Publisher Play Software,
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Latest Version 1.7.5-play
Size 4MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.1 Network required+
Updated On February 8, 2022
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Introduction to J2ME Loader

J2ME Loader APK is a free emulator for Android that helps your phone runs Java games. This emulator can be downloaded via the link provided below. It will allow you to go back to your childhood and play unforgettable Java games.

What is a J2ME Loader and how do you use it?

Play Software developed J2ME Loader. It is an open source project on GitHub that aims to make your dreams come true. Surely many of you are still very nostalgic about the old days with the games Avatar, Mobi Army, Ninja School,…


Technology changes every day and more people use modern technology. That’s why the physical keyboard phones are no longer in vogue and in widespread use.

Since then, games for the iOS and Android operating systems have become very popular. This has made Java games almost obsolete. J2ME Loader, however, is the app that will allow you to relive your childhood, play Java games, and fulfill your hopes.

Nowadays, however, there are very few Java game download sites. It is no longer necessary to maintain this website as Java games have slowly disappeared. But don’t worry because there are a number of websites that still offer Java games. With a large collection of Java games hosted online, Java games can be played on your phone.

The interface

J2ME Loader’s interface is simple and easy to use. This emulator is very easy to use. You will see a large plus sign in the lower right corner. This is a button that allows you to add Java apps from your phone to this emulator. The three dots button in the upper right corner allows you to adjust settings to best suit your device.

Not only that, to support the developer, you can also donate in the emulator’s support, contributing to motivating them to continue to improve this project.

Compatibility for Android phones

J2ME Loader APK is capable of running almost every Java game available. Whether it’s 2D or 3D games, it supports you to play smoothly, only Mascot Capsule 3D games do currently not have a solution for you to play on Android phones. It is also understandable, as there is a huge Java game store. Therefore it is difficult for all of them to be met.

I have tested many games. Some run at 60 FPS and others only 10-30 FPS. These are typically games from the MMORPG style. In addition, J2ME Loader is still in the development phase and very few people still love Java games, so even if it’s an open project on GitHub, you have to wait a long time for it to be perfect and highly compatible with all games.

High resolution

J2ME Loader APK emulator permits you to play games that have an optional solver. The standard resolution of old phones is usually 320×240 or vice versa 240×320. You should always note the resolution setting when downloading the game. This will ensure that the image is not broken. The emulator has many other features.

  • Scale to fit: This option should be enabled so that the image can be adjusted to the correct scale for your device.
    Filter for photo filters
  • Show FPS: This displays the FPS for your particular game.
  • Maintain aspect ratio: This preserves the aspect ratio.

The virtual Keyboard

J2ME-Loader-APK2J2ME Loader APK – App Screenshot

J2ME Loader APK emulator lets you use multiple virtual keys from different phones. You can also use the modern look that’s the touch joystick button and your interactive button or screen split in two. This will result in your phone’s screen being divided into two. One is the game screen and the other is the virtual keyboard. The keyboard you prefer will be chosen based on your preferences.

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J2ME Loader Review

Stewie Dong: My favourite game requires bluetooth connectivity. I tried to enable bluetooth connection on my phone, and then relaunched the game. It didn’t work. What can I do?

Muflih Muflih: Game Zombiewood force is closing in the or version, please fix it. I love this J2ME loader so much

Adarsh Nagare: I have given 5 stars for this app, and also for JL-Mod because I was able to play Mascot Capsule 3d engine “Devil May Cry” with it ? Thank you! ☺️?You have also made it possible for me to play many horror games that I had not tried, such as “Virus”, Terror Seed”, Drive the Evil Spirit”, “Drive the Evil Spirit”, and “Land of the Dead”. I’m grateful!☺️❤️

Onuh Abdul: Wow!!!! It’s amazing that I can now play all my mobile games and even finish those that were impossible to finish with this app. It’s incredible when you find the perfect resolution. Now I can finish prince of Persia.

Download J2ME Loader APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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