Publisher Vector3D Studios,
Category 3D Game, Offline, Simulation,
Latest Version 2022.06
Size 55MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On September 19, 2023
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Unmatched Air Traffic Control Introduction

In Unmatched Air Traffic Control MOD APK (Unlimited Money) game, you play as an air traffic control officer in an airport that is busy. The aim is to help planes to safely land and departing, and avoiding crashes between the planes.

This game is very similar to the real-life operation of a bustling airport with simple and easy-to-understand controls. It is a fantastic pastime that improves your memory and thinking.

Unmatched Air Traffic Control Mod Apk - Gameplay ScreenshotUnmatched Air Traffic Control MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

Shed and runway are the main places of action. Here is a wide range of models of aircraft. Beginner will have 5 aircraft which are easy to manage available. Unmatched Air Traffic Control cheats download an additional 20 Airbus for a full game. Also on the display you can see other airliners. Their location is determined by the radar and gives them a signal about the nearest airfield. The first 5 quests users pass in one breath. Further, they are more complicated. At the same time you will need to perform 2 actions: take aircraft and send them to the sky. For such tasks it is necessary to display an additional panel for negotiations with the pilot. Unmatched Air Traffic Control cheats will do the job perfectly. Passing the levels the payment increases.

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Unmatched Air Traffic Control Reviews

Riley Oldford: Brilliant game! One of my all-time favorites games, with only a couple of issues however, it’s a lot of fun. It is taking me a lot of time to purchase my first gate. The multiplayer is behind a pay-wall and I’d like to see liveries such as the latest WestJet 787 or 737 livery or First Air/Canadian North. Also, I would love to see an airport control that you would choose among hundreds of airports across the globe or allow users to design your own custom airport.

Boobalan Selvam: I was eagerly awaiting the update. The second real-life airport (rio de jenerio) airport does not appear to be an authentic one. Pls create more realistic airports, with many runways, runways that cross. This will make it more realistic , like the actual control of air traffic. Please think about it adding more realistic airports that have numerous runways that have to be chosen by the aviation controller. And the game is burning. Great job team. Thank you for your support.

Zachary Schultz: I LOVE this game but! Would you like to include additional liveries. The 737’s don’t come with the standard Alaska Airlines livery :(( Additionally, you can add every one of JetBlue liveries. Also, can you add Allegiant or SunCountry airlines. Keep adding airlines as you update it’s way too many to mention lol. However, you should look consider adding MD 80s in the comprehensive list. You can also add additional Liveries on your Embraer 595 and the 737 900 MAX lists. Please please and thank You.

How To Play Unmatched Air Traffic Control?

Beginning the Game

Unmatched Air Traffic Control is a game that lets you manage planes during departure and arrival simultaneously and at various airports. It is possible to determine what task is while telling planes to pushback take off and then land. But, Unmatched Air Traffic Control can also mimic emergencies and accidents. Learn how to master and play with the following wikiHow article.

The game can be downloaded

You can do this through my website or on Google Play by searching “Unmatched Air Traffic Control.” Click the Install button, and then wait for Vector3D Studios logo to appear. The logo will display a message that is dedicated to the actual ATCs and you’ll be able to use the touchscreen to move forward.

Choose one airport

You can do this by clicking Play and then looking through the specific airports that are available within the game. The airports will be unlocked in Rocky Mountain Regional by default and when you earn more coins/money you can unlock additional airports, which includes realistic airports.

Be aware of the options before you make your choices

There a multitude of buttons that only illuminate when an event is specified. This includes the buttons located at the lower right on your display. There are buttons to the left which provide different perspectives on the airplane (and in the inside of the terminals at certain airports). On the right side you’ll find the airlines that are at your airport. If you need to make a request there will be two yellow light be displayed. Also, there is the radar which is available at every airport.

How To Play Unmatched Air Traffic Control

How To Play Unmatched Air Traffic Control?

The plane is leaving the Airplane

Allow an aircraft backtrack

When you begin an activity, a plane will be asking for pushback. If you want to allow the pushback, click the icon for pushback. The plane will then slide out of the gate and kick off the engines.

It will be clearer by the time that the truck with pushback is visible and all other plane services depart before this (fuel will be the last, except it departs simultaneously).

