Publisher CottonGame,
Category Puzzle,
Latest Version 1.0.25
Size 591MB
MOD Features No
Requirements 6.0+
Updated On November 21, 2023
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One Way: The Elevator Introduction

One Way: The Elevator is a puzzle adventure game. You will need to find a blue sphere in each scene to power an elevator to travel upward. But leaving the difficult puzzle aside, the first thing I want to come to is the touching story behind this beautiful game.

One Way: The Elevator APK – Gameplay Screens

At the beginning of the game, you have had some light interactions with the character, but nothing related to the puzzle. Things only really started when the elevator ran up. At each stop the elevator stops, you will meet a new character, along with the small trouble brought by that person/animal, preventing you from finding the energy ball for the elevator. But actually, these annoying events all have a cause. Most of these characters appear with a grumpy look, sometimes even aggressive with the boy.

These characters are quite interesting, with a lot of genres. Sometimes it’s an adult, a child, an old man, sometimes a giant octopus, a man-eating flower, a robot, or a huge elephant that dominates the screen. All of them had the same pattern of giving trouble to such a boy. Patiently listening to your heart is also the fastest way for you to find the solution for each step of the adventure.

While playing outside the main stage, there are many hidden windows (which are secret rooms) for players to explore more. Every scene in there is a memorable experience and helps him to reach the destination faster.

The roads that the boy passed, in the elevator, were also colorful. The elements encountered on the road each have their own figure and story. Sometimes just listening to their stories makes you feel relaxed. Always, during that passage, everything seems to be happy, seems to love life, but it’s still sad somewhere and hidden. It’s also the life story life that the game wants to send.

Main Features

  • Rustic, cute 2D design.
  •  Soft, deep game sound and music.
  •  Very good and touching storyline.
  •  Characters are unique and surprising.
  •  There are hidden doors to discover more (secret room).

One Way: The Elevator Reviews:

Nick Chesterton: I’ve loved it so far! So much thought gets put into these games. By far my favourite part of this one has been realizing that the written language is readable, and spending time decoding every letter and bit of punctuation and number. It’s going to make replaying for achievements a whole new journey of discovery. And I loved the little messages in the credits. Thanks for what you do! So creative.

Sharon Gregg: So far I really like it I hate those games that there is a lot of dialog to read or when they’re speaking alot. This is refreshing to have it be up to interpretation. Graphics are wonderful, so far very enjoyable but I’m only a little ways in will leave a full review later.

Said Ertekin: Another cute cartoon looking puzzle game with an interesting story. Puzzles are not repetitive and they are relatively challenging to keep the game interesting and the game mechanics are very simple to understand.

Download One Way: The Elevator APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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