Publisher Outfit7 Limited,
Category Casual,
Latest Version
Size 9140MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On November 28, 2023
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My Talking Tom Friends Introduction

The first, My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK (Unlimited Money) will soon become the norm for raising virtual pets. You will be among the first to experience this trend.

Since long, virtual pet games are very popular. My Talking Angela and My Talking Tom 2 are the leaders in this category. They have also added My Talking Tom Friends to make their customers happier. Talking Tom now has friends, and you’ll probably have to work harder to care for them.

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK - Gameplay ScreenshotMy Talking Tom Friends MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

More pets, more fun

My Talking Tom Friends APK allows for multiple pets unlike other single-pet games. This includes Tom, Hanks, Angelas, Ginger, Ben, Ben and Becca. They decided to live in the same house because they had more fun. I believe that watching your pets have fun together is a great way to be happy.


It seems like taking care of one pet and spending time with him takes a lot of your time. Taking care of Tom and his friends will make it more difficult.

Pets have their own interests and personalities. Tom loves to play soccer and listens to music. Angela enjoys going to the park and playing puzzles, while Hank likes to play chess. He also loves being washed several times per day. The symbol that represents a desire will be worn on the head of anyone who has it. Sometimes, they have a tired expression and lie still while complaining.

All these problems can be solved and you can show your love for them. To bring Hank into the tub, touch Hank and drag his screen. To satisfy Tom’s love of music, buy Tom a guitar or take Ginger to the garden to follow his father and become a skilled farmer.

Sometimes pets can become ill from playing too much. For specific medication, please go to the medical box. You can also get magic potion by watching promotional videos, siringes, water bottles and air hammers for massages.

Pets can be very mean and naughty

They can be very naughty. They feel hungry and dirty, which not only results in a decrease in resistance. This can be used to punish them for being disobedient or force them to fall asleep.

Sometimes they even show their talent. Tom was always keen to bake cakes in the kitchen, and I noticed this on several occasions. Angela has plans to plant trees in her garden. It grew quickly because she watered it often.

Shop at the store

There are many interesting items in the store! The store has a lot of interesting things! Pets are hungry often so you can find food for them at the store. Hank, Angela, and Ben all have their own tastes. They won’t be happy if they can’t eat their favorite foods!

Yet, it’s also the place to find unique costumes in many different styles. There are both elegant suits and young outfits. Outfit7 has linked My Talking Tom Friends and the store with all the remaining Talking Tom Games. This means there are more costumes to choose from and more toys to choose from.

Decorate your home

Be aware of the common area in which everyone lives. All spaces can be interchangeable. Furniture can be moved around. It is possible to arrange it however you want, for example, by placing the kitchen next to the bathroom or placing a bedroom close the living area.

Also, you should buy more furniture and change out the old. Wooden floors should be used as a path from the house to the gate. Are the small tub and pool too cramped? You have the option!


Mostly, your pet’s needs are a mini-game. Tom would like to skateboard. To do this, just press the Dpad icon on Tom’s head. Tom will then be controlling his skateboarding. To avoid Tom falling, you must dodge the obstacles. Hank enjoys puzzles. You can play with them. Angela or the other friends might like to take a trip into the park. This game has a lot to offer.

The gift opening game is a favorite of mine. There are five selections for each round, if I receive the game’s theme item, I will receive more bonus. The puzzle is also a good idea, it’s an opportunity for you to show your ability to observe and organize your ideas into a great product.

Main Features

  • Play with your best friends in a full house
  • Take care of them
  • Unique characters
  • All things can be made custom
  • Fun play time!
  • Beautiful world
  • Play for free

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MOD APK versions of My Talking Tom Friends

  • Unlocked Everything
  • Unlimited Money And Diamonds

My Talking Tom Friends Reviews

Bibi Hajeera: It was a very good game, but it took me many days to get there. To move on to the next stage. It also shows me other people. It’s great to continue working! I’m the first Indian to get the September update! It is amazing! But it is not available on all devices. And it is launched in India by an error that an advertisement was mistakenly displayed. It should be changed to potrait. I would love an upstairs that has a room for me and my partner. There are so many exciting things to do!

Maida Javed: It’s very entertaining. My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK is very enjoyable to me. It’s so much fun to play with the animals and bathe in them. It’s very funny. It feels like I am actually raising the family pets. They have a comfortable bed, nice kitchen, bathroom and dining table. I wish I had better accessories. You could give them shoes, makeup, rings, and so on. I still love the game. Thank you for making this game possible.

Pritha Sharma: This game is a joy to play. It is an interesting game. It has so many fun activities that I just installed it. This game is a joy to me. This is a cute and entertaining game. You can make it more fun with makeup. All the lovers out there. It’s my wish, if it’s possible. While I’m happier, I love the game.

Sarita Singh: This is the best game! I love this game. Because I’m able to play the cause-and-effect game with my friends. It makes my daughter happy. My daughter dislikes sleeping. She doesn’t want to play or talk. My daughter still loves this game.

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