Publisher Ludic Side,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.1.15
Size 61 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Energy
Requirements Android 4.3+
Updated On March 31, 2024
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Hoppia Tale Introduction

Hoppia Tale MOD APK: If you’re looking for a game to kill time with fresh content, Hoppia Tale is definitely a great choice!

The story

Hoppia Tale opens a vibrant fantasy world called Hoppia where the inhabitants live near the mysterious gates. These gates, which were constructed by an ancient society in ancient times, have been the main tool for exploring other planets. For many centuries there was no conflict, and Hoppia residents lived happily and peacefully. The perfect balance was disturbed one day. Hoppia residents discovered that an evil force was trying to create the technology to allow them to invade their kingdom. The peace inherent to the country has been broken. What is next?



Hoppia Tale combines all three of Zelda’s legendary games Bomberman, Goof Troop, and Zelda. The main character controls the player, who must navigate the maze collecting medicinal plants and trying not to get in the way. Sometimes, you will see dark gates. Invaders may appear from that gate to try and interfere with your mission. To prevent the other gate opening, the monsters will not come out of the game. Don’t forget to kill all monsters that appear on the map, before they can reach your city. Escape the maze and unlock the gates to new lands.

Hoppia Tale features a rich interface that allows players to interact with others and learn new things. Players can get daily gifts and gold coins that they drop when they fight monsters.

Logging in each day will give you the opportunity to receive the daily bonus, as well as unlocking a random giftbox (can contain gold and gems). Time Attack will allow players to find the fastest time rating to complete three levels of Hoppia Tale. Click on the Accessories Building to interact with other players, as well as view the notification sent by the system.

Personalize your character

The store allows players to choose the costumes they want for their favorite characters. You can choose from simple T-shirts or epic armor in a variety of colors and designs. Hoppia Tale doesn’t divide gender so players can easily change between clothes and skirts. The price is still quite high compared to the level I earned. That’s why you need the MOD version of APKMODO.

Create your dream home

Hoppia-Tale-APK2Hoppia Tale MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

It’s great that you can build a virtual home yourself in Hoppia Tale. You can choose the color of the floor tiles or decorate the room with different interior designs. Or you can use eye-catching paint colors to make it stand out. You will be able to transform the space into something that is so beautiful that all your friends and family will want it. Also, it’s a great idea to visit your friends and check out their decorating ideas.


Hoppia Tale has 16-bit graphics that are typical of classic games. All ages will enjoy the cute cartoon characters and backgrounds. The experience is made more enjoyable by the use of funny sounds.

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Main Features

  • Explore amazing worlds in your unique character.
  • Play other players’ levels and create your own level in Workshop.
  • You can challenge your friends to a global dispute in Time Attack mode.
  • Build a cozy home and visit your friend’s houses.
  • You will find tons of clothing and accessories.
  • Rides!

Hoppia Tale Reviews

Citrus Tyler: The game is fun and simple to learn. This is awesome! Please include more costumes and other items in the game. You can also customize your character.

THE AWESOME PENGIN BOI: This is a great game. It’s great fun. However, it’s hard.

Hunter: Fun game until all three worlds are completed. Then there’s nothing to do. Graphics are nice, characters are cute, and levels aren’t difficult, but not too hard. But I would love to be able to go further in the story. I’m hoping for more worlds to come out in the near future!

Froggy Devl: Hoppia Tale, if you like action and/or puzzles, is a fantastic game. I only wish there were more worlds. The sky world would be my choice if I could pick a new world.

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