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Updated On January 23, 2022
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One Booster Introduction

One Booster MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) will speed up your phone, remove junk files, viruses and perform many other useful tasks for absolutely no cost.

What is One Booster?

Smartphones that have a lot of features and a large storage capacity offer many useful features. However, they can also be very tiring. I used to have time to save lots of photos on my phone, video, music files are also full of the phone, many apps that downloaded but I even don’t use them… Everything is quite chaotic. It makes my phone slow down.


I searched the internet for instructions and came across One Booster. This app has everything I needed: junk removal, speed boost, and a free virus scan.

Interface is simple to use

I used to enjoy downloading many apps to my mobile phone. Most of my phone is centered around editing and orthotics apps. But when it comes to technical apps, I don’t know how to use them. So before downloading One Booster, I was quite hesitant because I was afraid I couldn’t use it. However, once I opened the app, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my decision had been made.

One Booster MOD APK is simple in color and text. It has few words, but clear instructions. Each feature is represented as a large menu option. You only need to touch a few buttons to get what you want. It’s not hard and it’s not as complicated as you might think. And if I can use it, I’m sure everyone can use it.

How does One Booster speed your phone up?

One Booster’s speed up feature is the first thing I want to mention. You will see a faster phone by clearing out unnecessary items and cleaning caches. One Booster will clean up all of this and give your phone a boost with lots of storage.

Did you know that the memory section shows how many GB Facebook and Messenger are using up on your phone? You’ll be amazed at how heavy some of these files can sometimes be compared to the photos on your phone. Your phone’s slow speed is due to this. One Booster is not just for browsing your phone and making suggestions to clean it up, but it also clears out cache data from social media apps.

One Booster will clean your phone of junk files and other unnecessary things by following these steps.

Remove viruses, protect your phone’s safety

One Booster MOD APK includes a Virus Remover feature to help protect your device from malware, security holes, and other threats.

One Booster will scan your phone for viruses, detect and prevent them, and then remove them. You are 100% protected and private. One Booster’s anti-virus feature is also certified by TRUSTLOOK. I feel 100% confident downloading and connecting to public wifi networks since I downloaded One Booster.

Cool your phone and save battery

Also, through the above cleaning process, unnecessary apps will be closed completely (until you open them) or deleted, depending on the user’s choice. The phone will run more apps and be slower, while the battery will drain faster, which will prevent it from overheating.

One-Booster-MOD-APK2One Booster MOD APK – App Screenshot

If the heat is not yet evident, try browsing the internet, downloading photos, responding to emails, watching movies and chatting with friends through Facebook. The phone will heat up quickly and it will then drop in battery life.

You can avoid this by using One Booster, a reliable cleaning app. This app will make your phone run smoothly and more efficient.

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Main Features

Junk Cleaner (Junk Files).

  • One Booster can help you free up storage space by removing junk and residual files that slow down your phone.
  • You can also clear more space by cleaning cache data from social media apps, without worrying about accidentally deleting any files.

Antivirus free

  • One Booster’s anti-virus engine, certified by TRUSTLOOK, scans all apps for viruses.

Boost Mobile

  • One Tap Boost increases the speed of your phone by freeing RAM. To test how fast your phone is after boosting it, you can run a speed check.

Battery Saver

  • One Booster can be used to increase battery life and save battery power by hibernating running applications.

CPU Cooler

  • With just one tap, the CPU Cooler can reduce your phone’s CPU temperature.

It’s fast and easy

  • One Booster’s user interface makes it simple and intuitive to use. It can clear junk files and cache to free up memory.

One Booster Review

Mary: It has never been a problem so far. It’s been around for two weeks. It does what it’s supposed, it will usually ask me first, and if I don’t send it away it continues to do the job. It continues to function after almost one year. Thank you, ONE BOOSTER.??

Phumelele Mhlongo: This app is amazing. It worked great for me. My phone was frozing and heating up while i was using it. I downloaded it and it solved the problem.

Brandon De La Garza: These apps can be linked together. You can get both. It will keep giving you bonuses until you get it. It will sometimes continue to do this even after you have downloaded the other apps. This is a very pushy sales tactic that I have never seen. Craziness!

Download One Booster - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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