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Updated On December 1, 2021
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Blood Kiss Introduction

Blood Kiss MOD APK: Busy struggling with the difficult life out there, you may have forgotten the romantic part of your soul, and have been too long not to go into dream dates. Well, now give yourself some time to relax by letting your emotions flow with this wonderful interactive love story.

What is Blood Kiss?

Blood Kiss MOD APK is a simulation game that is Otome-style. It is designed for only female players. It will offer dramatic or romantic scenarios depending on how it progresses. The player is also a girl who can rely on her instincts, personality and heart to make decisions.


These choices will lead to many different outcomes in your relationship with other characters. You will also find 3 to 4 attractive male characters, each with their own unique looks, around you during this romance. They all have a deadly handsome exterior and a tremendous temperament that draw thousands of girls.

The tale of love and vampirism

A young girl is living a difficult life. Each day brings you back to the awful debt your Father left behind. After a long and tiring day, you suddenly get a mysterious offer. It’s like a gift from a fairy: A job that will help you immediately pay off the rest of your debt.

You jumped at the chance. But you didn’t know how complicated things would be and how your life would turn from that moment.

Then you discovered that your workplace was home to many vampires. There are too many secrets to the company and property these people had. You didn’t know what it did and the purpose behind it. You know it was all vampires and they were very handsome vampires.

Blood-Kiss-MOD-APK2Blood Kiss MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Character in Blood Kiss

Dayn: The company’s chief executive officer, was always apathetic, mysterious, and of a noble vampire lineage. Dayn promised that he would give you an opportunity once in a lifetime, and that is why you should apply for work here.
Gray: Dayn’s partner, was haunted by the thought that one day, vampire blood would take over his whole body and turn him into a monster. This romantic vampire sometimes said thoughtfully: “I don’t have the courage, whether to kill you or save you.”
Ruel: Who was constantly embarrassed by his mystery background, acted oddly and behaved differently. The handsome, romantic vampire was obsessed by the energy you had and would do anything to get you.
Eden: Dayn’s powerful right-hand man, the vampire guy seemed very simple but turned out to be extremely deep inside. This mysterious boy, a vampire full of thoughts in his head, only uttered 3 words “I want you”.


The real reason that you were there was also revealed. There was no miracle or fairy. Only because you ran into one of them by accident and saw something, making them all assume that you knew about that secret vampire lair (while you didn’t even think about it at all). So they decided that “it’s best to keep the enemy close to us” and you’ve been drawn to here purposefully.

Your personality, energy and charm, as a young, naive girl, slowly transformed the vampire men there. Their feelings for you grew day by day. Your mind-battle, which seemed to have ended with you in confinement, turned out to be a complicated relationship between 4 or 5 people. You were the center of the conflict, the source for all the torment and affection.

It is the plot. And now, who you will choose, who you will put your heart and faith in, how the other will face this… all depend on your decision. Is love able to overcome the dark side of vampire identity, and the emotional trauma each man has? Play this interactive novel game to find out the answer.

Blood Kiss How to play

Like many other interactive games, the only thing you need to do is to follow the story, put yourself in the girl’s shoes, and make choices in the necessary situations. Your thoughts, aspirations, personality, and choices will determine your choices. Your true reaction to your choices will influence how dramatic and true your ending.

Hey, my ladies! Let’s read, enjoy a good story, with each knot continuously opening! Let’s be happy and sad with the girl and let’s experience very personal sobs that only you can sympathize with! It is possible to discover a new part of yourself even if you have played it before.

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Blood Kiss Reviews

Tahiri Scarbrough: Amazing. I love the fact that there are plenty of open ends to allow me to create a few mini-fantasy romance stories. Simply amazing. I would prefer that things cost less. The rest of it is amazing.

Nico.Nico.: I love this game so much, the art is amazing, and the character stories and designs are great, my only problem is the gems and how the gem system works

Onepiece is fan: The characters are lovely and the storyline is great. You won’t be bored!

Dchild: It’s okay, just remember to keep in mind that this game requires you to spend diamonds to make good endings with your characters. It’s an amazing game.

Juliet Olugu: I love the game, the graphics and the music. Please reduce the cost of gems. Also please offer other ways to earn tickets.?

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