly… You can not only use one of them, but also mix them together until it satisfies you.

Image contours are another option to complement the effects. Fotor has more than 100 different types of frames for you to “frame” your photos for special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Birthday. Fotor frames are multi-colored, which is a big advantage over other apps I’ve used. However, they all have pleasant, modern, and cool tones.

You can add stickers to any image with more than 200 themes. And the stickers in Fotor aren’t just the usual brat-type.

A set of features can be used to personalize your photos

Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK is a set of functions that allows you to quickly create collages, add fonts and delete them. It also has basic functions like cropping, rotating, and filtering. I find this set of Fotor functions quite fascinating and the result image looks very natural.

This feature set allows you to stitch multiple images together, depending on the layouts. This modern jigsaw feature is not dry, has no duplication, and does not cause any interference. You should make sure that it is not too close to the Instagram collage.

Set of image processors, which are as dedicated and detailed as photographers.

Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK is the best tool for advanced photo editing. It allows you to modify the image using all the settings from A-Z. You can select, touch, and flip your finger to change the indicator number and get the results. Adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation, shadow, front and back highlights, noise, dark angles, even more detailed things like healing, highlight, … are all available.

If you cannot be patient enough like a real professional photographer, you can use Fotor’s Auto feature

The AI will edit your image thanks to the accumulation AI of user history. You may find it beautiful, or not. However, the standard is accurate. You can then make some modifications to suit your needs. This saves you time and effort compared to manually changing each parameter, as shown in the third feature set.

Fotor’s axis editing is an important feature that sets it apart from other photo editing apps.

Fotor-Photo-Editor-MOD-APK2Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK – App Screenshot

This function helps you focus your attention on the correct subject. By creating depth, the image looks like it was shot in a studio, or outdoors with all the props of a powerful ekip. This effect is especially effective if it’s used with images that have a monochrome background. Sometimes the image looks so stunning that it is difficult to remember what was originally in your mind.

You can edit your photos and save them to your phone or share them on social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with one click.

Maybe you want to try: Microsoft OneDrive

Fotor Photo Editor Reviews

Mitchell Ramsey: Simple to use. A large and beautiful selection of fonts and colors. And that’s not all. There are occasional ads, but they are very rare. We don’t have to put up with the ads. I’ve been using this app for over a year, & still discovering thing’s that are available free. Highly recommend!!

Samuel Agiang: It is very user-friendly and offers excellent editing capabilities. It is however, quite demanding. It makes more sense to allow one to do other editing with data, than to pay online.

Samarahussain Mughal: It’s a great editor. It is very similar to canva. It’s simple to use, but not too difficult. It is a problem when editing a photo. I must take a screenshot. Please make sure we have the ability to download this image. I hope you will be able to see the difference in my next update.

Download Fotor Photo Editor - Design Maker & Photo Collage APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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