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Requirements Android 7.0+
Updated On December 11, 2021
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Dead by Daylight Introduction

Dead by Daylight APK is one of the games not to be missed if you’re a fan of movies and horror games. You can invite friends, play together with the game “cat and mouse” in the style of horror and bloody. You must be at least 17 to play the horror and violence-filled game.

Run or die

While it may sound like endless runner games at first, Dead by Daylight has many elements that combine to make the game unique. Survival, adventure, and deceiving the killer are the objectives of the player. Five players can be in a match. One player will be a killer and the four others will be four of the unfortunate victims in a mysterious forest.

Dead-by-Daylight-APK1Dead by Daylight APK – Gameplay Screenshot

They chase down survivors to kill them and steal their energy. Repairing and starting five generators all around the map is the only way out of this forest. They are randomly placed. You must distract the killer, then you and other players will search and repair the generators. When all the generators operate, the village’s door will open. You can escape from the most horrible nightmare you have ever imagined.

Earlier, I introduced you to Identity V, a “clone” version of Dead by Daylight developed by NetEase. You can find this game here.

Escape from the death trap

The killer can approach their prey in many different ways. Although his vision is not as sharp as that of the survivors, he can still sense where you are. He would hang the person he captured on hangers, in a darkened place. Their lives will gradually decrease until they die. They can be saved by other players who will help them recover. If you don’t want to be the victim of the same fate, distract the killer.

Four survivors can’t attack the killer. He has superior speed, weapons power, and speed. He also has unique skills like traps and stun. It is not a good idea to run with him. You can use windows and barriers to escape obstacles. You can also use flashlights to stun the killer for just a few seconds. The game’s survivors can recognize death by using their human senses. When playing Dead by Daylight, you should wear a headset. When the killer approaches, the characters’ hearts will beat faster.

Collaboration is key to survival


Dead by Daylight APK, an online game, allows you to match up with other players online in a match. You will love playing the role as survivor and need to be able to communicate and work well together. Statistics show that those who are able to work well together with their teammates have a higher survival chance. If there are several people, the generator can be repaired more quickly. However, if there are four people in one place, the killer can easily find them all.


If you love the role of a killer, you have the opportunity to meet familiar characters who have appeared in famous horror movies like The Ghost Face (Scream), The Trapper, The Pig, The Legion, The Spirit, The Nightmare, … In addition to the power and speed superior to survivors, the killer has different special skills that make the game more unpredictable.

The Trapper can, for instance, trap bears anywhere in the forest. If a player is trapped by a bear trap, he can easily take the victim’s life. Ghost Face can make a victim paranoid and temporarily forget about his existence. The Ghost Face can also reach the victim by using this method. The Clown can be a real killer. The Clown threw The Afterstick Tonic bottle, creating toxic gas clouds that caused panic, screams and reduced vision.

Dead by Daylight APK is home to many other characters, as well as killers. You can choose the best character for your strategy or just enjoy the one you love. Behavior is always trying to introduce new characters to its players in updates. Do not miss out!



Dead by Daylight APK features very realistic 3D graphics that can cause fear in the player. This game is based on Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology and simulates very detailed, real objects. The game’s background is dark and stressful, giving the player a sense of horror movie characters. Fear can be felt in every movement and breath of the main character. You should get a top-end phone to enjoy the high-quality graphics.

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Dead by Daylight Reviews

Melea Morris: This is a wonderful game, a great adaptation of the original! The wiggling function that allows you to move when you are caught by the hunter is what bugs me. It’s not just me, but it is really buggy and barely works. It is otherwise, great!!

Elder Ramos: This game is my favorite, and I am addicted. It’s my daily game. I’ve never had any problems with glitches or bugs. It’s great fun. I collect skins and characters (a way to support de s).

Devarshi Pandya: It needs to be updated so that players can talk to each other during gameplay. Otherwise, the graphics are great and the controls are excellent. After the latest update, it is very difficult to find matches. Also, it is very difficult to collect auric cells…

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