Publisher Inc, Skytec Games,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.7.5
Size 112MB
MOD Features Hack Map, Unlock All Characters, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gold, Premium, Mega Menu
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On March 31, 2024
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Introduction Game

Horrorfield MOD APK for Android is an online horror game that combines group action. In the game, you will battle a group of other people in real time. Who will be captured and killed by the butcher, and who will escape and survive? It all depends on your skills.

The survivors’ goal is to join forces. Develop a team-mate strategy and escape from an unfamiliar base where a bloodthirsty psychopath rages. You and the other players will have to hide, help each other. Use and combine different skills and items to survive.

In Horrorfield APK for Android, gamers will be playing in an enclosed space full of deadly traps and secret hiding places. Time is never on the side of the survivors, you have to fix the generator as quickly as possible to unlock the exit.

Gamers won’t have a chance to build a shelter and you won’t have seven nights or even five nights to survive. When the ax madman wakes up, the creepy online game of hide and seek begins! Try to stay alive and avoid a scary death!

You have always dreamed of being a source of horror. And create the darkest nightmares. Like the killer from the 13th horror movie Friday? Do you love number 13? Scare game with spooky gameplay is your favorite genre? So take the role of a bloodthirsty psychopath holding a chainsaw in the Horrorfield game for Android!

Horrorfield - Multiplayer Survival Horror Game Mod ApkHorrorfield MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Maniac mode allows you to independently develop a strategy for hunting your victims
  • Survivor mode allows players to cooperatively escape from bloody killer
  • Authentic character leveling and unique skills
  • Unique crafting system – create and upgrade items at workshops and smithies
  • High-detailed locations with the atmosphere of post-apocalypse and creepy game
  • Coming soon: clans, quests, and leaderboards

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Reviews Of Game

Weldon Keel: Edit my review. So I gave this game five stars. Because it’s the best game ever, until! Chapter 6 after I got to chapter 6 I heard that the mission. It is impossible because chapter 7 is not yet complete. Then, after a few days of updating, perhaps chapter 7 is almost ready. So why is the mission still extremely difficult. Yess .. Several impossible missions are being eliminated. And I have also completed a few quests. Difficult now still has 4 quests. My suggestion is to go through all the quests of chapter 6. Then this game will be more intresin.

Mahak Tyagi: Well, this game is exactly what I was looking for. And I’m very happy to be playing it almost every day for an hour. I like to be addicted to this game. The best part is, when you fix all the generators. And you’re safe and it’s time to open the gate. At that point, your heart rate gets faster even when the mentality isn’t around you. Looks like you’re actually in the game. A great game loves it too much. A complete action packed game. So what are you waiting for? Download the game and enjoy it.

Alberto Vargas: Great and like Dead By Daylight! Everyone should try ot if you have cell phone. Or ios because there the heartbeat and everything. But I want developers to add check marks when doing a generator. And for the new killer, it should be a little bit special with Michael Myers thanks, you! So the next day I put this in the developer. Sometimes there is this error while you are loading and in your game. But it shows the loading screen, so can you please fix that. Thanks!

Aparna Rai: I was looking for a challenging game and I finally found it. That’s exactly what I thought too much fun and of course horror. This game is a super good combination between horror and survival. I used to play it every day and don’t miss those great prizes. Even though we were playing with bots, I never realized it. It’s a great game, go ahead and download. I want to update more.

Vijay Kumar: I like this game but energy drinks will last longer. But that’s the only problem if not then a great game for anyone to download. I just want to give that warning. You may have a serious nightmare. Anyway my idea for a character is to add a female character. Along with the first character you get. Because playing with a character can feel boring. Hope you read this!

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