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One Piece: Burning Will  Introduction

One Piece: Burning Will is a 3D RPG game for Android phones and tablets. The game takes the original plot from the famous manga series One Piece. Many characters familiar with Luffy that are Zoro, Chopper, Nami, Robin… appear in the game. Players will join One Piece characters on an adventure across the vast Ocean in the era of pirates.

One Piece: Burning Will APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Make sure you read the characters’ skills before adding them to the squad. Learning how to build squads is also important for games like this. You need to learn how to balance the power between the characters, analyze the opponent’s strength to find a suitable squad.

Another plus point for this game is the combination of open world elements. Unlike other RPG games, you only need to interact with the screen, choose some skills for the character to perform on their own. In this game, you can meet other players, participate in online activities, form squads, etc. To fight with the enemy you also need to get close to talk before the start of the match.

This game also has a gacha feature. You will have to rely on luck to own the characters you want. Of course, there are also Tier Lists from previous players. At the beginning, One Piece: Burning Will also gives newbies a lot of tickets, you can reroll by creating a new account to receive your favorite character.

Main Features

  • 4 vs 4 multiplayer treasure looting action.
  • Create the ultimate pirate crew.
  • Deep sea gameplay and level up system.
  • Experience the one piece univers.

One Piece: Burning Will  Reviews:

Kyle Naidoo: It is a terrific game. The graphics and game play are amazing and this game deserves 4 stars. Though sadly I tried to enter the game again today and it keeps freezing on the loading screen. Not sure if it’s something wrong with the app itself or my own device, but sadly due to this I can not play One Piece Bounty Rush.

Berlini: I’m experiencing problems as of late. The characters suddenly are starting to get bugged during the battles, and if I win a battle I don’t receive prices. This hadn’t happened before. Could you fix that please.

FoxGodlloyd: The game is good and the graphics are good it’s just that the game is like very laggy sometimes, because when you open a menu it’s takes like 2 seconds for it to open but other games it just opens, I’m sure you devs can fix that right right? but the game on my opinion is one of the best one piece games

Download One Piece: Burning Will APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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