Publisher Feral Interactive,
Category Strategy,
Latest Version 1.3RC8
Size 4GB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 9+
Updated On March 22, 2022
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Company of Heroes Introduction

Company of Heroes APK, the latest strategy game of Feral Interactive, is a great choice for you.


Join Company of Heroes to be taken back in time to the bloodiest war of all time, from 1939-1945. A smart strategy will help you prepare your army. You have thousands of enemies outside the battlefield.


Company of Heroes APK uses the Normandy campaign as a basis for its content and context. Under the leadership of the US, the Allies launched the campaign to seize Western Europe in 1944.

The American force includes the player. They are responsible for completing the core missions that will ensure the campaign is a success.


Company-of-Heroes-APK2Company of Heroes APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Normandy is a large campaign. It is divided into phases with each phase focusing on a particular goal. In this campaign you are the commander for the Allied faction. You will need to capture the bases/lands that your superior has ordered.

Games will continue until Normandy is successful. You can fail again, but you’ll keep trying.

Company of Heroes’ gameplay has been designed very carefully. It is only after you have played the game that you will understand why it was so popular with critics. Start with organizing military units. When the war begins, build a barracks. Prepare the supplies needed for the battle. Command and control your soldiers.

You also have a dashboard that allows you to view detailed information. You can then choose the components that you wish to control. The overview map is located in the lower left corner of your screen. It will help you organize and control troops better.

Company of Heroes APK is a challenging game for people who are not familiar with strategy games. They will soon learn how Company of Heroes works by following the tutorial provided by the system.

Quick campaigns

The Normandy campaign was massive. But, it was analyzed and reimagined in many battles in Company of Heroes.


On some levels, you’ll lead a fast campaign. The campaign’s scope was very small, as the goal was to destroy the base or structure of an enemy side.

The difficulty is increasing slowly. Each stage of the campaign must be completed strictly and without any loopholes. You will control a small squad, try to sneak deep into the enemy’s barracks, mark the Capture Strategic Points with flags, so air reinforcements can attack or bomb.

You must ensure that the underground soldiers under your command move quickly to avoid being detected. To remove any warnings from the enemy, destroy the guard towers (Guard Tower).

This is only a small portion of the campaigns I’ve ever seen. Company of Heroes also has many other interesting campaigns taking place in the sea and in the air, in order to bring troops inside the enemies’ base.

A formidable German army confronting you

Germany is the enemy you will be fighting in the Company of Heroes. They have a strong military system and state-of the-art weapons. You must also continue to develop and enhance your army with the most advanced weapons.


Not only are there battles between soldiers, but also battles involving warmachines such as warships, tanks, and missile launch systems. To minimize risk and ensure maximum damage, you’ll need to position each type.

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Main Features

A Masterpiece Bringed To Mobile

  • One of real-time strategy’s most celebrated games redesigned for Android. You can play with features that are specifically made for mobile gaming such as the Command Wheel or flexible barbed wire placement.

D-day To Falaise Poket

  • Through 15 tough missions that are based on some the most difficult fighting in World War II, direct squads of US troops against Germany’s mighty Wehrmacht.

Share The Battlefield, Wins The Battle

  • You can exploit battlefields to your advantage by creating destructible environments.

Immersive Visas

  • High-resolution graphics optimized for various Android devices

Opposing Fronts Now Available Via Inapp Purchase

  • Assist the British 2nd Army in two campaigns and the German Panzer Elite in one. Command both armies using Skirmish mode.

Company of Heroes Reviews

Clayton Lever: This game gives me the exact same feeling as Halo Wars 1 and it is my all-time favorite RTS. It’s great that this game can be played on your mobile device. The gameplay is addictive and there is some sadness when a man falls and dies. For me, it was…

Adam Österstrand: It is without a doubt the most amazing game I have ever played on my phone. It had some stability issues, with about one crash per two hours of gameplay. But the thing is, it works just as well as the original pc games. It takes some time to get used to the controls, which at first feel awkward and clunky.

Mohammad Yusoph Marohom: This game was a dream of mine. It should be available on all brand phones. Oppo Reno 2F is my phone and it states that it is not compatible. I was able to still play the game, despite this incompatibility.

Elijah Thomas: This is a great port of the game. I will probably be playing the mobile version for the first time. This game scratches my RTS itch for quite some time. Although it’s a bit expensive for a mobile RTS game, the content is comparable to other RTS games (sadly, no online matches).

Jan: Incredible game. Excellent game. It runs on pix 4XL and pix6 pro, it takes some time to master controls, particularly grouping. It is difficult to implement real-time strategy, but it is worth taking a moment to pause. One suggestion: Everything is too small. Perhaps you could drop elements like the map?

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