Publisher Homa Games,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.6.11
Size 106MB
MOD Features Unlocked All
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

NERF Epic Pranks APK for Android is a combination shooter hidden and prank friends quite interesting, your goal is to defeat all enemies before you are discovered. NERF Epic Pranks! will give you a gun and lots of ammunition, each gun will have different damage power and players will unlock many new guns during the game.

The unique thing in NERF Epic Pranks! it is the battle that does not take place directly as players have to hide to shoot enemies, each will be placed in different situations and defeat all enemies without being detected. Players will be provided with a variety of guns and ammunition to defeat the enemy, you must pay close attention to and find a safe hiding place, and find those who are playing with you, taking advantage of all the time. muscle to shoot the fastest gun.

NERF Epic Pranks! There are no gore scenes like other violent shooters, because the action is just prank, you just shoot any enemy in sight and do not get caught. During the game you will unlock more new Nerf Blaster guns, become a best prankster, and discover many new interesting characters, play your style and conquer all the arenas.

NERF Epic Pranks! Mod ApkNERF Epic Pranks APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Sneak and play pranks on your friends.
  • Use the gun and ammunition provided.
  • Observe and defeat the enemy.
  • Unlock all interesting characters and skins.

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Reviews Of Game

Tye Mason: Very good game you have this nerf gun and play people looking around trying to find you and some people might have nerf guns to and if you shot them the will find you and try and get you super fun game it’s my favorite game in the world try it out it’s super duper fun I love it so much I play evry day evry time I get up I play it so much I love it so so so so so much love it so much.

Xen jover: OMG FIRST TIME PLAYING THIS GAME AND WHEN I PLAY THIS! IT’S SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!! and pls DON’T JUDGE people’s games! if you’re problem is ad’s WE DON’T CARE! and you’re problem is glitch? REMOVE! Nerf Epic Pranks! I’m in love with this game! Download this game and you’ll see the COOL moment!!

Jen R.: My nephew installed this on my tablet and after watching him play it, I decided to try it. It’s a very easy game to play. Simple controls and game play. My nephew’s 5 and he can play it with no problems. It’s a cute little game and it’s fun to play.

X- Chains: Love this game. It’s really fun, and not only that but it works really well. At first I thought it would be a bad game due to the advertisements, but it turns out to be a diamond in the rough. Love it.

Aria Shanel Jung: I like this game very much thanks to the creator you can play this all day but there is little laggy but very good game i will recommend this game for you.

Download NERF Epic Pranks! APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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