Publisher Caret Games,
Category Role Playing,
Latest Version 1.00.0207
Size 50MB
MOD Features Menu, Attack All Target, Fast Movement
Requirements 4.4+
Updated On October 31, 2023
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RebirthM Introduction

Compared to today’s mobile games, RebirthM is confident that it’s one of the top games at the moment, a role-playing game not to be outdone MMOs on PC. With its unique storyline, rich characters, a huge array of quests that will take players on a great adventure in a mysterious open world.

RebirthM MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Participate in the battle

When you start the game you must choose a character, then through the chain of missions, you will be rewarded with experience to level up and a lot of rewards. Players can change their character into a unique character thanks to the infinitely upgraded items such as wings, pants, dresses, shoes… and more.

Equipment helps the character bring his own image and help to increase the power of the characters. Along with that are large-scale boss battles with 25 players battling giant bosses with tremendous power, destroying them and getting valuable rewards.

RebirthM has a familiar virtual keyboard layout like other mobile roleplaying games, with the left key on the left side of the screen helping to move the character and on the right side of the screen are the keys to using skills, so you can easily control the movement of characters. Using smoothly, combining the way to do skills to optimize the power of destroying monsters.

Classic PvP matches

Not only is it simple as regular role-playing games with boring repeating series of missions, but in RebirthM players can also take part in great PVP battles, dramatic survival battles. Demonstrating your strength, fighting with your teammate to kill all enemies and win the battle.

Impressive graphics design

The amazing thing about RebirthM is that it uses 3D Unity technology to make the game look real and beautiful. The world in the game is an open world, large space with the majestic scenery of great works with monsters designed by the publisher is quite diverse and thorough.

Main Features

  • Dungeons, Raid, Guild, Guild War, etc
  • Lv.800 contents
  •  Exchange, Crafting, Upgrade, Enhancement, etc
  • You can get so many items included in the equipment via playing. it’s totally free
  • We have regular maintenance and improvements
  • Want more? Check it out with your own RPG insigh

RebirthM Reviews

Shawn Cairney: Very nice game. Controls are good, graphics are very nice, gameplay is pretty typical quest fare of kill x and get reward y so far. Definitely recommend to anyone that likes PC MMORPGS.
Bobby Routt: As a veteran World Of Warcraft player, I am compelled to always use “wow” as my basis for other games. As such, this game fits that profile. I don’t just play the game as a way to break the monotony. I play the game because I enjoy it very much. That said I wish to thank the developers for a job well done. To those of you reading this review, it’s only my opinion but I’ll always tell the truth in my review.
Phil Kryzanowski: Ive played ALOT of games similar, but like this much more. Graphics, music, story and gameplay are all great. One of the smoothest games with high graphics Ive played on my S9. Definitely recomend as long as you have a decent device. Dont hate, upgrade if you dont. Thanks devs awesome job!

Download RebirthM APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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