Publisher Model X Apps,
Category Personalization,
Latest Version 5.6
Size 20MB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On March 6, 2022
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OS13 Launcher Introduction

OS13 Launcher MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a launcher application with an iOS-inspired interface for Android phones.

What is OS13 Launcher?

This launcher is compatible with iOS style. It gives your Android phone a new look, just like the iPhone X and iPhone 11. Just a few clicks and your phone will have the same look as an Apple iPhone. It can even get speed, beauty, and luxury without sacrificing Android’s customization and personalization capabilities.

Let’s start by clarifying that OS13 Launcher was not the official iPhone launcher. It is an inspiration for the iOS 13 Launcher. This app is completely independent from any Apple product. This application is designed to give Android users a fresh experience and to help them enjoy iOS Launcher with a variety of additional features.

And so, OS13 Launcher MOD APK is not original, it has redesigned all iOS icons and wallpapers, but retains the structure, layout and tone & mood of a typical iOS interface.


OS13 Launcher is bold iOS

All Android 4.4+ phones are compatible with this app. It is easy to install on your Android 4.4+ device. You will instantly have a series unified icons that are iOS-inspired. These icons include layout, color, and images used for designing icons and background images. Every day, the familiar phone has a new look. It looks just like an iPhone X/ iPhone 11.

OS13 Launcher supports iOS icons packs and nearly all the icons in Google Play. There are more than 500 wallpapers and themes available in the app. This number allows you to display your phone’s background in a completely new way. For those who used to enjoy the rather stereotypical arrangement and the attractive “inflexibility” of the iOS launcher, OS13 Launcher is a great tool that gives you a chance to enjoy the interesting layout of Apple phones.

Multi-use iOS control & management center

OS13 Launcher supports iOS Control Center, making it even easier for users. This manager of all apps helps you quickly locate the app you’re looking for, whether you’re using T9 searches or regular search. You can quickly access it by simply swiping up from the screen when you are using it. This feature is unique and not available in other iOS launchers.

This manager also has an additional nice function: for applications that are not used for 15 consecutive days, it will automatically be put into the folder “Rare use”, so that you can easily classify frequently used and rarely used applications, then consider removing or rearranging the layout to make it more reasonable.

The manager supports the categorizing of applications into folders. It is easy to create folders quickly and drag the appropriate apps into them to quickly categorize apps according different criteria.

Use icons to manipulate

OS13 Launcher icons are all in iOS style. However, they have been redesigned and added their own features. These icons can be displayed however you wish. OS13 Launcher combines the distinctive artistic style of iOS phones with the ease of customization on an Android device.

OS13 Launcher offers an editing mode directly on the screen. In this mode, users can choose multiple icons to organize them or move them all in bulk. It makes it easy to rearrange your mobile as you like. For the safety of users, OS13 Launcher also has additional features like  Hide app, App lock to help lock important applications and limit intrusion from others.

OS13 Launcher MOD APK has the highest number of transitions and animations, compared to other Launcher apps. It enhances your mobile’s richness, versatility, glamor, and style. It is so dynamic and youthful, just looking at it.

Many useful utilities are supported

They include Phone Booster (Battery Saver), Junk Cleaner (Dual Apps), and eye protection features. Users can adjust the screen grid size and dock background configuration. The Weather widgets are available on the iPhone as well as many gesture icons. These features are very small, but they can be used in a convenient way.

OS13-Launcher-MOD-APK2OS13 Launcher MOD APK – App Screenshot

OS13 Launcher MOD APK allows you to lock your screen in a single touch. This will prevent children and others from changing the order of the items you have created for your phone. OS13 Launcher allows you to adjust the font and to switch between three color modes: Light, Dark, and Auto Adaptation. This will reduce eye strain in all lighting conditions.

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Main Features

  • OS13 Launcher works on ALL Android 4.4+ phones. You get OS13 launcher unify icon, OS13 launcher layout, and animation. It’s like having a new i PhoneX or i Phone11!
  • OS13 Launcher Support i OS icon Pack and almost all icons packs in Play Store
  • Tidy app for 15 days not used to “Rare use” folder
  • OS13 Launcher offers 500+ wallpapers and themes
  • OS13 Launcher features i OS13 Control Center, swipe up on the Dock to access it
  • All Apps Manager: Quick to locate apps, swipe up from your desktop to get to them.Unique feature that is not available in other i OS launchers
  • Desktop Edit Mode: Select multi-app icons can be used to create folders and move them in batches in Desktop Editor mode
  • Tidy App Icons: Choose how to display app icons on your desktop. (Unique feature that no other i OS launcher offers)
  • Sort apps into folders
  • All apps on your desktop in a-z order
  • Support i OS13 folder style
  • Weather widget on OS13 sidepage
  • Numerous handy gestures and icon gestures
  • Handy tools: Phone Booster, Battery Saver, Junk Cleaner
  • Notifier for unread red dots
  • Eyes protector feature
  • Size option for the desktop grid
  • T9 Search and quick app search
  • The OS13 Launcher Support app Auto Classify will help you to classify apps to folders
  • Multi dock page and dock background configuration
  • OS13 Launcher offers many desktop animations/transition effects
  • OS13 Launcher support Hide application, App lock
  • You can lock your desktop layout to prevent being accidentally ruined by children or others
  • OS13 Launcher supports changing fonts
  • OS13 Launcher supports 3 color modes: Auto Adaptation, Light, and Dark
  • Support dual apps

OS13 Launcher Review

Ambitious Og: It’s cool, amaizing, and so beautiful.

Krasi World: I love this launcher! It’s my favorite! It is my favorite! Thank you to the creator. Although they don’t have a library, launcher 13 was mentioned. All other functions work exactly the same as ios 14, and I love it. It’s lighter than OS Launcher 14 by the same developer and works better, especially for me. Thank you again!

Nicole Koetter: Although I love the app, it would be great if it could mimic the look of the phone’s brand or model. This app works great with old Samsung Galaxy’s and I would definitely recommend it.

Paul Gilmartin: Although it could use more features to make it more comparable with iOS, I suppose these can be purchased. Otherwise, it’s very good.

Download OS13 Launcher, Control Center, i OS13 Theme APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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