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Updated On March 11, 2022
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Bomb Bots Arena Introduction


Bomb Bots Arena: Overall, the gameplay of Bomb Bots Arena is quite easy to reach if you have ever experienced Bomber Friends. When entering a match, you and other players are taken to the arena including obstacles, bomb crates, mazes and some special elements such as the central vortex.

Bomb Bots Arena APK – Gameplay Screenshot

When you enter the vortex, you will automatically move to one place. This element is quite new, giving players the ability to create more tactics. I once tricked my enemy into a corner, then dropped the bomb onto this spiral. As a result, the bomb exploded and killed him.

After all, you will have to destroy all opponents to become the only one to survive and win the prize. To do that, you need to have good control skills, while relying on the elements available on the map to achieve the goal. The bomb crate will create a larger scale explosion, while the energy item helps move faster.


Bomb Bots Arena: The character in Bomb Bots Arena is just a robot. Although this robot does not have the ability to upgrade or integrate additional weapons into the body, it can replace parts and custom the skin.

Yes, you can test this in the store. There are all kinds of legs, arms, hats, body and head. You can replace the thinner or bigger parts as you like.

However, when entering the fight, with wide viewing angles and scaled characters, you will not see them much difference. If you want to make a difference, you can buy special skins like X-O, Big B, Bomb Blob and Founder’s Pack.


In particular, Brawl is match 4, the default mode for newbies. If you are new to arcade games like Bomb Bots Arena, you should choose it. Why is that? Because of the small number of players, the gameplay is not too complicated and you do not encounter fierce opponents. Meanwhile, the arena is also designed with simple and few obstacles.

Rumble has a similar mechanism of action but is match 8 battle, more players, more complicated and wider arenas. This mode does not require experienced players. However, that is where the players choose to conquer the throne of Bomber King.

Bomb Bots Arena: Next is the Custom mode. True to its name, here, you can edit the number of people involved in the battle, the map, the number of rounds, the time of each round, weapons and whether to use skills or not. In general, the Custom mode allows you to create your own rules. You can create rooms in this mode and invite your friends to join the battle through Tag Room.


First of all, in terms of perspective, Bomb Bots Arena has only a single perspective from top to bottom. This means that you can cover the entire map, obstacles and moves of the opponent.

What I just mentioned above, is there not much difference with Bomber Friends? But now it is! Based on 2D graphics, Bomb Bots Arena sets the scene in arenas, where thousands of spectators are watching, instead of outdoor stadiums, surrounded by water. Besides, the characters no longer have the physique of humans but are replaced by powerful robots.

Overall, Bomb Bots Arena has quite nice graphics and details. Characters have many actions and emotions. In addition, the music is also very exciting.

Main Features

  • 3D graphics
  • Real time online multiplayer
  • Unlock mighty abilities
  • Customize your Bot
  • Full Controller support
  • Play with up to 4 people on one device*
  • Play with your friends online, no matter what device they play on

Bomb Bots Arena Reviews

Aun Collective: They say mobile games are trash. A lot are money grabby gacha boxes, but a lot of solid titles are now coming to Android from PC. This is one. Really fast-paced and responsive controls. Maps are high quality. Bots I place of players to ensure you can still play if not many people are online. And it’s f2p. Highly recommended.

Aron Brindley: I love this game I am hooked and I got my friend to join he likes it and we both play together and me and him are just hoping that the daily boxes could give is more items than 2 or 3 coins but other than that great game keep up the good work.

Sandu Lucian: Awsome game, download it first on steam with 2 friends, and now on my phone to play it at work, haha, i only feel the rewards are a bit too grindy and id like more maps like in the original atomic bomberman, yes the game has some glitches but i do hope it gets past alpha and beta stage… Its really a great game and i missed so much playing bomberman like games.

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