Publisher Animoca Brands,
Latest Version 3.6.1
Size 140MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Resources
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On January 13, 2022
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Crazy Defense Heroes Introduction

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Resources) brings a familiar story when you have to dominate the heroes who stand up to the evil forces that are storming in a fantasy world. And here you will be the designer of the defenses to stop these evil soldiers.

The game is a combination of elemental magic cards and tower defense, so that players can completely test their defenses against the relentless onslaught of monsters.

In each level, players can build defensive towers at hot spots along the path, using coins dropped from monsters to summon stronger “cards”. Players can choose their own set of appropriate cards before each game to customize for the situation in the game screen.

Each unit in the game is built so it will serve a specific target. For example, you can summon a dragon with flaming attacks, so it is suitable for crowded and aggressive monsters, while magicians can use magic to create ice walls to temporarily stop progress. of the enemy in some cases.

The card system in the game is designed extremely diverse, from the units you can summon, to the types of magic or even heroes with special abilities and special attacks. .

Crazy Defense Heroes MOD APK has pretty nice graphics in a cute chibi style, and extremely fun character designs. The game promises to bring players the entertainment hours beside his phone.

Crazy Defense Heroes Mod ApkCrazy Defense Heroes Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Over 90 cards to collect. Use a mix of Hero), Tower), Spell), and Equipment Cards to hold your ground in the kingdom of evil.
  • 500+ levels to challenge your brain. Mobilize your troops to battle fearsome hordes of minotaurs), orcs), skeletons), dragons), and more.
  • Create strategies and allocate your mana properly to clear each stage.
  • Test your skills with raids and weekly challenges.
  • Build a powerful CLAN with worldwide players. Chat and engage with Clan members to exchange strategic information, exchange and gift resources to help each other achieve higher goals.
  • Take on Quests for various bounties.
  • Send your cards out on Missions to aid your cause.
  • Earn chests to unlock powerful cards and rewards to upgrade your party.
  • Collect and scavenge resources to replenish your supplies and materials.
  • Build defensive towers with various attack range and abilities to cover strategic points of control.
    Unlock over 20+ heroes to join you in the battlefield.
  • Use spells to summon a dragon to rain fire on your foes), freeze your enemies in blocks of ice), or mend your champions with healing magic.
  • Customize your avatar. Equip your character with gear that strengthens their attack power), defense), movement speed), and health regeneration.
  • A unique visual experience featuring high definition anime illustrations to feast your eyes on.
  • An Auto-Play feature that lets you breeze through the easier levels.
  • Watch featured videos from our partners and get free chests.
  • Never lose your progress by synching your save with your Email or Phone number.
  • Login everyday for tons of freebies.

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Crazy Defense Heroes Reviews

French Toast: Initially disappointed. Can’t sell towers? Where are barracks? Why can I only place a few of one tower type when I want to spam the entire board? After sticking with it for a day or so, I found the real strategy is a bit different. You can only carry so many “cards” into a level. Each card represents a tower, a “spell,” or a deployable “soldier” unit. Which cards do I take? Which to upgrade? It’s actually very clever and addictive. 🙂 Only downside is the “use energy to play” mechanic.

Srinivasan Srinivasan: I like it very much because it’s very fun.The goal is to stop the monsters and kill them. We should collect cards and add them to our army. We should get to a certain level to get space to add cards ,but I still think it is great. I highly recommend that people should play this game .It is free.

Jochem: It’s a fun TD game with CCG mechanics. gameplay starts off too easy, gradually becomes a little challenging. Games are short which is nice for a quick play. There are a lot of stages. There is a option “scavenge” to burn your energy super quick for easy rewards, you will get many free chests with poor rewards but you don’t need the best cards to progress. haven’t hit a paywall yet. Stick with this game if you like gatcha games and TD. I am glad i reinstalled again after a couple of months.

Download Crazy Defense Heroes: Tower Defense Strategy TD APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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