Publisher GIANTS Software,
Latest Version
Size 704MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 7.0+
Updated On February 24, 2023
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Farming Simulator 20 Introduction

If you’re tired of action or shooting games, try being a farmer in Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK. Click the links below to get the original and MOD Latest versions of this game.



You will immediately notice the difference in realistic graphics. Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK is a far more realistic simulation of the real world than casual farm games such as Hay Day, Township. Instead of using cartoon-style graphics, it simulates the entire landscape in a realistic manner. You can also experience the North American fields as a farmer by showcasing your farm in the landscape. I loved driving trucks and seeing the sights. The game’s world is vast, but the details are still well taken care of. Realistic objects, such as trees, cars and warehouses, are very similar to real life.


Farming-Simulator-20-APK-+-MOD2Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Farming Simulator 20’s plot is simple. However, it doesn’t matter and will not impact your experience. This part will have you playing as a farmer on a North American farm. He was given a large land by his family. The protagonist will ask you to join him in developing and cultivating his farm. This will make it the largest farm in America.

Do the work of an actual farmer. Sow, plant, tend to trees, and make a profit by selling agricultural products. You should first improve the soil quality. The next step is to sow seeds for rice, corn, potatoes, and other plants. The more you unlock new crops, the higher your level. To make the most of the available crops, you can plant a variety. Make sure to fertilize and water your plants. You can track the weather and find the right season for you. This game will make you feel like a farmer. To have a good harvest, farmers worked hard every day and were attentive to the weather.

You can become a true farmer

Farming Simulator 20 MOD APK is inspired from real-life farm work. It allows you to use trucks and tractor instead of your own hands. At first, your farm was small and didn’t have much technology. It takes hard work to earn a lot of money. Then you can expand your farm and purchase lots of new technology.


Farm Simulator 20 is a game that aims to make players relax, but it still offers many interesting things. You can not only plant and harvest, but also raise many animals, including cows, sheep, ducks, and others. Cows will bring some products such as meat, cow’s milk. Sheep can also be provided with meat and fur. You can also have a hunting dog to guard your farm from thieves or wolves.

Lock vehicles

It is impossible to manage a large farm by yourself. It can take you up to a month to complete your work if you do it manually. This is not a good idea. There are many options to access a wide variety of vehicles and machines to serve the farm. A harvesting machine and a sowing machine are two examples of tools that can be used to quickly and easily manage the field. The car is all you need to do the job.

Farming Simulator 20’s driving interface is very similar to other bus simulation games. You can harvest and sow using the buttons on the screen. The map to the left helps you quickly get to the places that you desire.

A car purchase is costly. You can even find cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cars require that you maintain them after a certain period of time. It can be expensive. The MOD version includes the ability to unlock all vehicles. Free unlocking of any vehicle is possible.


Career mode

Farming Simulator 20 has many interesting modes. You can explore and build your farm in Career mode. The game has a detailed task system that you can use to help you. You can do tasks such as mowing the lawn, harvesting and delivering the goods in the given time. You will receive a lot of resources and money for completing the mission. The amount you have completed the mission will determine how much you receive.

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Main Features

  • Over 100 real-life vehicles and tools are available from the largest agricultural machine manufacturers
  • You can plant and harvest many crops: Wheat, barley and oats; Canola, sunflowers; soybeans; corn, potatoes; sugar beet, cotton.
  • To produce and sell milk or wool, feed your sheep and cows
  • Horses can be taken care of and ridden on to explore the countryside around your farm.
  • New 3D graphics provide more detail on machinery and the Northern American environment.
  • Cockpit View lets you drive your vehicle in a more realistic manner than ever before

Farming Simulator 20 Reviews

Robert Harris: It’s a great game to play. It’s kinda laggy but it’s the best farming simulator game just like it’s predecessors(FS14,FS16,and FS18). You can get this game if you wish. It is highly recommended. One more thing. Also, please get rid of the lagged. It is a bit difficult for me to play.

Ryan Klumb: Enjoy a variety of tractors from different manufacturers that are both realistic and fun

LaRuanMoe8: Please allow land sales and new map creation. I enjoy this farming game on xbox as well as on pc.

Arthur Dennant: Amazing game. Amazing graphics for a mobile gaming app.

Pede Santianes: I have a great feeling driving the vehicles in this game. Please add more vehicles, equipment and different seed types. It is a very interesting game.

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