Publisher Headup,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 1.77
Size 382MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 2, 2021
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Dead Age Introduction

Dead Age APK revolves around the story of survival in a world full of zombies, where it only takes one wrong step to see death beckoning. This survival game has both tactical elements and quite attractive battle screens. Let’s play together, zombie fans!

Let’s see how long you can live to experience the dark zombie world!

Dead Age Background

A zombie pandemic struck, almost the end of humanity, and all people were turned into zombies. Only a few survivors survived. This group will be your chance to live in shelters. You will be fighting for your survival inside and out of shelters.

Dead-Age-APK1Dead Age APK – Gameplay Screenshot

A strategy is essential for survival

Dead Age APK is basically a survival game set in a zombie world. The player’s task is to survive as long as possible. You can take a variety actions, such as crafting weapons, fleeing from enemies and building alliances bases barracks and shelters. However, you will need to make hard, deliberate decisions whether you are outside or inside the shelters.

A shelter is not always safe. Food supplies are low and injured survivors need constant care. Materials must be regularly cleaned to maintain shelter cleanliness. There are no weapons available, so it is important to have a lot to be able to create new weapons in order to defeat the zombies.


You will need to prioritize and sort through the game. To defend yourself and your team, you will need to create weapons if there is a shortage in the bunker. You must leave the base to get materials and other necessary resources in order to make weapons. There is the possibility of being attacked by zombies or hostile gangs. You must ensure you eat well before leaving. You’ll decide which approach you prefer, and whether to stay at the shelter or wait for another chance.

The player’s HP is very annoying, it only heals at the rate of the available food and medicine. You will get less food and less HP recovery each day, which means you’ll earn less for eating. And “Game over” is always hanging around waiting for players. You must therefore calculate carefully and think carefully about the consequences of every choice.

There are plenty of beautiful battle scenes.


You will also need to think carefully as you fight intense zombies. This game has a similar combat system to an RPG that uses turn-based combat. You will gain more experience by fighting, which allows you to try out a variety weapons, bombs, and traps. Additionally, victories can help you grow.

Most of your enemies are zombies. Zombies will wait for you once you leave your base. They are not a single or two-headed beast. They come in large groups and attack 24/7. There are many survivors who want to take your base and feed source over. You need to be alert and prepared for any possible battle.

Other hostile survivors gangs can also be considered enemies. Like you, they want survival in these difficult times. They also need what you have. They want what you have. Wars are fought for resources, food, or weapons. Your life and the lives you share with your team members can be at risk. Like the zombie movies you’ve seen, in this world where the line between life and death is so thin, the line between morality and humanity is as thin as smoke. Be careful!

Different endings for different options


The entire game is non-linear. If you’re unfortunate enough to lose your life, replaying will show you a completely new scene, with random enemies appearing at different locations.

Dead Age’s non-linear environment also opens up many different endings depending on the player’s choices. Every decision, regardless of how small or large, has an effect on the ending.

Which direction to choose depends on the player’s mind. You have the option to live selfishly and only think about yourself and you might even develop a closer relationship with someone from the survivor group. You can be the source of internal conflicts and struggles, which in turn can lead to other unfavorable chain reactions.

These chain reactions are the beauty of this situation. Your safety does not depend on you alone, it affects your team, and all survivors. Before you make any decisions, be careful.

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Main Features

Survival of the zombie apocalypse is possible with turn-based combat, permanent death and turn-based combat. Assist survivors in dangerous scavenging missions, build alliances, craft gear, make difficult story-influencing choices, defend your camp from undead hordes, and enjoy non-linear, rogue-lite elements. An innovative Indie Survival-RPG!

How Long Can You Success?

  • After the zombie outbreak, you were lucky enough to be able join a group and stay in their camp.
  • However, this doesn’t mean you are in danger. Food supplies are low and injured survivors need to be treated. Materials can be found to keep the camp intact.
  • The zombie threat is increasing steadily, and there are gangs hostile survivors that keep you on guard.

A Turn-based Combat Which Can Cause Permanent Death

  • Each survivor must be protected as there will be no escape from the dangers of apocalypse.
  • Find supplies in zombie-infested areas and craft survival gear. You and your camp members will be able to survive long enough to acquire the skills needed for long-term survival.
  • Combat systems have their roots in the classic role-playing games. You can learn how to use different weapon types, and you can also fight strategically.

Rogue Lite Elements

  • To give your character an edge in the end, you can upgrade with medals you have earned from previous playthroughs.
  • You can specialize in different jobs by unlocking pre-apocalypse occupations that you have created for yourself.
  • Each playthrough brings new random missions and survivors.

Non-linear Stage With 6 Different Endings

  • Dead Age’s non-linear story with real-life consequences is a highlight. Your decisions in conflict situations can have an impact on the story’s future.
  • You can choose to save more survivors by being a hero or to let them die in order to stockpile supplies. You can form romantic relationships with survivors, or rivalries that could lead to disastrous chain reactions.
  • Each day brings new dangers to your camp.
  • You’ll be able to unlock one of six possible endings if you stay long enough.

Dead Age Reviews

Brent Reiter: Reviewed fixed. It worked fine after I reinstalled. Perhaps my save file was corrupted. Although I get an error message that it may not work with the current Android version, it still works. This is a great, engaging game. The game is quite difficult, and time limits make it hard to make strategic decisions. Goo…

Google user: What is the Zombie Apocalypse like? It was awesome. I love the comic book-like graphics. This game is great! You can replay the game even after you’ve completed it, as there are many job types to choose from. It is definitely worth every penny.

Alexander lusher: Good game is always changing, not too difficult keep going back and playing on it for around 3 years.

Matthew Limon: Overall, a really great game. You can make this a great game by adding a little Final fantasy and rebuilding and/or Last Stand. It was only $1. This is a great deal, and it’s worth a few extra dollars.

Olova Phone: Surprisingly, it is a solid game. Although the game’s core concepts of base management and turnedbased fighting seem simple, they are extremely well thought out. A well-written dialogue that is concise and coherent. This reminds me of Dead of Winter. Please remove the device navigation bar from the bottom of the screen, Devs. RECOMMENDED…

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