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Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On September 21, 2023
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Trojan War 2 Introduction

Trojan War 2 MOD APK: The battle between the strongest fighters: Hector Achilles and Odysseus. This seemingly innocuous war has resulted in thousands of deaths. Are you willing to take part in it?

The battle has been immortalized in legend


One of the most intriguing topics is the Trojan War story at the school for Greek mythological epistolary Epics. It has been researched in many fields over the ages. You have to help the Spartan king Menelaus lead the Greek people and attack Troy to reclaim Helen.

Troy was built in the name of Poseidon (two powerful gods) and Apollo (the architect). The team also included skilled soldiers under Hector’s command, the brother of Paris and the most beautiful boy in Asia. The fortress side was led by Odysseus the skilled king from Ithaca and Achilles, a legendary warrior who was invincible. A series of stories including the epic raid on the Greek army that took place in the huge wooden horse taken into Troy created some of the most entertaining tales, including the long-running war between Hector & Achilles.

Trojan War 2 – The war isn’t just for mortals

Trojan War 2 MOD APK is a simulation of the famous Trojan War. To highlight your unique abilities against the enemy, you will control a powerful army of fighters. When the enemy’s stronghold falls, you win. You will win matches if you take control of the territory. From there, you will recruit more troops, increase the strength of your soldiers with the resources collected such as artifacts, armor, and power-enhancing equipment…

While both sides don’t focus on the battle with ordinary soldiers, they do have strong warriors and some of the most powerful gods in the sky. My advice is that you should spend time carefully reading the character and newly acquired units descriptions, as well as outstanding features from the opponent’s army to come up with useful and intelligent tactics.


For success, a solid strategy is crucial.

The game focuses on winning levels and fighting. Cards can be accumulated. Cards can give you powerful units and skills as well as a wide range of special skills. When choosing, deciding which army to go first, which army to follow to quickly attack and destroy the citadel, that’s when you show your talent for strategy and tactics.

A unique fighting style can be created by attacking, defense, or various types of troops. This will quickly lead to victory.

All battles of Trojan War 2 are fought live. As the day and night scenes play out, you’ll be able to see the different scenes. There will be great excitement at the ever-changing landscape.

Leadership in the Greek army is more than just fighting. It is important to consider the situation at your rear. The biggest challenge in leading the Greek army is to balance your resources and improve your army. It is difficult, even with all the resources you have. You have to apply both your knowledge of Greek mythology and tactical talent into the game such as using giant wooden horses as fortresses to defend, using ancient spells to take down enemy strongholds…

Opportunities and challenges are everywhere

Many factors will affect your strategy when you play. How the enemy creates new units and how they link forces at a given time will determine your success. No matter what the situation, calm, unflinching, smart tactics are key to your success.

Trojan-War-2-MOD-APK1Trojan War 2 MOD APK Gameplay Screenshot

Enjoy the first scenes while you are still free and can play with a limited number of enemies. You can also use many combinations and different strategies. You can also reuse and upgrade your gameplay if you have the right strategy. Each strategy offers its own experience and outcome. Choose the right combination.

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Main Features

  • Real-time epic combat games
  • Duel with players from all over the world
  • You can unlock rewards by upgrading existing cards or collecting stronger cards. Earn chests
  • To unlock cards, destroy the stronghold of your opponent.
  • By adding troops and monsters to your card collection, you can increase and build it.
  • You can unlock more progress by collecting trophies at different levels.
  • Each week host new events
  • You can open a chest to receive daily free cards
  • Build different battle tactics & strategies and become the ultimate champion

Trojan War 2 Review

Perry Nukwak: Fix any glitches. Upgrades are not offered at all levels. Glitches are a must in this great game.

Najmifalah Erdzuam: I really want to play this game but it kick me out ? from the game and i think this is the best game ever and please reduce some size

Duyên NT: This is the most amazing strategy game you’ve ever seen! This game is simply amazing!

Mandal for Bishnu Mandal: Bhai very beautiful aap very nice aap

Алексей Арзуманов: Многие игроки не участвуют в битве для снижения в рейтинге. Скучно

Download Trojan War 2: Epic Battle of Sparta APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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