Publisher Apple Inc.,
Latest Version 12.5.0-211209
Size 10MB
MOD Features Paid Features Unlocked, Countries Restriction Removed
Requirements Android+
Updated On January 6, 2022
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Shazam Introduction

Shazam MOD APK, for music lovers, is a must-have app on your smartphone. Besides the song search feature, it also helps you remember the songs you have searched for, just like Google’s search history. Shazam’s tools are all aimed at helping music listeners find their favorite music style.

Shazam – the best music identity app in the world

Shazam Encore is the most popular song identifier and mobile searches app. It works on many platforms, including Android, iOS and macOS. Shazam Entertainment originally developed the app. Apple purchased the company later for $ 400 million.

Shazam-MOD-APK1Shazam MOD APK – App Screenshot

Although there are many programs and applications that will help you to create the title of your song, Shazam beats them all due to its powerful features. This application has the ability to access Apple Music, which contains more than 50,000,000 songs. Shazam can almost locate any song in the universe.

Shazam: How do you use it?

If Billy Batson wants to transform into Shazam, he just needs to say this god’s name and instantly transforms into a powerful god. The Shazam app can’t turn you into anyone, but it also has a powerful magic that helps you figure out the name of any songs in a flash, just like the way Billy turned into Shazam MOD APK.

The app icon is located on the home screen. Touch the icon to bring the phone near the source of the music. It will then listen and return the results, including the song title and artist name. Of course, you need to allow Shazam to record so that it can hear the music you’re looking for, and your phone must be connected to the internet.

Sometimes, you’ll hear a song at a party or restaurant that you love, but feel awkward asking other people for the name. Don’t worry, pick up your phone, open Shazam MOD APK and let it listen. It is easy to find music quickly and it takes very little time. Each song is only 3 minutes long. It is sadder than having the music fade away before you are able to recall the tune.

Shazam has some outstanding features

Pop-up Shazam

  • In this era of social networking, many people find entertainment in watching videos on social networks such Facebook, TikTok Youtube and Instagram. Certain songs in certain videos will make you feel inspired at times. Shazam will instantly get information about the song by using the pop up feature. Your playlist will be filled with music you love.

Mode Dark

  • With just one touch, you can switch between Dark Mode and your apps. This mode will reduce eye strain and battery consumption.

Get ideas for the hottest tracks

  • If you click on the Discover category and look at the history of songs searched for, you’ll get suggestions for songs you might like.

Mode offline

  • Shazam is available even in remote areas without internet access. The results may not be as accurate as online, however, Shazam will still work in certain areas.

Music with friends?

  • Easily share your favorite songs through social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter… You and your friends can enjoy the hottest songs together, share music passion with everyone. Do not hesitate to share a song with friends if it is something you enjoy.

Synchronize lyrics

  • Shazam displays information not only about songs, artists, composers and album titles. It also allows you to sync lyrics and display them on the main screen.

Spotify, Youtube and iTunes offer music streaming

  • After you have found your favourite song, you can stream it via top mobile music apps such as Spotify or iTunes. To see the official MV for the song, please go to Youtube. Shazam allows you to quickly and easily access a vast array of music without having to search or type characters.

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Main Features

Why You’ll Love It

  • You can find the name of any song within seconds.
  • Listen and add to Apple Music playlists.
  • Follow along with time-synchronized lyrics
    Music videos available on YouTube and Apple Music.
  • Shazam will now allow you to enable the Dark theme

Shazam Anywhere, Anytime

  • Pop-up Shazam is a tool that allows you to identify music within any app (Insta, YouTube and TikTok).
  • No connection? No problem! You can still use Shazam offline.
  • Auto Shazam can be turned on to continue finding songs even if you close the app.

What else?

  • Shazam charts can help you discover what’s most popular in your area.
  • Find new music by listening to playlists and recommended songs.
  • Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music allow you to open any song.
  • Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram allow you to share songs with friends.

Shazam Reviews

Nguyễn Hồng Sơn: This app is amazing! It allows me to search for my favorite song and its lyrics.

Lieren Cavanaugh: This app is the best I have ever seen! I have a bad habit of listening to radio stations playing a mix of everything but not giving any details about the music. You can also watch movies, TV shows, trailers, and even commercials. You can now use Google or Tunefind without having to fight (love them both, but this is so much faster! Just one tap and you have the information. It’s amazing!!

Unknovvn001: This app has not yet found any song that it can’t pick-up. It’s fast and it will store the song even if there is no internet. The only problem I have with the app is that sometimes the notifications don’t appear on my screen.

Download Shazam: Music Discovery APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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