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Google Meet Introduction

Google Meet APK is a tool that allows you to meet and work remotely. After I tried it, I will continue to use it.

Google Meet is for whom?

Google Meet is a product of the Google family and seems to be more beneficial for both individuals at work and businesses. Google Meet allows you to set up video calls and manage remote teams. It is especially helpful for people who work remotely. This is a safe and reliable video meeting tool, according to user reviews. It is simple to use and familiar with the interface. The paid version allows up to 250 people to join a Google Meet meeting.

You can access Google Meet at the basic level as long as you have a Google Workspace account. This level allows you to host meetings of up 100 people without time limitations.


That’s what I heard about Google Meet. Until two months ago, I still didn’t use it because I thought I could use the video chat tools available on mobile. My working group was only 4 members. Soon after, my team had 10 members and the WFH process got complicated. We decided to try Google Meet.

Since then, it has been over 2 months. It was much quicker and it saved a lot of time. OK. But now to be more specific about the advantages of this application, I’ll probably start with the first factor which a user like me is especially sensitive to.

Beautiful and clear video layout

Because our team works a lot with numbers, the technology level is likely not too high. The interface of an online meeting app must be simple to use, beautiful, minimalistic, and easy to see. Google Meet scores immediately in this aspect.

There are many video layouts to choose from. You can even change the way that the sidebar is displayed and where it is focused. You can have up to 16 screens at once, and even more with the premium packages. My group has 11 members, so we can all see each other on our screen. The meeting is therefore not that different from a traditional meeting.

Google Meet allows you to easily share screens during meetings

You will need a screen sharing tool, for example, to share data or graphs with your team. Google Meet has many options for sharing your screen. You can share the entire screen, a tab or a document, as well as a video or other media. All of these options are possible. Your privacy can almost be preserved with a little bit more rhythmic and careful manipulation.

Subtitles feature

Google Meet’s most notable feature is its real-time Subtitle. This feature allows you to easily take notes, summarize meetings, and take notes on videos or shared presentations. And this whole process still does not interrupt any member’s speech.

Google-Meet-APK2Google Meet APK – App Screenshot

Advanced noise cancellation

It is not possible to have a peaceful and unperturbed workspace in every space, at home or elsewhere. Google Meet’s noise cancellation feature will make it easy to avoid falling into this noisy environment. This ability in the application is so strong that it can eliminate background noise in the meeting participants’ videos. It can be compared to modern headphones that cancel out noise.

High quality video, low latency

For meetings, conversations, and managing workgroups, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you don’t need to worry about anything. Video is of excellent quality and the image is transparent, smooth, as well as having very low latency. Image lag, flashes, and stripes are rare (almost never).

Extremely secure in terms security

Google guarantees that all content shared, copied, stored and shared in the Google Meet app is safe and secure. There is no way to leak any information. Network hacking, which is possible due to virus attacks, is almost impossible.

No matter if you use Google Meet across multiple platforms (such a tablet or mobile phone, laptop, or PC), the security level and all of the above features will still be maintained.

It has been a reliable tool that I have trusted. So far, the experience has been very positive. We can access almost all our work tools via Google accounts. This allows us to quickly and easily use them.

Maybe you want to try: Google Account Manager

Main Features

  • Meeting safely – Video conferences are encrypted while in transit. We continually update our safety measures to ensure additional protection.
  • Host large meetings – invite up to 250 participants to a meeting, whether they’re in the same team or outside of your organization
  • Engage in meetings – engage on meetings without interrupting, through Q&A, Polls, and Hand Raise
  • Access on any device: Share a link with your team and invite them to join your conversations. All you need is a Google Meet mobile app or a web browser.
  • You can share your screen and present slides or documents during your conference call.
  • Follow along to see live captions powered by Google’s speech–to-text technology

Google Workspace allows you and your team to:

  • Enjoy helpful features like live captions, breakout rooms, and noise cancellation* to make meetings more productive.
  • Participate in meetings wherever you are. Meetings organized by Google Workspace users also create a dial-in phone number for each meeting, so every guest can join – even without wifi or data.
  • Seamlessly jump into a video call from Chat or take document collaboration to the next level by connecting over video – everything ties together so you can always connect and collaborate in context.

Google Meet Reviews

Aarav Korde: Thanks ?? Google for making to this type of awesome app . It is very easy to use. However, I have a problem with it. When I am attending my school classes in fullscreen mode, there is an icon of our ID in the top right corner. Because of this, I miss some words. Please fix this issue ASAP.

Pyanshi Keer: It was very easy to use when I first started using it. It didn’t cause any issues during my meet. However, I have been unable to open any other applications in the background since the last few days. If I use the minimize or back options. The screen goes black and I was very inconvenienced during the meeting. I’m using Google meet n my phone . Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Omkar Sonawane: Although the app is great, there is one problem. A small pop up appears when I go to Home screen after a meeting. It allows me to control the mic or video settings. However, it does not work …. nowadays. PLZZ, please do something.

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