To avoid collisions on aircraft, push back only aircraft one gate back from one another (for example, one aircraft is pushed away in gate A3), therefore do not push back A2/A4 aircrafts, but push back the A1/A5 aircraft, if they want).

Let the plane take off to running away

To allow a plane to taxi, simply click”Taxi button. The plane will taxi automatically towards the runway. Some airports, however, have two runways. There is the possibility of choosing the runway they’ll take to and they will then take your suggestion into consideration.

It’s fine to let at least two aircraft waiting until take-off clearance. They’ll stop close to the plane in front of them and you shouldn’t fret about collisions happening here.

When the plane is en route towards the runway it will conduct a safety training at the airport if you are able to check the plane.

Get the plane off

Once the aircraft is ready to take off and the plane is able to align itself with the runway or start taking off. The plane will depart the airport, and then return following. This procedure can be repeated as many times as it is feasible.

After a certain period after a while, you’ll earn virtual coins every time you flight, based on the type of aircraft.

Make an Airplane Land

Get ready for the arrivals

Along with departing planes, you will also see planes that are trying to arrive at your airport. If they are able to call for an approach or final, let them know that you are in favor of landing. Make sure that no aircraft is trying to take off from the runway the landing aircraft will head to and arrive as it is expected. Then, they’ll leave the runaway, and then request an entrance gate.

If you do not take care (or an aircraft is in flight before the plane is scheduled to take off) it will ask for a re-route. The pilot will have to return to the plane in order to get to your destination.

Taxi the plane that landed to the gate

After landing, they’ll request an Uber to take them to the gate. You can click the gate button and select the gate they’ll go to. Once you have selected the gate the plane will travel to the gate requested and remain at the airport until the time to leave.

Additional Things You Should Take into Consideration

Pay attention to game Overs

The game may continue for as long you’d like, but it may be ended if you do not complete the challenge. Avoid collisions with aircraft by pushing back planes, or when two planes are facing one another nose-to-nose. It is also possible to issue when the emergency button has not been activated when an aircraft asks for Mayday. If you use all your other options then the game will cease. It is best to stay clear of it by telling the plane to stop wherever they are and waiting for the next plane to come through.

If you want to play the game again it is necessary to make a payment in virtual currency to continue.

There’s also a chance of getting an “Dangerous procedure.” This could happen due to many reasons, but it will hinder your perfect record. Make sure to avoid this when two planes make use of the runway for takeoff.

Avoid putting off flights deliberately

If you decided to delay a plane and it’s been one hour after the time of their arrival , or 2 hours and 30 mins after departure, the plane will be delayed. It is best to avoid this however, it will not hinder your play.

Be ready for any weather delays

In some cases the bright skies could fade to reveal grey clouds. That means that the sky may be awash with snow or rain. You might need to look to see what the current event is on the tower, and then check the radar. If the radar shows only rain or snow, it will display yellow and green rain when you look at the radar. If the radar displays significant rain, thunder could be heard from a distance and other activities (including the pushback of the plane preparing to take off) could be hindered until the weather is cleared. Be sure to avoid delaying the plane, unless it’s too late.

Manage incidents

In Springbrook and Whitecenter Airport, and Gran Carina/Bali airport, there may be a chance that an plane could be notified of an emergency Mayday in the event of an engine malfunction or landing gear failure. It is imperative to press the emergency button to instruct the plane to runaway. It will also stop other requests, to ensure that the emergency is dealt with in a timely manner.

At different airports, emergency could be declared when the aircraft requires a takeoff that is not accepted. The sign of an emergency is the camera’s view changing to that of a plane slowing with smoke coming from an engine. They’ll need to take a taxi to a gate in order to begin service once more.

Purchase gate replacements

To buy new gates, you’ll need to push the gate that has a padded lock and receive an acknowledgement if you’d want to buy an entrance. If you accept (and with enough cash) and have enough money, you’ll receive the gate you want. This will make maneuvering the plane more difficult, but it will provide you with additional coins to spend!

New aircraft liveries are available

If you would prefer not to receive BlueSky Airlines aircraft, you have to click the Aircraft tab in the main menu and you can browse the variety of livery options. You can purchase any aircraft that has livery. In order to unlock the aircraft, simply press the unlock button below. This will make the plane available to you at your airport and you’ll be able to find it at the airport.

Note that for realistic airports, you are able to only use real-looking aircraft. This means you can’t combine real and default airplanes.

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