Publisher NEXON Company,
Category Tower Defense,
Latest Version 2.3.8
Size 117MB
MOD Features No
Requirements 6.0+
Updated On June 1, 2022
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Godzilla Defense Force Introduction

Godzilla Defense Force’s: gameplay is a combination of card game and a tower defence game. The player’s mission is to design defence systems for cities, then preventing the attacks of Kaiju species. These legendary monsters often attack from the sea. Put high-altitude artillery, tanks, military bases, nuclear bombs, … in convenient locations, to help maximize damage to them.

Godzilla Defense Force APK – Gameplay Screenshot

In the Godzilla universe, legendary monsters are divided into two categories. Some find ways to destroy the world so that their species can proliferate, others are born with the purpose of preventing these species. Therefore, some species like Godzilla or Jet Jaguar become the great ally of humanity in the survival war. They will help you fight against destructive monsters, including Mothra, Rodan, and the three-headed dragon Ghidorah and many other species.

Of course. When a Kaiju appears in the human world, it means that Earth’s apocalypse has arrived. A lot of people are in danger. You can see them screaming through the windows of buildings. Not only fighting Kaiju but protecting innocent people is also an important task for you in Godzilla Defense Force. Touch the building where they are trapped and take them to safety.

Godzilla Defense Force has quite good graphics when compared to other tower defence games. The cities in the game are simulated to resemble reality. Kaiju appear on the coast or in the sky with huge sizes. After each stage, you will be informed of the situation by a beautiful assistant with a cute voice.

Main Features

  •  Monsters from across Godzilla’s lore are attacking major cities!
  • Defend cities like Tokyo, London, and Sydney!
  • Base defense pits your strongest defenses against offensives of monsters, kaiju and Godzilla himself!

Godzilla Defense Force Reviews

Hunter F.: An addicting, difficult but fair game. I tend to avoid all free to play games due to being unfairly focused on you spending money, but this one has numerous ways to get the items you need without spending a dollar. couple this with great graphics and great design, I really recommend this one.

Vibe Check Officer: fun game, shoves purchases a bit too much. its honestly not as bad as I’ve seen people say it is. if you have fast hands, it’ll be a cakewalk. my only obstacle so far was ’66 godzilla, but i just pre-leveled the troops i had and it was all good. the adds just come in and out when you fail a level. they’re not a big deal, but they’re very long.

Ghostwolf Declassified: It is a fun and simple game. I have always been a big Godzilla fan. The game also brings in alot of lore from the entire franchise, which is awesome! The only reason that I haven’t put five stars is that the point cost system for ranking up becomes ridiculously high after a while. Also It would be nice if you could unlock more kaiju without buying random card packs. But other than that, I love the game.

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