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Latest Version 1.5.0
Size 33MB
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Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On January 20, 2022
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Nox Booster Introduction

Nox Booster APK is an app that speeds up your phone by freeing up memory and getting rid of any cache data. This app is recommended if your smartphone suddenly becomes laggy or runs slower than usual.

Freeing up RAM will speed up your phone’s performance

Nox Booster APK optimizes available space on your smartphone using software acceleration. This is combined with cleaning memory, scanning and cooling the phone. Nox Booster’s double action will ensure that your smartphone runs smoother and more efficiently.

Nox Booster will check the status and operation of your phone when you open it. When detecting that the device is lagging, Nox Booster will automatically run a series of software to increase RAM, increase internal memory to improve your phone’s working performance.


Nox Booster will also continue to perform another operation to provide deeper intervention in the cleaning process. The app comes with a built-in cache scanner feature. It will scan your phone for junk files and other unnecessary data after you have completed the above operations.

Nox Booster comes with anti-virus and self-scanning features. What does cleaning your phone have to do the antivirus? It is a fact that if you have on your phone one or a few infected virus files, they run the risk of spreading to other files, making your phone more lagging and degrading your phone’s productivity. The main cause of electronic device operational bottlenecks is also viruses. You can’t be sure our phone doesn’t have such a dangerous file because the sources of infection are now very diverse, can be from saved files, downloaded files, or from social networking sites or websites you go to every day. No one knows for sure, so it’s best to just scan around and remove as many viruses as possible. This powerful feature of Nox Booster keeps you safe all the time.

How does Nox-Booster accomplish all of this?

First of all, after doing the process, Nox Booster will provide all the user’s usage data and the phone’s temperature in real-time. Nox Booster will scan and quickly kill your phone. Then, Nox Booster will do all the necessary processes to clean your phone.

Nox Booster’s second action is to stop applications from opening automatically without permission. Although these apps are free to download, they can be quite handy. However, they will still open and remain active even when you’re not using them. And it is a waste of your phone’s performance and memory. Prevent Autostart will prevent these situations from happening with Nox Booster. You can open them whenever you need them, and they will stop operating in a silent manner.

Nox Booster will notify users when they have completed all the tasks. To see the results, all you need to do is reboot your phone.

Nox Booster maintains these criteria throughout the whole process:

  • You should not order something you don’t want to do.
  • You can ensure the privacy and security of any deleted or existing data on your phone.
  • It is protected that the identity of the files deleted remains confidential.

A CPU cooler and productivity booster

Additional to junk files, unneeded data, viruses and files that open RAM, the main reason why your phone slows down is because of how many apps you have open. This can cause the phone to heat up.

Excessive heat may cause damage to the hardware and hinder heat release, resulting in poor performance. But when using Nox Booster, you won’t need to worry anymore, this app will help you cool down your phone automatically.

Nox-Booster-APK2Nox Booster APK – App Screenshot

Nox Booster APK will warn you if the device heats suddenly. It will also suggest phone optimizations. It will automatically shut down any applications that use too much resources through an AI algorithm. Its goal is to protect the hardware device and clean it up quickly.

This feature is extremely beneficial if you are playing high-speed mobile games because gaming causes your phone to heat up a lot and it’s also not comfortable to hold and play the game on a hot smartphone.

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Main Features

Battery Saver

  • Nox Booster offers a variety of battery-saving modes. You can also customize your battery saving mode. You can quickly analyze your battery usage and block battery draining apps to extend battery life.

Fast Charger

  • Nox Booster can increase battery charging speed and protect your phone’s battery health. By scanning background apps and eliminating unnecessary progresses, you can increase the speed of your phone’s charging.

Increase Performance and Speed up Your Device

  • Nox Booster aims at quickly killing these tasks and keeping your device efficient and fast.
  • Because they consume RAM, auto-start apps can be annoying. Nox Booster prevents them opening again after stopping them. This helps to maintain device performance.

Make Your Game Faster & Smoother

  • High ping and lagging can ruin your gaming experience. Nox Booster will free up RAM memory to make it easier to start the game.

Monitoring your phone’s status in real-time

  • Do you want to know how well your phone performs? You can monitor the performance of your device with our real-time monitor.
  • Nox Booster automatically turns red when the CPU usage or temperature is too high. This indicates that you should optimize your device to avoid overload.

Smart Cleaner to Get Rid of Junk and Cache

  • You keep getting the ‘Storage almost full’ notification. Nox Booster, which scans your phone for ads and caches, is a quick fix.
  • It’s unnecessary to delete application cache and uninstall residuals manually. Our cleaner tool takes care of all that in one click.

Simply one click can cool your heating phone

  • Due to an overloaded CPU, your phone might become uncomfortable hot after video or heavy gaming. Nox Booster uses a special algorithm to detect and shut down over-used system resources. This protects your device from overheating.
  • Nox Booster, which cools your phone down automatically reduces CPU usage to prevent device temperature from rising again.

Mobile Security Guaranteed by the Most Up-to Date Virus Database

  • You might see ads popping up from nowhere. Your device may have been infected. The antivirus feature can detect viruses, Trojans and malware and will remove them all once they are removed. Prevention is better than treatment!

Nox Booster Reviews

Aman Mandal: It has been very useful for me since the update. Although I don’t own a better phone, I was able to count in pro list. This is an awesome app that I wanted to share with everyone.

Duncan Lamboloto: It’s a very nice game accelerator..

Deep Loop: This app is very useful for me. It can delete junk files and boost game where there is lag. This app is well worth the effort.

Vassavi: This app is already a favorite of mine! From 40 to 120 fps. WOW! This app has transformed my gaming experience. I can plug in an Ocd adapter to my OTC2070 and can play on ultra settings.

Download Nox Booster - Game Booster APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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