Latest Version 1.6.6
Size 431MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements 6.0+
Updated On July 26, 2022
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Botworld Adventure  Introduction

Botworld Adventure :is an open-world RPG. In which, you play as a personified animal character . Bots in the magical world of Botworld. You will start with small bots that are the relics left by your parents, and then you will slowly collect other Bot species throughout your adventure.

Botworld Adventure  MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

You will explore the large, beautiful world called Botworld where you can search for diverse and powerful Bot strains, try to conquer them, enlist rare materials, and admire the vast open space around.
Botworld Adventure is not the type of fighting only with chopping and slashing all the time, it is very tactical. The tactical element has been shown first in your layout and placement of Bots on the battlefield. This is the key to victory and shows your tactical mastery. When entering each battle, you will get up to 3 Bots to fight directly with the enemy in a circle you shall have predefined. From different angles, the 3 Bots will continuously launch attacks to stun the enemy. Being outside the circle, you will both observe the situation and launch powerful finishing moves.
Just like Pokemon, this game has no endpoint. But it has a clear purpose to reach. You shall collect more and more rare and powerful Bots to make your army epic and truly invincible.This is a very long journey that requires you to constantly learn and fight.

Main Features:

You will discover, build and collect rare and powerful bots to create the ultimate team. Search the world to discover new bot recipes and collect rare scrap to build and upgrade your favourites. Customise their powers and abilities as they level up and get stronger.

Botworld Adventure Reviews:

Matthew Stumblingbear: A pretty easy to understand game, but the AI level up system is sort of junky. It’ll either level up or fluctuate for a bit before finally fixing itself and seeing it level up accordingly. The graphics for the clothes somewhat short out when it loads a battle. Other than those for me, it’s a good game.
Adyangga: It would be cool if we could change the clothes’ and the bots’ colors. Also, the danger zone has too many bandits/wild bots, it’s getting annoying. Lastly, it would be convenient if we could change the sets of bots.
Azyreal: Really creative game. Love the art style and the world. There are a few petty UI issues that could be adjusted but overall good game. One thing to note is it recently started crashing quite frequently.

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