Publisher HeroCraft,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 1.7.6
Size 370MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On November 16, 2023
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Pirates Flag Introduction

Pirates Flag MOD APK is the game for you if you dream of becoming a great pirate and floating on the seas fighting huge sea monsters.


Take a trip to the ocean

Captains can lead their ship like a band of pirates or just a group who loves the thrill of the open ocean. In Pirates Flag, you can do both.

Be the most powerful pirate fleet

Sea is large, but it also has many dangers. Your ship isn’t the only one. There are many other warships waiting and ready to destroy any person in sight.

If you’ve seen the Pirates of the Caribbean series, you’ve probably also seen that the sea is like a battlefield, between pirates and epic fleets of ships. Pirates Flag will recreate these scenes with realism, emotion, and humor.

Your goal should be to build the largest pirate fleet. Let’s start with adding weapons to the boat, train crew and master the boat. You will face challenges every day. Will you be able to survive?

There are many enemies at sea

Flottes of pirates will be the enemy most often encountered in Single Player mode. They are the ones who have extensive experience at sea. This includes fighting, steering boats, and even the ability to aim. You’ll need to learn how to fight while also gaining the skills and abilities to defeat them.

Pirates aren’t the only enemy. Pirates Flag is also home to giant sea monsters. They can easily attack your boat and sink it. You should be prepared to fight when the water starts to move.

Legend of the treasures

Legend says that the legendary pirate who died before his time hid all of his gold on an isolated island. A curse was also left by the legendary pirate, stating that the treasure would belong to the first one to find it. You now have the chance to find this legendary treasure. Explore the entire Pirates Flag Islands. You might be the lucky one.

The legend of this legend has been told only in part. Next is the story of the guardians. When you approach an island, you never know what’s in front of it. Pirates, dried bones and monsters. They will attack any person trying to get the treasure they have protected.


Most of the time in Pirates Flag MOD APK, you’ll be adventuring at sea. And so, you need to upgrade and develop your battleship, so that you won’t be defeated by pirates or any other threat.


Pirates Flag MOD APK is a powerful battleship system that will help you win battles. Some ship models have large frames, are built with sturdy materials, and include a detailed weapon system. Others have very compact sails which increase travel speed. Depending on your tactics, you can choose the battleship that is best for you.

Pirates Flag allows you to also upgrade battleships. This is a very important feature because it not only makes the combat process stronger but also makes it easier for you to target and control.

This game gives you an authentic experience

Pirates Flag MOD APK is based on 3D graphics platform. It features the most innovative visual effects and designs. Your visual experience will be enhanced.

Weather effects like rain, wind and storm, as well as day and night cycles, will continue to change. This not only gives you a sense of reality but also impacts your journey to conquering the sea.

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Main Features

Open World

  • Endless adventures over endless seas full of mysteries and adventure.

Fascinating Story

  • More than a hundred quests across dozens of islands in three different regions.

Play With Friends

  • Enjoy the huge world of Tempest together with two friends.

Nautical Wonder

  • You can buy ships and upgrade them.

Piracy With Bit Of Trade

  • Not a pirate’s way to get cheaper and sell for more. Rob galleons and sink warships to destroy forts

Sea Monsters

  • The Kraken brought along its sea friends!

Not Only Cannons

  • You can summon an octopus, use mystic crystals to repel enemy cannonballs, and even bring meteors down on your enemies.

Assemble A Crew Of Cutthroats

  • You can transform your pirates into salted sea wolves by upgrading them from green hands.

Pirates Flag Reviews

MoonPie8: It’s amazing. Everything is incredible. There are a few things I would like to see: 1. The ability to walk around the ship, instead of being stuck at the wheel. 2. Multi-player option Being able see other players. 4. The ability to walk off a ship to reach ports or islands.

StreamInspectorGiveMoney: I always wanted a realistic pirate game it matches 40% what I wanted but if you make it more real and better graphics and not pay to unlock things game and do something like tpp & fpp mode in it and I also want something like real life players handling the ship they have there own thing’s to do and …

Josh Salera: Every time I board another vessel, game glitches happen. The game loads, then the fighting begins. However, my character cannot come. Also the icon/picture of the gun I am using remains on the screen and won’t disappear. It would be great to be able play the entire game, especially after having paid for it.

I Am The Night: It is very enjoyable and cool. This is the pirate game I have been looking for. I would recommend it to everyone.

Donnie caw: While I am not a huge gamer, I find this game enjoyable and easy to learn.

Download Pirates Flag: Caribbean Action RPG APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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