Publisher SEGA,
Latest Version 7.3.0
Size 110MB
MOD Features All Characters, No Ads, Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On October 16, 2023
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Sonic Dash Introduction

Sonic Dash MOD APK is the well-known symbol for SEGA. I have previously mentioned Sonic Runners Adventure. Now, Sonic Dash is what I want to talk about. Sonic is on an endless journey, so join him and you’ll discover many interesting things.

Sonic Dash Mod Apk - Gameplay ScreenshotSonic Dash Gameplay Screenshot


Dr Eggman and Zazz are teaming up to destroy Sonic and his friends’ world. Eggman has sought revenge since he was banished from Earth the last time. His return is to seize the power to destroy the machine.

Sonic quickly discovered the plan. He followed in the footsteps of Eggman and Zazz’s subordinates to regain energy. This is where the endless chase begins. Don’t leave him alone. Let’s join Sonic on his adventures.

Endless Runner is the best game

Sonic Dash is featured in the Endless-Runner series. It allows the character to automatically move during the challenge. To dodge obstacles, you can jump, slide and move to the right or left. The gameplay is very simple and familiar.

Sonic is moving forward, but there are a few obstacles in his path. To avoid being distracted by the sharp spines waiting to puncture the blue skin, keep your eyes focused on the road ahead. Sonic used to be a bit hurt by running through it. The rings that I took up collecting along the way were dropped, while Sonic blinked as if he says, don’t do that again. I made the same mistake again and lost that game. Don’t be like me.

Sonic Dash is unique. It is designed with more features to stimulate players’ discoverability, which is the quest system. For other endless runner games like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, the journey is a straight line that lasts forever and never ends. Sonic Dash breaks down the journey into small stages with goals.

The game told me that I would be awarded red stars if 50 gold rings were collected and 15 enemies were defeated. It is very simple to complete.

Avoid all obstacles

You are not done with the challenges that you face. Sonic crossed the abyss by jumping high at the intersection of the two stages. However, he was met by Boss Dr Eggman as well as Zazz brutal. They use their weapons to kill Sonic and continue to drop the road to the bombs. Their attack speed and proximity made the pressure even greater. To overcome obstacles you will need to have good reflexes and ingenuity.

But, that doesn’t last forever. Boss will go, but there will be new threats. Sonic can be killed at any moment by large wooden planks. So were the wormholes, which caused him to move to a narrower path so that he wouldn’t be eaten by the sharks down there.


The land where Sonic and his friends have been devastated by Zazz’s evil army. Rebuild those ruins, and prove to your enemies that this land cannot be destroyed.

Let’s start with the fishing boat of the green ducks. They are unable to work and receive food when they can’t go out at sea. Also, their houses were damaged. It is possible to rebuild it with 5 diamonds.

Next, you need to consider the brown squirrel’s pool area, the snowy mountains and the green hills. When you rebuild damaged buildings, they will be gradually unlocked.

Upgrade your Sonic

Sonic needs to get better with each level. You can upgrade Sonic’s Dash Boost to make him move faster and reduce damage, or upgrade Headstart to gain more golden rings.

Sonic Dash is home to many characters. Some of them are very strong. Sonic is fast, Amy is strong, and Tail is the strongest defense. When the requirements are met, you can unlock them and upgrade them.

Game Features

  • Sonic. The world famous Sonic the Hedgehog stars in his first endless running game – how far can you go?
  • Dash. Unleash Sonic’s incredible dash move that allows you to run at insane speed and destroy everything in your path!
  • Amazing Abilities. Utilise Sonic’s powers to dodge hazards, jump over barriers and speed around loop de loops. Plus defeat enemies using Sonic’s devastating homing attack!
  • Stunning Graphics Sonic’s beautifully detailed world comes to life on mobile and tablet – never has an endless runner looked so good!
  • Multiple characters Choose to play as one of Sonic’s friends, including Tails, Shadow and Knuckles.
  • Epic Boss Battles You will be facing two of Sonic’s greatest rivals: the cunning Dr. Eggman (who is always scheming) and the deadly Zazz (from Sonic Lost World! You can use all of Sonic’s speed and agility to defeat these villains before they’re too late!
  • Powerups. You can unlock, win or purchase ingenious power-ups that will help you run farther. You can get head starts, shields and ring magnets as well as unique score boosters.
  • Keep Running. Play more to earn more rewards Level up your score multiplier by completing unique missions, or win amazing prizes including Red Star Rings & additional characters by completing Daily Challenges and playing the Daily Spin.
  • Socially Connected Challenge your friends on the leader boards or invite your friends through Facebook to prove who the best speed runner is…

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Sonic Dash Reviews

Emperor Ekku: It’s both entertaining and addicting. The graphics are comparable to the actual council games. Because I am old school, I feel it’s right for me. It can be picked up quickly and requires minimal investment. Although it has its quarks, like the fact that you must be careful not bump the wrong house, otherwise you are stuck with it. It was only four dollars, and my favorite character was one that you could buy. So it’s not a money pit. But I do get tired fighting the same bosses.

Franz Carl Puchert: This was a great game that I played many years ago. Things are not as great for me now that I’m back. Although it’s still great, it’s now very buggy and cluttered with ads. If you don’t want to see an ad for 2x rings it will ask you. You won’t get any rings if you answer no. Sonic sometimes doesn’t revive when I see an ad for revive.

Iman Sultan: This game is very enjoyable. You have the option to purchase red stars and cons to improve your characters. However, you can also collect and update their characters. The only problem with Egg Man is that there is no practice guide to how to kill him. Although they give instructions, the app will tell you to follow them but it will say “failed attempt”. They should also include tutorials on killing Sazz and Egg Man.

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