Category Adventure,
Latest Version 1.1
Size 183MB
MOD Features Unlimited Traps/Ammo, Dumb Enemies
Requirements 4.4+
Updated On October 22, 2021
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Introduction Game

Ice Scream 3 has deep content about managing children out of danger. The villain in the game is the scary ice cream seller, people often call him Rod. Although he looks very child-friendly on the surface, he is in fact an evil kidnapping plot, meticulously planned. All you know is that he put them in the ice cream truck but did not know where they were taken, your task is to find out the truth of the matter and punish this dangerous criminal.

Ice Scream 5 Friends APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • character switching system: for the first time in the series, you can switch between playing as Mike or J, allowing you to play in different areas, depending on the character.
  • New enemy: confront this chapter’s new Mini Rod. The ice cream factory guards who will try to stop you from running away and will alert Rod if they see you. Show off your skills by dodging and escaping them
  • Fun puzzles: solve ingenious puzzles to be reunited with your friends
  • Mini game: complete this chapter’s most exciting puzzle in the form of a mini game
  • Cinematic narratives: travel back in time and relive key moments in the history of Rod and Joseph Sullivan
  • Dumb Enemies
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Traps

Reviews Of Game

Syed Ahmed: Good app! But the mini rods at the hydroelectric power plant are annoying. They always come between as wherever I go. Even after they die, they still raise the alarm. And when I play, Rod catches me and the chase music doesn’t play. Even mini rods hear the doors open when we open it. I can’t even open a single door because of them in hard mode. And ads come between when I tap play in hard mode as always.I can’t even find the mystery key too.The mini rods come close like 0.5 meters wherever I go.

irakli karazanishvili: This game is really great . I mean I also get to play as mike ! It’s cool that you can switch ! And plus the game is super fun! The puzzles are really fun too . And the graphics are really great ! The cuttscenes … wow … From me: 5 stars !

Sheza Malik: Hi keplerians,I am a huge fan,I enjoy ice scream 5 the only problem is when I spin the valves the nose does hit the button I spinned the valves to exactly how u did in the tutorial red spinned 4 times Blu spinned 2 times and green spinned 3 times but after spinning that many times for each I pulled the lever and the nose didn’t hit the button please fix the prob,love big fan sheza


Download Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike's Adventures APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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