Publisher Noxy Games Inc.,
Category Adventure, Music,
Latest Version 2.27.0
Size 560 MB
MOD Features Unlocked All Chapters
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On January 24, 2024
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Lanota Introduction

All premium content in Lanota MOD APK has been unlocked (Unlocked All Chapters). The world is losing its color, leaving only two colors left, black and white. The colors remaining are on your fingers. Play music, enjoy the rhythm, and save the world!

The story

Even though it’s just a casual rhythm game, Lanota has a very moving story. It’s about chaos in the world. All seemed to have been drowned in silence and only two colors, black and white. God trusts Ritmo and Fisica, two brothers who entrust the Notalium to regain a vibrant world.



Lanota MOD APK is a simple game with a synchronized rhythm and visual gameplay. You can start a challenge by tapping (Click), flicking, or sliding (Rail). The Notalium will be populated with notes that continue to appear.

Lanota’s gameplay is similar to Piano Tiles. The song will not be perfect if you miss any notes. The game will still continue if you happen to miss a note.

However, there are differences that you should keep in mind. According to the game system, you must only process musical notes when they hit the Notalium. That is when the melody actually plays. You will be warned if you touch the melody too quickly or too late.

Just like that, you take turns to experience Lanota’s story, adventure through each land through the notes and regain color for each part of the world. Lanota’s world is complete when you combine the notes into a single musical note.

You can review your play after completing a challenge. The system will track your Harmony, Tune, maximum number of combinations achieved, and failure. The system will then calculate the score.

Lanota-MOD-APK3Lanota MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Amazing music

Lanota MOD APK contains hundreds of tracks. Many of these tracks are taken from the Japanese Anime/Manga.

However, overall the tracks are divided into 3 groups: Ulira Whisper, Acoustic and Whisper. You can select the genre you wish to experience before moving onto the next challenge.

The plot will continue to expand and unlock new songs as well. Some songs have an interesting sound, but many notes. This will make it easier to touch the screen. Some other songs include non-verbal pieces, and you’ll be a little more leisurely, when most of the notes are long, and you just need to slide across the screen most of the time.

Lanota also offers some premium packages. You get new tracks when you purchase them. I used the example with “Expansion Ch. D” with songs like Sakura Sakura (Yunomi), Glamorous Girl (Hearl’s Cry feat. Pooppo), Specta (Junk), Hayabusa (Yamajet), … The developer also often Frequently offering incentives for players to have new experiences.

Get new maps

Lanota’s journey is divided into 6 main chapters, 2 sub-chapters and 16 extended chapters. Each chapter covers a different location, and each track is unique.


To unlock new tracks and maps, you will need take turns passing the challenges. Six chapters and two subchapters will be presented in sequence. You can also play longer chapters at any moment.

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Main Features

Innovative and dynamic Rhythm Game

  • We add animation to the plates you will be using. You can choose from a variety of music tracks, boss-stage features, charts, and challenges. We have everything you need, so beginners, experts, and advanced players alike will all be able to enjoy our amazing music!

Refreshing and Artistic Picture Book

  • “I believe that you, the one blessed with the gods of melody can revive the old world order.”
  • Tune the chaos energy back into harmony and the world will reveal itself gradually. Take a look at the map and read the beautifully illustrated picture book. You might even find a souvenir item along the route!

Lanota requires permission to access photos/media/files in order for you to share the result screen. We will not read any of your files or photos.

Enjoy Full Function and Other Content

This is a free download version. To get the full version, you can make an in-app payment.

  • Eliminate the progress limit for Main Story
  • Skip the waiting time between tracks & go ad-free
  • Lock the “retry” function
  • Get a free trial of the first track with every in-app purchase chapter

Lanota Reviews

Việt Anh Nguyễn: The game’s gameplay and story are both amazing. It has a stunning story and gameplay. There is also a hint of beauty. Premium version, ☑

Nguyễn Trung Kiên: This game is amazing! It’s very different from other rythm games, but it’s still my favorite. I love the way the circle rotates and the variety of notes.

Vo Dung: Great gameplay, plus touching story. I wish there were more chapters.

Derrel Jeack: I love rhythm and I have a hard time believing that I can pull off every difficulty. However, the gameplay is truly amazing! I also love the graphics and artwork style. The best part is that the trial is completely free! You can have your favorite chapters for as low as P25. However, the continuation chapters must be purchased. The free ones are still great. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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