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Sleep as Android Introduction

Apart from the many features that can help you regulate your sleep, Sleep as Android MOD APK (Premium unlocked) also offers useful tips to help improve your sleep quality. This application was designed to make users feel relaxed and able to begin a new day with many different things.

What is Sleep as Android, exactly?

Urbandroid has released Sleep as Android, an app that falls under the health category. This intelligent application helps to track and improve users’ sleep, contributing to improving the health and spirit of everyone.


Science says that a person requires 7 to 8 hours sleep per night to maintain their mental and physical health. Because of work stress, it can be difficult to fall asleep at nights. This makes it more difficult to get to sleep at night. You feel tired, drowsy and lack of concentration when you get up in the morning. This can lead to lower quality work. You may also notice a decline in your health. Sleep as Android MOD APK can help you regulate your sleeping patterns.

What is Sleep as Android?

Based on the sensor built into the smartphone, the app can analyze your sleep. Your quality of sleep depends on how your movement and breathing rate. There is no need for smart watches or assistive devices. Users simply need to place their phone near their body and go to sleep.

It is important to set the alarm at the right time so that you can get a good night’s sleep. Sleep as Android MOD APK functions like an alarm app for a mobile phone. The app won’t wake you up immediately if you are deep asleep. Instead, it will wait for the right time. Of course, you don’t have to worry about wake up late either, as the app will wake you up before the time you set your alarm.

Sleep as Android MOD APK is your default alarm app. The app will automatically wake you up at the time set by you. Tag Sleep Core allows you to track your sleep metrics such as sleep duration, sleep depth, irregularities, and even snoring.

Don’t forget to turn off WIFI when using Sleep as Android!

Sleep-as-Android-MOD-APK2Sleep as Android MOD APK – App Screenshot

To improve your sleep, turn off WiFi as you don’t want your phone to be too close to your body while using Sleep as Android. Research also suggests that you should avoid placing your phone close to your body. Cell phones emit electromagnetic waves which can disrupt your nerves, affecting your sleep. A WIFI can also make it difficult to fall asleep, as we tend to read the news and scroll through social media before going to bed. Turn off any radio, WIFI, or music.

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Main Features

  • You can track your sleep cycles with smart wake-up using your smartphone or any one of the supported wearables. This trial is for 2 weeks and includes a freemium mode.
  • Sonar: Ultrasonic contact-less ultrasonic sleeping tracking (no need to have a phone in bed)
  • Wearable tracking: Wear OS (Galaxy/Gear), Garmin/ConnectIQ, Mi Band + Amazonfit (via companion apps), Polar, H10, OH10e, Senes), Polar FitBit(Ionic, Sensa, Versa), Pebble
  • Sleep Score: Complete evaluation of your sleeping quality.
  • Reliable alarm with many features, including bi-weekly or shift work schedules
  • Advanced AI-powered sound classification
  • Low-breath rate alarm to analyze sleep respiration
  • Super reliable and super configurable alarms (check your OEM at
  • Trend charts, Goals for improving your sleep and detailed advice regarding your sleep habits
  • You can keep a regular sleep schedule by setting reminders and tracking irregularities. Regular means healthy.
  • CAPTCHA wake up verification will ensure you never go to sleep again (Maths, Sheep counting and Phone shaking),
  • Health services sync: Google Fit, Samsung Health
  • Nature sound alarms that increase volume (birds, storm …), and playlists)
  • Nature sound lullabies with binaural tone for fast falling asleep
  • Spotify and online radio alarms/lullabies
  • Sunrise wake-up with smart bulbs: Philips HUE, IKEA TRÅDFRI
  • Automate your entire workflow with MQTT, IFTTT, Tasker, or custom Webhooks
  • Lucid dreaming: Play with your consciousness and sleep
  • Jet lag prevention for frequent travelers
  • Lark or Owl?: Chronotype detection
  • Privacy is the main focus
  • Material YOU colors
  • More…

Android Sleep as Android Reviews

Anh Tu Tran: This app is great! Great app!

FuriousGamer: This is the best app for tracking sleep! This app has so many great features that I can’t even begin to list them all. One of these features is a Tasker integration. It is quite expensive but I bought it during a sale.

David Davies: It is a very good and perhaps the best sleep app. It has been my favorite sleep app for many years. You can set alarms and sleep info. It’s easy to use. Also works with external hardware like watches, lamps, etc. There is not a single complaint.

Download Sleep as Android: Sleep cycle alarm APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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