Publisher Kingame Studio,
Category Action, Casual,
Latest Version
Size 1GB
MOD Features No Ads
Requirements Android 5.0++
Updated On August 20, 2022
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Bullet Angel Introduction

Bullet Angel Mod APK (No Ads) is a modern & stylish FPS mobile game by Xshot developer. It has all the classic elements gamers love and is specially developed for mobile platforms.


Bullet Angel Mod APK boasts incredible graphics but still retains many of the features that the players loved back then. Here, you can enjoy game modes such as hardcore TDM, sniper combat, melee combat, Ghost, Chicken Run and many more! This game features classic and innovative modes that pro and casual games can enjoy today. Create your own character today as you can select the gender, hair style, and many more. Then, you can enjoy stylish gears and outfits right now.

Bullet-Angel-Mod-APK1Bullet Angel Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot

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Main Features

Massive Content with Top Notch Quality

  • With decades of development experiences, we remade the classic FPS game for mobile platform, with the cutting-edge Unreal 4 engine. Bullet Angel is born a high quality mobile FPS game.
  • With classic maps such as Aden Army Warehouse, The Ancient City of Loulan, Whampoa Dock and Pharaonic Temple, unique elements such as the Mummy-Hero, dance to restore HP, Bullet Angel continues your memories in a newly evolved mobile battlefield!

Thrilling Game Modes to Unlock

  • Bullet Angel is much more than a simple remake. Your favorite games modes are now on mobile and evolved! No matter it’s hardcore TDM, Ghost, Melee/Sniper Combat, or casual&funny modes like Chicken Run, both pro&casual gamers can find what they like and have fun in Bullet Angel!
  • With Bullet Angel’s advanced rank system&social system, you can claim your title and meet new friends or even your soul mate!

The Classic Mummy Mode is Back

  • A battle between human and mummies in ancient temples, and human turns into mummies once infected, only one kind survives by the end!
  • With multiple perks at your hand, your skills&wisdom will still be tested in the dark temple. Come join the challenge!

Dance Your Way to Victory

  • Low on HP? No worries for death and revive cold down, you can do a fully customized dance move to restore health, and give your enemies a sudden attack!
  • There is even cool BGM for dancing in the mobile game! You feel absolutely natural dancing in a battlefield!

Stylish Gears & Outfits

  • In Bullet Angel, gear&outfits are much more than the realistic ones! Electric, jungle, steampunk and hand drawing……Use all kinds of stylish gears & outfits to fully customize your character! The only limit is your imagination!
  • Hundreds of skins for you to choose, you won’t look same with anyone on the field!

Adjustable Control at Your Fingertips

  • Bullet Angel has easy to use & adjustable control interface, all fully optimized for mobile gaming!
  • Adjust sensitivity, recoil, range etc…From rookie to pro, all gamers can find your favorite control setup!
  • No high end devices needed. Bullet Angel is fully optimized for devices from major brands.

Bullet Angel Reviews

Makaraツ: I think it’s alright. This game was obviously based on: AK2 (Mission Agisnt Terror) It’s pretty fun but when half of the times you have to pay to get OP weapons. Just so you can be stronger than other players. The maps is really great! They did amazing job on the designing with weapons, maps and outfits. Overall it’s a great game! I recommend you should check it out for yourself for the full experience. This is all I can describe about this game.

Fikri Hasnan: I think this game so good but need improvement more such as: in ladder matchmaking must have timer before very difficult if the score still go on but the player doesnt enter the matchmaking.but so far so good for this game…and i give 5 star rate

Big Smoke: The game is very unique, it gives me a bit of crossfire and valorant vibes. The voice actor’s accent is pretty cute lmao, This game is for low end devices and mid end devices. The only downside of this game is how ur giving too much rewards, I mean I’m not complaining but it would literally take 10 minutes getting rewards and equipping them and 5 minutes on actually testing out the rewards you got by playing the modes. But overall it’s a good game, I kept this on my device. Unique game, 5 stars.

Download Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission M APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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