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Latest Version 5.19.0
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Requirements Android 4.3+
Updated On September 13, 2022
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Pluto TV Introduction

Pluto TV APK is a brand new mobile TV app.  There are many apps that you can use to view free movies. This might get you a little bit confused, especially if you don’t have a recommendation. If someone can recommend the best app, it will make your life easier.

The commonality of these apps is their claims to offer unique features and different apps. However, this is not what you’d get after you install them on your phone. It is now up to you to find a reliable app. Pluto TV is that app you’ve been looking for, and you should download it.

There’s so much to enjoy in this app, in addition to free movies and TV shows. You can watch thousands of movies on the app’s over 250 channels. With this, you’d never lack what to watch on your mobile device.

This is the only app where you’d have access to stream different channels for free. Pluto TV APK will allow you to access the most recent movies, news, and TV shows. There’s always an interesting offer for you in this game, and this is for free.

Pluto TV MOD APK - App ScreenshotPluto TV MOD APK – App Screenshot

What does it do?

Android users can find the best mobile entertainment app for Android, Pluto TV. Here you can watch thousands of Spanish-language movies and TV shows. Free to tune in to hundreds Spanish TV channels and live broadcasts whenever it suits you. The app is completely free and legal, which is a great thing.

Explore the best hit movies and shows from the mobile app, in which you’ll be able to satisfy your needs for entertainment in multiple genres, from actions, adventures, to comedy, documentary, and more. You can find the top shows and movies in these categories, as well as live channels that are available whenever you need them.

Enjoy a user-friendly and intuitive application that supports and promotes your mobile entertainment. You can access the intuitive video player interface and work with the stream settings. There are many more.


You can download the free version of Pluto TV’s mobile app from the Google Play Store. This should always be available to all Android users. It will contain ads that might be annoying to you.

And to improve the stability and compatibility of the mobile app, it’s also important for Android users to always have the latest firmware versions installed on their mobile devices. Pluto TV, just like all Android apps, requires access permissions to your system in order for it to function properly.

App for entertainment that is intuitive and easily accessible

Pluto TV users will be able to use the intuitive entertainment app. It features a modern minimalistic design, friendly layouts, and helpful theme settings. The app is easy to use and has many great features that you can enjoy whenever you like. In addition, with the app featuring its different theme settings, you’re free to customize the layouts and enjoy watching movies in various backgrounds.

You will find many content to your delight

You can now access the most popular movie for those who are interested. TV streaming services with Pluto TV, in which the app offers many free content to keep you engaged. You can explore this area. There are more than 100 live TV channels and 1000+ TV shows. from all genres, together with many free contents that will certainly impress you. Pluto TV offers Spanish channels in native and dubbed languages. Users can enjoy all the free content.

Top hits across multiple genres

The app also offers multiple movies and shows. This allows Android users to access their favorite TV shows, classic TV shows, blockbuster movies, and other TV shows in their own way. You can discover the horror, comedy and adventure you love, as well as cartoons, sci-fi, adventure, science-fiction, cartoon, and other video entertainments.

You will be entertained by these fascinating collections

The app also offers many movie collections that will appeal to Android users. Look through the seasons of your favorite TV series. Discover the captivating and thrilling drama and crime series. Pluto TV offers endless entertainment with its hilarious stand-up comedy and crime series. You will have a lot of fun watching these amazing reality shows. Get the most recent breaking news, live sport, analysis and news updates from TV stations, as well as other content. You can go on and on.

New movies and shows are added daily

Pluto TV is available as a mobile application. You can receive new movies and shows every day, you can keep up with the latest episodes of your favorite series and shows. You will never miss the latest movies or other content on Pluto TV thanks to its constant updates.

To use intuitive playback interface

Pluto TV Android users have the option to use the intuitive playback interface. This makes the app easier to use, especially when watching streaming movies or live TV. The standard options allow you to modify the playback experience. You can also use the intuitive touch controls to make your whole experience more user-friendly.

You can enjoy the full version of our app with our mod

And last but not least, for those of you who are interested in the free live TV and movies app but don’t wish to watch ads, you can go for the modded version of Pluto TV on our website instead. We offer an unlocked, free app that has disable ads and unlimited features. Download the app now! Pluto TV Mod APKFollow these instructions to get started with the mobile application.

Are you still unsure? Get Pluto TV now to get more features.

You’d find different genres on Pluto TV. You’ll find true crime, retro classics and even unsolved mysteries on Pluto TV. There are many deals available for you to take advantage of. Remember that all these offers are for free, implying that you shouldn’t miss it.


You also don’t have to signup or register to use Pluto TV APK. The app is 100% free, and you’d enjoy TV shows and movies on it. Pluto TV is gaining significant popularity in Google Play Store. The app has been downloaded by more than 10 million users on mobile devices. As evidenced by the positive reviews, this number will only rise.

There’s an endless list of what you can enjoy from this app. Get Pluto TV now and start enjoying all its features.

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Main Features

  • The biggest hit movies
  • Full seasons of your favorite shows
  • Chilling true crime and drama series
  • Hilarious comedy shows and stand-up specials
  • Spanish-language movies & shows
  • The wildest reality TV shows
  • The latest breaking news
  • Live sports, classic games, news and analysis

Pluto TV Reviews

Lisa Young: All of the problems I was experiencing were also mentioned in other reviews. When I tried to fix Pluto tv, a “live tab” appeared on my Chromecast home screen. I accidentally clicked it. It was then that Pluto appeared crystal clear. After clicking, a message stating that Pluto TV is now available appears. No more handups, glitches, or messages saying “cannot display” YAY, finally. There must be a better way of promoting this new solution to all the frustration. Love Pluto, still do! Merry Christmas!

Buzz Wilson: Pluto TV APK has been upgraded. It works as expected. There is a small glitch that sometimes occurs when you start an on-demand program, then switch to another app and then back to Pluto TV App. The on-demand video will then restart from where it started. It is a minor problem. The rating has been raised from 3 stars to 4. Pluto TV is the best ad-supported streaming platform available at this time. Every time I watch something, it is worth my while.

Billy Fields: No local stations. I’m a Troy NY USA resident and cannot find any local stations. They keep adding new stations and improving their existing ones. There aren’t any local stations, but they’re always improving. Your news programs far surpass cable. Keep up the good work and please keep your shows on Pluto TV APK improving. I wish it could get 10 stars. There are many more great stations and shows. It’s better than cable TV.

Download Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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