Publisher SQUARE ENIX,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 2.0.1
Size 383MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 2, 2021
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FINAL FATALITY III APK will again transport you to a dreamlike fantasy open world and adventure with four teenage heroes.

This classic game about fantasy open worlds is still hot!

It’s a multi-episode tale.

Legend has it that four crystals representing each of the four elements of the world were discovered on the far planet, which was the source of life 1000 years ago. The light emanating from these crystals has enabled the planet to have a civilization that is superior to all others. These four crystals emit negative energies, but they can be exploited more. These negative energies can swallow the entire world. The human must locate four opposing sides to the darkness in order to prevent such an awful event.


This extraordinary responsibility was given to Fate by putting it in the hands the Black War team of four teenage heroes. Their task was to find the four crystals needed to restore balance to the universe and bring light to the darkness. Unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful for all four heroes. The four crystals unleashed a torrent of light that engulfed the entire bright civilization. The prophets saddenedly announced that the tragedy would strike again, possibly many years later, and would wipe out any progress man had made.

FINAL FANTASY III APK continues the story 1,000 years later. In the small village are four orphans: Luneth Arc, Refia and Ingus. They lived happily until one day, realizing that they had a special identity. This was a responsibility passed down from their ancestors. The search for the dark crystals started again. Will they be successful and get rid of their obsession with an unbalanced universe?

How is FINAL FANTASY III different from the RPGs we already know?

FINAL FANATASY III APK is a JRPG that features turn-based combat and team-style combat. Of course, the unchanging feature of the whole series is the heroic characters’ ability to summon powerful creatures, like Shiva and Bahamut…


But the biggest difference that separates FINAL FANTASY III from the JRPGs you’ve ever seen is the extremely diverse and complex job system of the characters. That means you can switch between the roles of your team members, in any situation, to take advantage of each person’s strengths, weapons, equipment, accessories, and spells.

You can jump to disappear from battle, then suddenly reappearance to deal a devastating blow to your opponent while you are in Dragoon (keeping the Dragon). You can heal your health quickly with White Magic when you become Devout. This will help you to survive any long battle.

The unlimited ability of switching and selection throughout the game not only gives you a great sense of freedom, but also enhances the game’s strategy, and transforms every attack into unrivaled displays of skill.

There are some other interesting aspects to the combat role-playing system of FINAL FANTASY III. Let me illustrate. The number of attack turns per turn will increase as the hero levels up. Each spell will have a level and each character can only use magic once per turn. The level of the spell and the character’s job level will determine how many times you can use it.

Not just one mission


Something I often call an interesting “side dish” in this game is the little stories you and your teammates will face during the journey. It could be about carrying out the last will of a respected person or rescuing an evil sorcerer’s building (which will turn out to be a giant tree that had been imprisoned by magic)… Each story brings useful hints for the journey, which will lead you from surprise to surprise…

Graphics and sound

FINAL FANTASY III APK is a vibrant symphony. While the world opens up in a delicately colored way, it is Japanese Anime. However, the detailed textures and characters are Western cartoons. Every character, regardless of their common background, has a story, personality, identity, and identity that is true to themselves.

What is the ideal personality for epic adventure roleplaying games? FINAL FANTASY III gives you the foundations, but allows you to appreciate and feel more, especially when it comes to characters.

The background sound is soothing music, which I believe can gently awaken all your senses. You can hear the peaceful sounds that spread out in the vast open space where you wander. Sometimes it can become alarm bells or hustling sound in intense battles between teenage heroes, and monsters.

Main Features

FINAL FANTASY III was the first title from the FINAL FANTASY franchise to go million-sellers, proving once and for all Square Enix’s iconic RPG saga.

FINAL FATALY III is a series that has been praised for its innovation. The job system in FINAL FATALY III allows characters to switch classes at will and gives them the ability summon powerful creatures such like Shiva or Bahamut.

The 3D remakes of FINAL FANTASY III and FINAL FANTASY III were based on the original’s success.

  • The four protagonists were completely redesigned, and new scenarios were added.
  • The 3D remake really brought the battles and cutscenes to life.
  • The Job system was improved to bring out its best qualities and to make it more fun.
  • New save functions such as autosave allow players to quit the game at anytime without worrying about losing their progress.
  • High resolution graphics and retouched scenes
  • To improve your gaming experience, use intuitive touch-panel controls that are easy to use.
  • Gallery Mode allows players to see illustrations and hear the music.
  • New visual designs are available for the Job Mastery Cards as well as the Mognet.


Chevelle Cawley: Omg! It has been updated to work with newer phones! Square Enix! Use a gaming phone too, your first issue is right there.

Jonathan Bekker: It doesn’t look right. However, the adaptive icons made it look pretty. It looks very jarring when combined with the text.

Paul Miller: I just finished FF3 for the first time and absolutely loved it. We are grateful to SqEnix for allowing us to experience this game, which was never available in the USA. Overall, a great game.

Stevie Quiroz: Everything about this game was amazing. There have been no issues so far.

HarukoZ GoalZ: This game is a joy! I recommend that you play through this game before you start playing. It can really make a difference in your gameplay. This is the best final fantasy game on the market. 5 stars!

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