Publisher JustNewDesigns,
Category Personalization,
Latest Version 4.5
Size 80MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On January 28, 2022
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LineX Icon Pack Introduction

LineX Icon Pack APK is the top-rated icon pack for 2019, giving your smartphone an entirely new, minimalistic and modern look.

Why should you change the icon pack for your smartphone?

The world is constantly changing. Immersing ourselves in new things is the only way to ensure that we never lose sight of them. It is simple and practical to refresh your phone’s screen from the home screen through the detail screen and every logo. This will allow you to make small but significant changes in your life.

You can also express your fashion and aesthetic preferences by choosing and using an icon pack. Let me show you an example. You’re doing creative work, but your smartphone looks boring. It’s just like when you unpack from the box, nothing new, nothing special, nothing interesting, then looking at it is also somewhat boring. It’s not the only thing to judge your style, but it’s something that can lower your creativity score a bit.


It is possible to update your phone by simply changing an icon pack. The effect is amazing because the icon pack can completely alter the display interface of a smartphone.

Do you have any icon pack ideas?

I have used the icon pack passively for three to four generations. Finally, I came back to the original set which in my opinion is the most beautiful set I’ve ever known: LineX Icon Pack APK.

LineX Icon Pack APK contains a collection of Neon-style icons. This set is for you if you share my minimalistic style. LineX Icon Pack icons have simple straight lines and curves. Each icon has a unique gradient scheme. It is futuristic and classic, much like the fictional structures in science fiction movies. This design style is timeless, in my opinion. LineX Icon Pack contains more than 4800 icons and many high-quality backgrounds. This allows you to create rich, diverse interfaces for your mobile devices.

What can I say? It’s not just a new novelty. I also feel like I have something very special in my hand. Each symbol that I see is a beautiful, artistic masterpiece that combines the present and the future. Have you heard the saying “The simpler the more different”? This great icon set is the essence of simplicity.

This number is currently at 4800 icons, but will grow rapidly. The Neon style is available for every application you update or download to your phone.

You can adjust the icon’s size from 100% up to 120%, you can modify the preview mode by simply clicking on it and you can also use the dynamic calendar to easily track the current time. LineX Icon Pack APK can be used to reset all your icons. You can also use the panel to arrange and display icons on your phone.

LineX-Icon-Pack-APK2LineX Icon Pack APK – App Screenshot

This application has been downloaded more than 5,000 times (information from Google Play). Does that prove it’s hot and popular?

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Main Features

  • Icon preview &search.
  • Dynamic Calendar
  • Material Dashboard.
  • Custom folder icons
  • Icons that are categorized
  • Icons for custom app drawers
  • Easy Icon Request

LineX Icon Pack Reviews

Scott Lawson: Wonderful app. The style is exactly what I was looking for. I hope you will add more icons!!

Suppressed Knife: Beautiful and stunning icon pack. I love that it keeps getting updated with new icons.

DuckAlert Beats: Amazing! I love these icons, but suddenly my Google App looks like a Pizza and Signal tells me SH etc. Otherwise, great :).

Mark Townsend: ? / ? Icon pack and its forever growing library that’s full of many different kinds of customisation that will definitely have plenty of choice for everyone who purchases it. This app is amazing. You have so many options for customisation. It is definitely worth the small amount of money it costs. Great work!

Download LineX Icon Pack APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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