Publisher BoomBit Games,
Category Action,
Latest Version 2.0.7
Size 214 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On March 29, 2024
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Hunt Royale Introduction

Hunt Royale MOD APK will take you into a fantasy world where you will become a talented hunter, accompany other teammates to hunt down the most dangerous monsters.

Hunting is fraught with danger

The dangerous and terrifying world that you’re about to explore is filled with monsters. You will hunt them down using the special weapons provided by the system as a hunter. You have your teammates to help you navigate the dangers.

Hunt Royale MOD APK comes with four modes, including Co-op mode, Boss Hunt, Bounty Hunt, and classic mode. The PVE nature of hunting games allows teammates to play a supporting part and compete with one another on the rankings.


Each game mode will have a different target. Each time a party member reaches the goal, the game ends and you move on to the next level. Of course, you can customize your character after the match to suit the battle you’re about to join.


Hunt Royale MOD APK offers four game modes. Each mode has a different target.

Classic mode: You will only be able to join the fight to kill monsters for a short time. This battle will end when the last survivor or time expires. The winner will be determined by the score. Like most forms of scoring, killing monsters gives you points (experience). The more powerful the monster is, the more points they bring. You should only choose to face monsters you are able to defeat. Your character will be killed and you are out of luck.

The next mode is Co-op, in which you and a friend team up to defeat a wave monsters to save the king. While the number of players is lower, monsters that do not decrease in frequency will present more problems.

Hunt-Royale-MOD-APK2Hunt Royale MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Third is the boss hunting mode (Boss Hunt) – where groups of 4 will fight together and defeat boss bosses to complete the hunt. Boss bosses have great fighting abilities and are often extremely powerful. Playing 1-1 is not a good idea. Instead, play with other people and move quickly to avoid being attacked.

Finally, the bounty hunting mode (Bounty Hunter) – where you will fight with 9 other players. This mode is probably the most competitive, since it follows the rules for the battle royale genre. To survive, show off your fighting skills!


Hunt Royale MOD APK offers a wide range of character options, up to thirty. Each character in Hunt Royale has unique abilities and their own stats. Tap on a character to see their details.

You can upgrade characters. While this takes a lot, it also gives the character more attributes, such as damage and HP, range, defense, and defense. As the character levels, these stats will increase automatically.

Characters will be able to unlock new combat skills at levels 6, 8 and 10. Characters will be able to unlock new combat skills at levels 6, 8 and 10.

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Main Features

  • You can unlock 30+ characters and level up!
  • Unique enemies to fight
  • You can use your powerful skills to master them
  • Unpredictable special events
  • Amusing voxel-based graphics

Hunt Royale Reviews

Zachary Hart: You will love the game. Although you will have to deal with kill stealing and underhanding, it is not a major problem once you get the hang of it. Sometimes, minions in hunt will spawn two or three instead of 1. Some units simply can’t keep up. Some people leave mid-match in coop and dun…

Nicholas Utech: This is a fun and free game. All ads are optional and offer nice rewards. Both the end-game and early games have plenty of entertainment content. Developer is constantly creating new content using unique and fun mechanics that can be difficult with just one stick. Only problem…

Preston Moore: It’s a great game with amazing battle mechanics and visuals. Unfortunately, the coop mode can be quite pointless if you don’t have a friend. People will leave the game, or just go afk until they get kicked by the game.

Mark Kaplan: It’s a very enjoyable game with no pay-to-win element. All information available through advertisements. You can easily access all new heroes by simply playing. You can easily get all your old heroes for free by using chests. Great game. Many game modes available, including a semi-afk mode. One of my all-time favorite games.

Bo Westover: I absolutely love this game! Since I discovered this game, I have played it every day without missing any beat. It’s a great way to complete daily challenges and I enjoy every ad. This game is free! This is one the best free games ever!

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