Publisher GameSamba,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.1.10
Size 127MB
MOD Features Auto 3 Star
Requirements 4.3+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Join in Attack on Titan: Assault, you will turn into the character Eran, determined to take revenge on the Titans, and that is his only mission. Initially, you will receive tasks in Shinganshina. You need to move to the quest NPCs; they will guide you with the necessary things to destroy the Titan and where they appear. You are equipped with only one device to Move Omni and a sword. The Omni moving tool will help you make the parkour phase in the air while battling the Titan. As you fly in midair, you can both avoid Titan’s attack, and help you attack their weaknesses, making them unable to counterattack. You need to know that Titan can recover very quickly, so you need to try to attack them very soon on some parts of the body to weaken their health and finish them with a slash on the nape of the neck. The nape is their weakness, so this is the only way to kill a Titan.

Attack on Titan APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Strategically deploy your army in real time to fight the giants
  • More than 50 characters, each with their own unique attack and ability
  • Gather the ultimate team and fight for survival
  • Relive the first season of Attack On Titan
  • Amazing voice and art performance
  • Experience original stories not found in anime or manga

Reviews Of Game

metalnat27: Seriously, the game is fine as hell for an Android game! It may be full flesh RPG here whereas in a “one term fight” kinda sequence. But it’s an Android game! So what else to expect!? What matters most is the execution in developing the game. And they did it well! All in all, I love it to be honest with ya. Sure it’s not as good as the PS3 version but again, this is Android we’re talking about lol. So what else to expect? Love the game overall. And the music…gosh ???…don’t get me started.

Source Pilgrim: I really enjoy this Game. It has a fair progression system for the most part and the battle system keeps me slightly more engaged than the typical phone rpg. it has a character collection system that relies on a typical RNG system. The Pricing on diamonds seems more reasonable than most games. Its still in its early stages but if you dig Attack on titan then Id suggest strapping on your ODM gear and jumping in.

Dai Daley: amazing game. It’s a shame there isn’t any mode you can play continuously wihout daily limits. great game tho. easy to obtain characters and rank them up. easy to rank up gear. skills are a bit difficult to level up but if your strategic with your skills they can all be at level 1 and do some pretty decent damage/effects

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