Category Casual,
Latest Version 1.10.2
Size 36MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements 4.0.3 +
Updated On March 13, 2022
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DOFUS Pets Introduction

Like other pets, virtual pets need to go through the time of raising to grow and they also love their sleep. Regularly visit, play with them for a few minutes and you can close the application until they say you need a little care. When you come back, you often have to clean up the mess that virtual pets show up and bathe them. In addition to feeding and hygiene, virtual pets also want toys and even want to change habitats often.

DOFUS Pets MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Play interesting minigames

These little friends will lose energy when you play with them, but in return, the scale of fun will increase. You can play mini-games, from simple jigsaw blocks to jumping in Doodle Jump style or Space Invaders style gunner. Please fulfill your duty to earn enough coins and swing your hands to “play hard”. You can shop to decorate your pet’s surroundings, and dress them up with a variety of fancy clothes and accessories.

Cute pet game

DOFUS Pets‘s daring, daring artistic style has made it stand out among virtual pet games. But this game also has many other features. The kind of game that keeps virtual pets often emphasizes cuteness, but with DOFUS Pets it is much sweeter but bitter. Sometimes your pet is picky very well. If they want to be lazy, then they will hesitate to play with you. At that time, you can accept their decision, negotiate or force them to listen.

Your best friends

What kind of monster a pet will become depends on how you treat them. If you let them live instinctively, the animals will gradually get used to their characteristic smell and not let you bathe them any more. If you pampered them too much, they will become difficult or demanding.
When your device is connected to the Internet, you can link the game to the Facebook social network. From there, you and your friends can play minigames together, challenge, send each other “Like”. Together against the invasion of the evil larvae.

Main Features

  • Unlock rewards as you progress in the game.
  • Try Ecaflip’s Luck by spinning the Wheel of Fortune to win as many gifts as you can.
  • Send your past pets on missions to collect food, healing or kamas.
  • Log on every day to unlock daily rewards

DOFUS Pets Reviews

JJ Savage: Bontiairan is my favorite type of pets I order to evolve you can negotiate (not all the time) give your pet a slap it may be harsh but your pet learns that you don’t want something want something like you need look out for the gadgets it gives you a clue about your own pet happiness doesn’t matter being a bontiairan makes it more wise slapping it and forcing it force that your pet needs if one of your gadgets is low but force your pet even your gadgets are low but full slap it.

MushuChan Luna: This is a very cute app; although is there like an option to where you can switch or visit your pets?- it’s not put your previous pets to your new one? Also I think the friends heart thingy is a lil disabled, is this like this?

Wei Hong: Well, this game is mostly a complement to their other bigger online mmo games such as Wakfu. It gets boring after awhile, but like I said you’re not really supposed to be playing this as a standalone game by itself (although you can but its not meaningful).

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