Publisher GRAVITY Co Ltd.,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 4.10.2
Size 91MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 6.0+
Updated On November 6, 2023
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Ragnarok Origin Introduction

Ragnarok Origin APK is an online role-playing video game from Gravity Corporation (Korea). You will be able to follow the character around the open world and uncover the royal secrets buried beneath the surface.


The war of Ragnarok is the basis for this Norse myth. Asgard, the kingdom, has officially entered a state of constant chaos due to the disturbances of the dark forces. Ragnarok Origin depicts the last years in the war. Loki, a villain who has a human body and a demonic spirit inside, is a villain. He possesses the most terrible magic of all time called “The Might”. Loki has slowly lost his strength due to the long war and heroic fighting by many heroes. Before he died, he had left behind a dark curse. This curse now has the power to spread horrors across the globe.


A century later, the curse has become a second threat to the world. You and your fellow Novice Academy members will embark on a journey to destroy the evil remnants and find the source. A new war is on the horizon, which will involve the past and decide the fate of the present.

The journey to self-improvement through fighting

Ragnarok Origin APK offers many game modes. These include PvE and PvP, Arena Combat as well as Player vs. Monster and Player vs. All. Each mode comes with its own attraction and rules. They all have their own rules and attractions, but they are all dramatic. The core principle of the game remains: Fight monsters and level up to unlock new challenges. You can also upgrade your character.

The primary task of the player in this game is to keep fighting and fighting. Your enemies are fierce monsters from the realm of darkness. You must defeat them all, and then deal with Loki the dark lord.

Your character will initially fight monsters without weapons. This also makes sense for the future hero’s apprentice situation. You’ll gradually gain experience until you reach level 10, where you will be officially upgraded. Then, choose the career that best suits you and go from there. Ragnarok Origin allows the protagonist to choose whether they want to be a Swordsman (Acolyte), Mage, Thief or Merchant), as well as an Archer. Each direction comes with its own set skills and a different development path. Scenes 1-10 offer a chance to explore your potential, find your strengths, and make the right choice.


In addition to improving your skills, you’ll also be able equip and upgrade hundreds more weapons, equipment, and magic during the war. The burden is now more than just fighting. You will also have to go on great adventures, face strange situations and meet strange people in order to uncover the secrets of the kingdom. How to break the curse of the future is tied to the past. Only you and your team can find out this.

There are many activities that can be done on the sidelines to get great loot. These include skill upgrades, weapons and equipment, as well as many battle support mounteds. You can also get a Tesla S can for these quests.

Be bold and be yourself

Every character has many options.

You can choose a male or female character, then you can customize the character’s appearance according to your preferences. From here, you can feel at ease being yourself, living and accompanying your character. As you learn more about your character, the bond between you and them grows stronger.

The game’s monsters are also cleverly designed, lively, and well-suited to the scene. This makes the game experience not only enjoyable but also extremely adventurous and pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Are there any special features in Ragnarok’s Origin?

Ragnarok-Origin-APK3Ragnarok Origin APK – Gameplay Screenshot

This game’s most distinctive feature is the Mercenary option. When playing alone, you can hire other players’ soldiers to fight for you. You will need to pay for this. This unique feature is more effective if you have more gold than you need. You can not only hire, but also train and develop a strong mercenary force to specialize in fighting.

Sound and graphics

Ragnarok Origin APK is scene changes with time and history. Every major event is recorded along with small challenges that are posed to the characters. You will watch your character grow, mature with special abilities, and delve deeper and more into more “forbidden” secrets. This seamless progression is evident in the 3D depth combined with the 2D character and the color of each scene. It will make a big impression. Ragnarok origin has played this role. There are many supporting characters, including a variety of ingenious and detailed characters.

Ragnarok Origin’s combat and sound effects are not that different from fantasy RPGs. However, the way Ragnarok Origin APK is assembled is very delicate and clever. Even though the plot is dark, it is rare that an MMORPG feels so joyful and comfortable.

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Main Features

  • Ragnarok’s open-world MMORPPG will give you adventure and fun!
  • Beautiful high-quality anime style graphics
  • You can customize your character growth with unique build combinations
  • Find the Rune-Midgarts secrets with other heroes by joining groups!
  • To fight with your side in epic monster battles, collect, train, and develop powerful mercenaries!
  • Explore an open world full of diverse kingdoms, empires. epic castles. And cute characters. All this is infused with rich narratives and history.

You can customize your build in any way you like

  • You can customize your weapons, armor, magic and other spells to improve your game and defeat your enemies.
  • Take your character’s power to the next level by levelling up your abilities to overcome dark dungeons and powerful MVP monsters that you’ll encounter on your adventures!

Fantasy RPG Story Campaign

  • Explore this world for adventure, fun, or even the mysterious secrets of love.
  • Take control of your destiny and set out on your own unique adventures, events, or daily quests
  • Make a collection of cute and mystical pets that you can use to go on adventures
  • You will meet unforgettable friends, and you’ll defeat powerful foes along your journey

Dynamic Action Battles

  • Many weapons now have improved animations
  • Sensitive controls permit quick responses to changing battlefield conditions
  • You can fight in many legendary and magical arenas across the kingdom!
  • Select your RPG battle strategy, learn about new attacks and prepare your potions in battle!

Solo Players: Mercenary System

  • Hire mercenaries who have diverse talents to join your adventures.

Community Social System – Let’s play together!

  • Make lasting connections in the community
    You can adventure with your friends in real-time!
    Enjoy the adventures, challenges, stories, and fun times with your friends!
  • You can play a vital role in your team!
    Everybody plays a significant role in Ragnarok Origins party systems.
    What role will you play? To make your team more powerful, you can be a Tank, DPS or Support.
  • Get special community content from guild members!
    Enjoy guild matches and guild feasts together!
  • Let’s party!
    Dance with your guild members and friends.
    Don’t forget to enter a weekly surprise draw at the weekend feast!

Express Yourself

  • You can show off your individual style with hundreds upon hundreds of adorable outfits, hats and accessories
  • Earn points when you up your fashion game
  • You can use the Wardrobe to dress any time and anywhere.

Explore A Beautiful World

  • High definition graphics in vibrant colors with 3D and 2.5D camera options
  • You will find epic adventures all across the continent of Midgard.
  • To set the mood, there is unique music in every town

Ragnarok Origin Reviews

Robert Leinweber: This is an extremely fun game, I have to say. Although I haven’t yet hit a payeally (yet), we will see. It’s a great game and I would recommend it to everyone. BONUS: You don’t get a annoying floating thing talking to you every five seconds in a Harpie voice, unlike other anime games. This game was very well designed and has been quite enjoyable so far. Although bots are possible, I have already seen quite a few of them. It’s a fun game! Thanks devs?

Mirimonda: 5 stars for a mobile MMO. I have been playing a lot of MMOs, including mobile, lately and this one felt solid while I was playing. It isn’t too difficult to navigate the menus, and almost everything is well laid out as you go up in levels. It would be great to have full keyboard/mouse support. This would give the game an MMo feel in the late games. This would be great for PC, but I’m happy with the progress so far.

Axiomkid: Fatigue System needs new Adaptation. Ragnarok has never been known to have this fatigue system which allows players not to gain exp or loot. For a separation to a fatigue system, please create an advised server. This shouldn’t have been started. It’s far too far from the original. Gravity will do its best to correct the fatigue system for advanced players.

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