Publisher Mr.Games,
Category Tower Defense,
Latest Version 2.9.2
Size 96 MB
MOD Features Unlocked All Heroes, Units, Skills
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On January 23, 2024
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Larva Heroes: Lavengers Introduction

You might wonder what Larva Heroes: Lavengers MOD APK actually is when you see the name of this game. Lavengers is a combination of the two movies Avengers and Larva. Here are the Avengers in Larva. Maybe you already know, Larva is a funny animated film about the stories of two cute and somewhat “stupid” larva. This animation is amazing. This was also the inspiration for Mr.Games, who created the amazing products we have today.

Larva-Heroes-Lavengers-APK1Larva Heroes: Lavengers MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Tower defense classic game

This game follows the rules of tower defense games. Larva Heroes: Lavengers MOD APK is where your mission is to stop zombie larva and mummy larva from attacking your base. Be careful! If you allow one zombie to reach your base, the game will immediately end.

It is important to know that although the game can be played in a very simple manner, it is not easy. The main characters of the game are the yellow or red larva and a commander. To move the main character, the larva, or main character in the game, all you have to do is touch the left and right edges of the screen. You can also summon additional reinforcements by selecting a larva at the bottom of your screen (but you cannot choose locked larva). The enemy will be defeated if they are not destroyed. Although your main larva has superior power to other allies, I think you shouldn’t let your main larva to fight directly with the enemy. Instead, let the warrior be a leader with a defensive ability so you can attack your enemy from behind.


It’s crazy and fun!

You should seek help if the fight becomes difficult. The larva’s favorite food is sausage. You can summon a warrior larva by using this recipe. Automatic sausages are released from the clouds. This mechanism is very similar to Plants vs Zombies’s light collection. Both are addictive tower defense games that can be fun and addictive.

You can choose from a wide range of larvae, which are divided into different classes like Archers, Monks Knights Warriors and Knights. You must unlock them first before you can use them. Larva Heroes: Lavengers, on the other hand, can present a lot more challenges for players. Each level is composed of three stages, each representing 3 different difficulty levels. If you want to win, the boss will usually appear at the last stage. Not only has the power normal, but your enemies also have many special abilities such as reducing opponents’ power or healing allies. Strategies must be adapted to each type of enemy.


Upgrade and unlock your larva

You are given stars for each level. Up to three stars can be earned. A level can be repeated until you achieve the highest score. It is best to unlock powerful larvae and upgrade them so that they have more defense and strength. The stronger the larva is, the higher their level. When they reach certain levels, each type can be evolved.

Graphics and sound

Larva Heroes : Lavengers MOD APK is a very fun design with 2D graphics. The horizontal screenplay makes the game easy and addictive. The game’s color scheme is very similar to the animated version. It is suitable for children and adults. The audio portion is also fun. The sound of fighting larvae with their fists or swords is what the whole game is about.

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Main Features

You have the option to choose your favorite hero character

  • 1. Yellow 2. Red 3. Super Yellow 4. Wizard Brown 5. Black Night 6. Rainbow Warrior

Hero Friends 10 can be bought to fight alongside Hero

  • Yellow/Red/Super yellow/Mask red/Cyborg red/Steel red/Viking red/Ninja red/
    Kung-fu red / Zorro red

Total 360 stage as Each difficulty > Wow! Amazing playtime

  • You can have fun with the game and feel tension when you play at each difficulty
    Starter should choose Easy mode. Experts should select Master mode.

Tip / How to Play

  • Attack and Movement in Defense Game.
  • Slot touch can be used to activate Unit and Skill
  • Strategically fighting with the offensive unit by strategically placing defensive units
  • The most important thing is where the battles are located

Facebook / Gooleplay

  • You should purchase item if you recommend facebook friends invitations and game installation.
    3 Hero character. 3 Hero characters.

Captain Jack: Pick the Fortune Cookie

  • Clear each stage. You will be able to get a coupon for ‘Captain Jack.
  • You can obtain one of each gold, item, magic candy, and luck cookie

Hero transformation system

  • You can transform hero character into mighty hero in gameplay and use Mighty Hero’s skill
  • It is the best counterattack opportunity

Mission Exclusive Stage 3,6,9

  • Each world has three mission stages M1: Guard pink/ M2: Defend wave attacks! / M3: Unit war

★This game is available for free and includes in-app items★

Larva Heroes: Lavengers Reviews

Eileen magno: Wow, cool yellow! I like the hulk to strong 9000million%. But i also like the larva army like wars for children so thank you so very much. I love how strong black thor was so thanks for supporting people.

Joel Solis: Hello Larva Heros, I love the game. Can you add new features such as new heroes or new friends to the game so that we can see who your new heroes are and what their friends are?

Ben Ramirez: Great game, but after you get the box of sausages you must purchace it first.

NOMAN AHMAD: It was a great game. Thank you alot . We’re sorry. You can do something. The collection isn’t working. What is the problem?

Tyson’s Pick: Larva heroes is great. The black Knight is my favorite skin. The hammer is huge and I love it. Fighting the bosses is fun.

Download Larva Heroes: Lavengers APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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