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Latest Version 4.4.0
Size 3GB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On November 29, 2021
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Cytus II Introduction

Rayark has revealed that they will release Cytus II APK for mobile phones through a short trailer and immediately this game has created a new fad.

A true music game

Music is crucial for any music game. Rayark, the game’s developer, is an expert in this genre. Cytus II APK songs can be found in many different genres. The game includes the J-electronic category of the original release. It also features more rock music and underground alternative music. These songs are definitely not a global hit, but if you’re willing to listen, then maybe they’ll become your new favourite.

Cytus-II-2Cytus II APK – Gameplay Screenshot

You will also find more than 50 songs from musicians all over the world (USA, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, USA), etc. The characters allow players to play the songs through their avatars. There are many genres to choose from, including electronic, rock, classical and other.

A virtual social network

Cytus II APK doesn’t just have music. This game will give you access to a virtual network. Each successful game will bring your character’s experience points, and when the character level up, a new post will appear on the social network. These posts show the bold personality each character. Paff is an example of an idol singer. She has very few quotes from official sources. Meanwhile, a streamer like Neko is quite the opposite – she has so many posts that you’ll find Neko present almost everywhere.


You can also include other characters with their tans to join the conversation. Spend some time exploring the deep meaning behind these virtual worlds, and you’ll find something strange between Paff and Neko. That is something we won’t reveal here.

These characters and others are interconnected. To understand the story and keep the details in check, you need to be curious. Anybody who has read our stories knows that men have had sex in a closed, viral womb. That’s all we can say.

Cytus II Design

The graphics are much improved over the original, but still retain their own style. All images from the effects, plot … are built in anime style.


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Main Features

The “Active Judgement Line” rhythm-game playstyle

  • To get a high score, tap the notes until the judgement line hits them. The gameplay experience can be enhanced with music and five types of notes. It is easy to immerse yourself in the music.

Total of 100+ songs of high quality (35+ base game, 70+ IAP)

  • Songs by many composers are included in the game, including those from Japan, Korea, America, Europe, Taiwan, and the US. Players can choose to sing songs from various genres through the characters. We are optimistic that this game will live to our expectations.

Over 300 different charts

  • More than 300 different charts have been created, from easy-to-hard. Players of all levels will find the rich game content to be enjoyable. Enjoy exciting challenges and the pleasure of having everything at your fingertips.

Explore the virtual internet world with the game’s characters

  • The unique story system “iM”, which is unique in its kind, will allow players and their characters to piece together the story behind Cytus II. A rich, cinematic visual experience will reveal the truth of the story.

Cytus II Review

Rafa Andreso: This game is amazing. I have been playing it since the last one. Now, the first time I play it, i must uninstall the storage and reinstall the save. My previous save was not updated.

Exotek: He’s still the best music Rhythm game! They have fixed most of my crashes so I am back in the top three most of the times! It’s great!

Joe Meng: Amazing game. It was very easy to pick up. I wish there was an MP mode.

John Ace Barrameda: Plz supports fullscreen on 1080×2400 devices such as poco x3pro. Particularly the top notch. I think this is the best rhythm game on Android.

Download Cytus II APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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