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Updated On November 8, 2023
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Punishing: Gray Raven Introduction

Punishing: Gray Raven APK by HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT, is a 3D action video game. This game puts you in the role of the leader, which is the last hope for humanity.

The story

Punishing: Gray Raven APK is a game about the apocalypse and combines sci-fi elements with robots. An evil and ambitious corporation spreads a mysterious virus in the future. The virus infects servers and turns a number of robots that serve people into murder machines. These ferocious robots are unable to be defeated. You must find their mastermind.

My opinion of the plot is that it’s about an apocalypse scenario involving the betrayal by robots. However, there are many plot twists and sensational discoveries in later scenes. Finally, you will discover some ground-breaking secrets in the short time you have. It is up to you to find the solution.


On the surface, your enemy is an army a sophisticated robots which evolve into horrible monsters. However, behind them are evil, cruel people and corrupt alliances who are both fighting against each other with the same goal to destroy this world. Sometimes when playing, you may feel a bit lonely and wonder what’s the end of humans.

Punishing: Gray Raven is an aesthetic game

It is considered a game that introduces a new concept in mobile RPGs, “combat aesthetics”.

The Punishing: Gray Raven APK design is delicate and smooth. The sensation of hitting feels very real and expansive. The horizontal layout of the game makes the lonely feeling in the uncharted space more real. This allows for the battles to be more exciting.

On the way to battle, players don’t just come to the fight. The gloomy, desolate Earth will be visible. It is becoming increasingly grave due to its rapid development. Many people have been killed, the few who survived are forced to flee their homes and live in exile in deep underground spaces. The land is now under the control of the robot legions. This scene haunted me.

They are rich, subtle, and ethereal in color. Everything is falling apart, highlighting the dangerous and dead atmosphere. On this dark background, you can clearly see every movement and interaction between you and your enemy during combat. This opposing space design leads me to believe that there is still hope and the last light for humanity. The dazzling effects from the character’s moves are clear to every line, extremely eye-catching. Each time you fire a move, it covers most of the screen. It’s epic and surreal!

High-strategy gameplay


Players must have good judgment, the ability to move quickly and coordinate attacks seamlessly. The navigation button is located on the left side and the circular navigation button on your right. Weapons and skills can be found on your right. It may take some time to get used to, but when it’s all right, everything is within reach.

This ARPG game combines action with match-3-skill casting technique. It is possible to combine all three moves simultaneously. The skill of the player is crucial in choosing the right combination at the right moment. This is the moment to display your strategic vision and mind. The Punishing: Gray Raven dodge moves must be praised for being extremely efficient, quick, and skillful.

Upgrades in the game

This does not clearly delineate each battle screen as in other role-playing games. It is important to remember that you must always move forward, fight constantly and lead your team on this path. And every time you fight an enemy, you will earn points corresponding to the difficulty and ingenuity of the attack (points appear on each enemy’s head when dying in battle).

You will slowly unlock new skills and moves with the points you earn. Of course, the enemies are getting stronger and stronger in proportion to the main character’s abilities. Later, the skill will be more beautiful and your destructive power will increase, which will allow you to survive against massive robot monsters that can sometimes outnumber you by 5-6.

Take it easy. The upgrade mode is fair and you can easily get the power to match the monsters.

Each character has a unique personality thanks to its delicate sound.

The sound is an essential part of Punishing: Gray Raven. It includes sound effects and background music as well as voiceovers for the characters. The background music is sad and melancholy, fitting the current world. You feel that anything can happen at any moment. Match 3 is a great game because of the amazing sound effects. Each move has its own “voice”. Each sound is harmonious when you combine two or three moves.

Punishing-Gray-Raven-APK3Punishing: Gray Raven APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Another great part of the game is the voiceover. The game tells the entire story based on the “talk” and statements of each character, both you and the enemy. And according to the publisher, they have invited the leading Japanese voice experts to bring out each character’s individuality and uniqueness in each character’s vocal range, such as artists Ishikawa Yui, Chino Aiyi, Tanaka Mimi, Matsuoka Tsuijo, Kawasumi Ayako, Fukuyama Jun, Tomatsu Haruka, Hosoya Yoshimasa… The game also allows players to unlock other voices in turn when their relationship with a teammate has become closer.

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Gray Raven Review: Punishing

Black ReapeԻ: Incredible game featuring amazing characters, music, designs, and 3D graphics. While I am not a fan 3D, this game was still enjoyable. There are many character combinations (structures) that you can learn and master. The stamina system can be frustrating for some people. However, that’s exactly how I like it. Not too much grind on daily basis (until the events arrive). You will find the various points-based modes, such as warzone/paincage or gacha system, very rewarding.

D. Rico: Very nice gameplay. The design is also perfect. This game is not for collecting waifu figurines, but it’s meant to be played.

Simon Riley: This was truly amazing. It’s all there: the characters, the gameplay style, the graphics. It is available for those who wish to try it. This game is by far the most enjoyable arpg I have ever played. This game has it all. Thank you to the developers.

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