Publisher Ilya Kaminetsky,
Category 3D Game, Online, Racing,
Latest Version 1.3
Size 99MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.3+
Updated On December 8, 2021
Get It On Google Play

Drift Hunters Introduction

You are invited to enjoy the thrilling gameplay of drifting, and precise car tuning. Drift Hunters MOD APK (Unlimited Money) join a young, aspiring street-racer on his epic journey. You will find many amazing driving tracks with their own unique configurations. You can test your driving skills and power cars on any of these tracks.

Many gamers will be impressed by the fun and engaging gameplay of car tuning. You can work with a wide range of tuning options to improve your drift motions, and gain more achievements in the game.

Check out our detailed reviews to learn more about this amazing mobile title by Ilya Kumitsky.

Drift Hunters Mod Apk - Gameplay ScreenshotDrift Hunters APK – Gameplay Screenshot


Android gamers can enjoy discovering the amazing cars in Drift Hunters (MOD Unlimited Money). Each car has its own unique design and driving experience. You will be following a young street-racer and car enthusiast as he strives to win the most cars and works hard to make them great. You can take your cars out on the streets and to different tracks to practice your drifting skills.

Enjoy drifting and racing with real-life experiences. To improve your engine performance and engines, you can also use the garage. To optimize your ride, allow for interesting and precise tuning. You can also customize your ride by changing their paintjobs or other features.

Explore an incredible collection of cars that you can unlock to make the most of the game’s features. You will be hooked by the drifting and in-depth driving gameplay. To optimize your ride, you can try many different tuning and upgrade options. You can go on and on.

Multiply of cars to race or drift with

Android gamers can begin exploring their collection of drift cars by joining Drift Hunters. Each car has its own unique looks and driving experience. You can have fun with more than 25 rides. Have fun driving your dream cars and enjoying the mobile title.

There are many parts you can upgrade to your car

Android gamers can now get many cool in-game upgrades in Drift Hunters APK that will let them optimize the performance of their rides. You can try multiple parts to improve your brakes, and maintain better control while driving at high speeds. Make uses of the built-in weight controls to improve your car’s agility. You can unlock the upgraded gearbox which can smoothly and easily switch between modes without any difficulties. You will also be able to achieve faster speeds, both temporarily and permanently with the turbo or engine upgrades, turn your ordinary ride into a beast.

Enjoy the deep car tuning

Android gamers will love Drift Hunters because they can tune their cars in depth without needing to buy any new parts. To adjust the speed, simply adjust the Turbo settings. You can adjust the brake pressure and brake balance to improve control, while maintaining stability. To optimize their performance, adjust the cambers, offsets and heights on both the front and rear.

Enjoy playing with the customizations

You can now customize your rides with Drift Hunters apps. Enjoy creating different colors with the many body paint jobs. You can customize the appearance of your car in many different ways with up to four different paint options. You can also customize the vehicle’s rims and other details.

Amazing tracks to test your riding skills

Drift Hunters will offer Android gamers the chance to experience 10 tracks with their own driving and environmental experiences. You can take on multiple drifting and driving challenges in any one of these tracks. You will always have a blast with the amazing mobile game thanks to its immersive gameplay and increasing difficulty.

Drifting Physics to make the game more entertaining

Drift Hunters is an Android game that allows Android gamers to have fun with realistic in-game mechanics and dynamic motions. This makes driving and drifting more enjoyable. These features should allow you engage in the driving and drifting experience. Hence much like Real Drift Car Racing, you will enjoy exciting gameplay of Drift Hunters game to the fullest.

There are many options for handling your work

Drift Hunters has many different handling methods to make sure you feel at ease with the game’s controls. With realistic interiors and intuitive steering wheel controls, you can freely drive your cars from the outside. To navigate around obstacles, you can use the back view or precise buttons controls. You can also fully immerse yourself in the rides with the tilt functionality, also make use of the control sensitive to improve your driving and drifting in Drift Hunters.

You can adjust your gameplay to suit many different settings

Drift Hunters offers many settings that will allow Android gamers to enjoy the best mobile racing and drifting experience possible. To customize the sound settings, adjust the volume. To make your mobile devices more responsive, you can improve the graphics. Make sure to use either the manual or the automated gearbox option for driving experiences that are more authentic or less challenging.

Enjoy offline gaming whenever you wish

For those of you who are interested in the exciting gameplay of Drift Hunters, you can now pick up the offline gameplay of mobile racing and drifting whenever you want. You don’t need to connect via your mobile data or Wi-Fi hotspots to play the game.

Play for free

Drift Hunters’ thrilling gameplay remains free to all Android gamers. Simply pick it up from the Google Play Store and start having fun with the awesome game whenever you want.

Enjoy modded gameplay on this website

Thanks to the modded gameplay of Drift Hunters that’s now available on our website, Android gamers can get rid of the annoying in-game purchases and ads. This allows you to fully enjoy the game without any hassle. All you have to do is download the Mod APK for Drift Hunters, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.


Drift Hunters Android gamers will have tons of fun with the thrilling racing action. Immersive visual effects, car animations that are relatable, and many 3D visual elements allow you to immerse in the thrilling racing action. Drift Hunters is also available on mobile devices with adjustable graphics. You will enjoy the smooth, satisfying gameplay from any device.

Sound & Music

Drift Hunters APK is not only visually appealing, but also offers powerful sound effects and thrilling soundtracks that will keep you playing the mobile game. Enjoy the power of the engine sounds and the sounds of burning asphalt as you drift along the tracks.

Game Features

  • There are over 25 drift cars. Drive your dreams
  • Detailled car tuning
  • This is the ultimate car customization. Choose from four types of paint to paint your car. Change rims, paint rims. Adjust it
  • You can improve the performance of your car with more skids
  • 10 tracks are ideal for drifting or racing.
  • Realistic drift physics
  • Earn drift points by collecting them
  • Try different handling schemes

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Drift Hunters Reviews

Cordell Whitiora: It’s awesome, but it only needs a dragtrack to check the speed limit. This is what an abandoned airport would look like. The edge of the city is where I get the best 100,000 score in one drift.

Jeffery Arends: It’s an excellent game that I enjoy. However, I wish there was a multiplayer option so we could play together.

Michael Diaz: I would have liked to see more detail, such as an AI race, but it was an amazing game.

Graham Horton: The best drifting game. It not only has the best physiques, but it also runs so smoothly. It would be great if they added more tracks and new cars.

Caileb Hunter: This is a great drift game. Carx drift racing is the only other game as good, and it has more in-game purchases than this one.

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