Publisher Budge Studios,
Category Casual,
Latest Version 2023.7.0
Size 946MB
MOD Features Unlocked, Unlocked All Content
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On November 17, 2023
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PAW Patrol Rescue World Introduction

PAW Patrol Rescue World MOD APK is a learning by playing game for kids younger than 12 years. Both children and their parents can learn so many things. I think you’ll have so much fun playing with your baby.

Meeting familiar friends

The children’s task is simple. Children will be with the Rescue Dog Squad on adventures around Adventure Bay. They will do many interesting tasks.


The rescue dog team in cartoons is loved by children around the world for its gentle, happy images and variety of jobs. However, Rescue Dog’s appearance is too small. Children can feel the gentle and mischievous qualities of animated dogs, find harmony, and experience their kindness. Now, children will be able see their favorite characters, such as Chase, Skye and Marshall. It is a great feeling to be able to control these characters, and to accompany them around the world and find a way to accomplish their tasks. It’s possible to control Superman, Batman, and other idol models, which will make you happy.

You will find many useful information

PAW Patrol Rescue World MOD APK, a play-by-learn game, teaches children important lessons about the world. Children can meet interesting people, solve problems, show up on-time, and be willing to help their friends. Children will gain valuable life skills by helping to handle these situations with the Rescue Dog Squad.

It is even more fun when children discover that each rescue dog has its own skill and means. Children will experiment on their own to find the best vehicle or rescue dog for each situation.

PAW Patrol Rescue World MOPD APK has many rescue missions. These jobs are not as challenging as the most basic mini-games for adults. Children, however, must put in a lot of effort to solve every problem. You must think, plan, think, brainstorm, choose and decide. This will allow young minds to stay active and be more flexible.

Children can also find the richness in their tasks a motivator to think more and explore more to make the most of every rescue dog. This job is a demanding one that requires much thought and investigation. It can also lead to a habit of contemplation that will help children see the world better.

PAW-Patrol-Rescue-World-MOD-APK2PAW Patrol Rescue World MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

PAW Patrol Rescue World MOD APK controls are easy to use, so parents don’t have to worry about children being unable to operate. Children are more agile and resourceful when they have multiple options to accomplish the desired task. From there, their observation can be developed.

Children will be rewarded for completing the task. This can be a motivator. It’s also what makes children feel more engaged with the game and explore more of the tasks later on.

You will unlock more Adventure Bay areas the more missions you complete. Every new zone is unique in its colors, terrain, side characters and missions. The excitement never ceases to grow.

Game mode

For children’s multi-level challenge needs, PAW Patrol Rescue World offers a variety of game modes:

  • Children will take control of the Rescue Dog and choose the correct breed for the rescue mission. They’ll also be rewarded with many cool rewards for their adorable dogs.
  • Rescue: Save people in trouble in the bay, and get valuable thank-you gifts.
  • Pup Treats: Children will be focusing on finding hidden objects and lost items in the bay.

Each mode will give you different tasks, according to the scene. Each mode has its own unique characteristics, but they all share the same thing: They are easy to use, fun to complete, and teach some valuable lessons. Like fishing, finding a lost kitten, making a snowman, finding food that was forgotten somewhere, rescuing a baby doll that was dropped along the road, dressing an injured baby bird… The meaning of humanity, Animal love, caring sharing, and problem recognition… is all that your child will learn from this small yet profound game.


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Main Features

Play with Your Favorite Puppy

  • All the pups are available! Chase, Skye and Marshall along with Rocky will take you around Adventure Bay. (More pups coming soon! Each pup is equipped with a unique skill and vehicle to help you rescue them.

Explore & Play

  • Adventure Bay is full of fun things! There are many things to do in Adventure Bay. You’ll find more in each area the more you play.

Hero Missions

  • PAW Patrol™ to the lookout! Help save lives by choosing the best pup for your mission.


  • Your Pups will be happy if you help Adventure Bay.

Dog treats

  • Every mission you complete will bring you a reward Look for hidden goodies around town!

PAW Patrol Rescue World Reviews

Akubude Chinyere: Awesome game ,??i posted the other review and i hope you saw it. My daughter loves how you add new places like jake’s mountain?& the farm,she also said that since it is christmas maybe you guys can freeze the ocean?and turn the beach⛱?into snowy beach❄with lots of snow❄❄to build snowmen☃️⛄⛄or igloos and also add snow? on the roads too. GREAT GAME BUGDE STUDIO????

Suleika M: Skye and Chase from YouTube Paw Patrol are now able to play this game. The best part is that you can get the rest the team for $25. I suspect you’ll need more money to do the next Paw Patrol.

Bheem Singh Rohat: This app is amazing, and i love it so much. But you have to keep other puppies free. There are only chase or sky so please keep the pups free.

Fabian Bish: I like it becsuse every thing is wonderful i like to play it sometimes but the problem is that the pups rubble, rocky, zuma,marcheal,everest these pups have to have in-app purchace but i like it but the worst part is the same rescue mission but i like it still

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