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Requirements Android 6.0+
Updated On January 18, 2023
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ZArchiver Introduction

ZArchiver PRO MOD APK (Premium unlocked) is an app that allows you to compress and decompress nearly any file on your Android smartphone. The links below will allow you to download the app free of charge.

ZArchiver-APK1Screenshot of ZArchiver APK

To view files that have been downloaded in ZIP, ZIP, RAR, or other formats, you must unzip them. Android phones are not always able to perform these tasks. If you try to extract files in less-common formats like 7zip and bzip2, this will show up. The device will either report an error or return a “not supported” message. An app such as ZArchiver PRO is required.

ZArchiver Pro is the best Android device compression and extracts software. There are many new and improved features in this version that the free one does not offer.

You can support the developer by paying $ 1.6 for ZArchiver Pro via Google Play. You can also download the latest version on APKMODY if you are unable to pay.

How do you use it?

You must first grant ZArchiverPro access to your SD card. After approval, the application will be able to access the file list on the device. You can search for archived files through the application’s file management interface.

ZArchiver Pro supports extracting most archive file types such as: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz , tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, lzip, zst (zstd), egg, alz. Simply select the files to be extracted and the program will check the format to return the contents to the designated folder. The service is available to anyone, even if you don’t have the app installed. You can browse files directly from your device’s storage or through other file manager applications. It would be a good idea to choose ZArchiver Pro for the extraction tool.

File compression is also supported by the app, though it supports fewer file formats. The app supports compression of files into 7z (7zip), zip (tar), bzip2 (bz2) and gzip (gz), as well as XZ (lz4) and zst(zstd).

Utility for archiving files

Sometimes when you have some confidential document, you don’t want everyone to access it. It is possible to password-archive files while zipping them. Most Android file storage apps don’t support this feature, and you seem to be able to do this only when using ZArchiver Pro. This is a feature that also the paid version doesn’t have.

Before extracting the archive files, you can preview their contents. This add-on appears to be only compatible with desktops, but it is now available on Android thanks to ZArchiver Pro.

Additionally, archives with a size less than 10MB can be used directly without the need to decompress. This is both practical and saves memory.

The best Android extractor and compression app

ZArchiver Pro is the best decompression software for many reasons.

It supports multithreading. Multi-core processors are able to perform the task much faster.

It also supports content preview, as I mentioned previously.

Third, UTF-8 characters and UTF-16 characters can be supported. You can name your files with more characters by using this method.

Fourth, you can change the interface by using two light/dark themes, list or grid display styles.

Last, edit the archive file. All changes will be saved, so you don’t need to decompress or compress them again.

ZArchiver Pro is also a file management tool that allows you to view, edit, move, copy, view, delete, and even view the details.

Main Features

  • There are three types of archive that can be created: zip2, zip2, bzip2 bz2, and gzip/gz, as well XZ, Zst zstd and lz4.
  • These archive types are possible to be compressed: 7z (7zip), ZIP (rare, rar5). Bzip2, zip2, gzip2, grzip2, Tar, Arj (tar), va, LZH (lzma), Lzma, Lzma, Lzma, Lzma, Lzma, Lzma, Lzma) xar, (tar), arj (tar), arj (tar), arj (tar), arj (tar), IMG), ztd), Zstd), (zstd),
  • View archive contents: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, lzip, zst (zstd), egg, alz;
  • Decompress and create password-protected archives
  • Edit archives: Add/remove file from archive (zip/7zip or tar. apk. mtz).
  • Use 7z, rar to create and decompress multipart archive using decompressonly
  • Partial archive decompression;
  • Compress files.
  • Browse archive files for mail applications.
  • Extract split archives: 7z, zip and rar (7z.001, zip.001, part1.rar, z01);

Particular properties

  • Start with Android 9 for small files (<10MB). Use direct opening to access files without extracting them to temporary folders if possible.
  • Multithreading support is useful for multicore processors
  • UTF-8/UTF-16 filename support allows you to include national symbols in filenames

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ZArchiver Reviews

Chris Nguyen Excellent! It’s light and doesn’t contain annoying ads. It should be capable of remembering passwords for between 3 and 5 minutes, so users don’t have to enter it every time.

Nguyen Dung: It’s the most powerful compression tool I’ve used. It is simple to use and has no ads. We are thankful to the team for their wonderful work.

Shantanu Bhoite: Excellent app. Excellent app. This is something even Windows and Mac programs cannot do! It is crazy! Developers need to get it! It is so simple! It occupies only 5 MB on your device. Great work ?

Kracc Bacc: Simple. Subtle. Sublime does not contain ads. Sublime allows you to access the root directory for any purpose. It’s also one of easiest to extract and archive data. Suggestions: -> Please add a “Rename” option in the file search menu. We cannot “Rename” files if we search for the file we are looking for.

Download ZArchiver Pro APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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