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Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On September 19, 2023
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Unholy Adventure 2 Introduction

Unholy Adventure 2 MOD APK: A great game for horror fans who like this kind of game. The point & click story game genre is always the most attractive when playing on mobile screens because of its convenience, simplicity, and speed.

Continued to Part 1

To talk about part 2, let’s take a quick look at the story of the first part.

The world is chaotic and distorting. Many people have animal faces, and strange events are taking place. Peter Grim is the main character. He is determined to find Betty. Part 1 opens with Peter Grim entering an enormous building where he discovers his wife. He must overcome many obstacles and follow a series if clues.


Part 2 begins with Peter’s dialogue and a creepy headed “receptionist” with hundreds of squirming snakes, who reveals that Betty’s out there and asks him if he’s sure his wife is doesn’t hide a horrible secret? Peter believed his wife was normal, and had nothing to do with the many bizarre happenings in this area.

Peter Grim finds his wife behind bars and follows more bizarre clues to find her. And the reason she’s here is to save the life of their daughter, Lucy. There is much more to this story than Betty’s imprisonment or the circumstances surrounding Lucy’s kidnapping. It is all about the awful things that happen in this region.


Like the first part, Unholy Adventure 2 is an adventure puzzle game with a bit of role-playing elements in a fantasy story that, in my opinion, is very “sick”. The second season is focused on solving puzzles and realist elements. Surrealism is present throughout, but it’s not the main focus. If in part 1 you just did something from simple to complex like finding Betty’s phone number, tracking down places she has been, then this part 2 is a series of things that are much more confusing and stressful.

Unholy-Adventure-2-APK2Unholy Adventure 2 MOD APK Screenshot

Unholy Adventure 2 APK can be even more complicated than Part 1. This APK is even more difficult than Part 1. Now you will see a haunted house and a mysterious theatre full of scary plays and mannequins. Each location will have its own challenges. These challenges are not just routine chores. They have set new standards.

Sometimes, it’s adjusting a series of servers in the operating room, sometimes it’s making some kind of horror potion… The structure of all questions is confusing and requires the player’s thinking and the research process more. Perhaps this is why we find it easier to concentrate on the puzzles than fear.

Graphics and sounds

While he’s the same main character as before, he maintains a calm expression and ignores everyone. Everything around him has changed. Numerous new characters are emerging: Andrew, Betty Betty Giant Rabbit, Betty Pig-faced. Lucy, another character we only have heard of, but have yet to see, is another. Still the terrifying surreal figure, but this time we’ve seen real people. Part 1’s terrifying feeling seems less intense.


The gradually revealed secrets are the reason for the prickly feeling, and not the image. Crazy people, perverted heads, and hundreds of horrible things are the product of distorted thinking… These things will make you fall into a state of madness, curiosity, and fear at the same time. Fear of not being identified will make you dive into Unholy Adventure 2 APK.

The sound in this comeback remains the same, and there are more specific details, especially when solving puzzles related to machines and systems… The voiceover is also a strong connection to the player’s mind. You’ll hear each unique voice that matches each character’s physical appearance. The voiceovers will be captivating and provide fascinating dialogue.

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Unholy Adventure 2 Reviews

Fatiyyah Mukminah: It’s definitely worth the effort. The puzzle and hint system are my favorite. I was intrigued by the story behind the Lucid Dream. Looking forward to the next installment.

Sabine P: My favorite point-and click adventure with this developer is the one below. There aren’t any ads. It’s a great atmosphere. If you are looking for hints, they can be provided.

Samir Ghanem: This is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Keep exploring and learning! You can push the boundaries of challenge mode! ?

Cyleren1: While I love this style, I wish the money grab was transparent. While I appreciate developers being supported, it is annoying to have to halt mid-game to download another chapter.

Mary Czzowitz: This is the second installment of the series. It was fun. It’s excellent. It is also useful to have a hint option. It is a fantastic game.

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