Publisher KingsGroup Holdings,
Category Strategy,
Latest Version 2.72.1
Size 133MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On September 5, 2023
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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Introduction

Today, I’m going to introduce you to the latest real-time strategy game from KingsGroup Holdings and the game is Z Day: Hearts of Heroes APK.

Gamers love war games, and many strategy games have been successful in this field. These are the reviews, as well as how to download the game to your phone. This free strategy game lets you choose between zombies and humans.

Fight against zombies

Z-Day-Hearts-of-Heroes-APK1Z Day: Hearts of Heroes APK- Gameplay Screeshot

If you’ve ever seen the movie World WarZ, then you can see Z Day in the same plot. The Second World War has been ongoing for years with no sign of an end. Human engineering is rapidly improving as scientists are able create super soldiers and war machines in the air. This war has been fought, but humans have made a mistake. The Allied forces caused a huge explosion, which caused gas to leak. Many animals died, and the zombies became aggressive and large. You must lead your forces to protect the world from all dangers and create a new order.

Fortress construction

The first thing you must do in Z Day Hearts of Heroes is to build solid facilities for training and developing your army. The area was initially a barren wasteland. After wars, it became populated by weapons factories, nuclear reactors, and training camps that would help build the best army. After touching the land, select the building you wish to build. Wait about three seconds before you can see your beautiful building. Additionally, the resources can be used to gain gold or other valuable items for the army as well as the entire territory.


In this game, you can create your own fighting vehicles. The Destroyers are currently the most powerful, but you have the option to defeat them using weaker planes.

Train your army

You will need a large army to defend your nation against The Commandant or Storm The Bastion if you have enough power. You can put your kingdom at risk by killing giant forest animals such as bears and wolves. But it also provides a lot of resources. To get lots of gold, your army should be used daily to kill these animals.

There are many types of troops available, including tanks and paratroopers as well as marines. As a commander, each unit brings a new tactic. You also have to change the way that you approach the game. Z Day: Hearts of Heroes’ gameplay is complex and you will need to think about a lot of things. But, in return, there are detailed guides that can be used to guide you, as well as an intuitive interface that will allow you to become a master.



Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is a strategy game that has 3D graphics. The fortress and the war are simulated as in real life. It will take you to a vast and majestic world filled with impressive castles, battle machines, and other amazing features. However, when fighting, your army will move on the treetops if you have to go through the forest, so it’s quite unreasonable.

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Main Features

  • In this survival strategy MMO, rebuild your city and defend it against the zombie invasion. Also repair buildings and farms to support your base and military centres.
  • Multiplayer PvP World War! To claim glory, raise your head as a commander and bravely march onto a battlefield full of global terror!
  • Army Alliances Establish friendships and relationships with your allies. Use different strategies to defeat the evil Commandant’s assault and storm Bastion with this RPG!
  • War Heroes You can count on the help of Gods of Military to get you out there fighting with strategy. Get your war heroes trained up!
  • Destroyers! Death from above. Legendary Aircraft with devastating attack power! Survive the zombie invasion at any cost!
  • Supersoldier! You can explore the Abandoned Facility together with your mechanization soldier to compete in the battlefield arena.
  • Multiplayer battle competition Join the Region vs. Alliance battle competition for more than just PvP! Region, Alliance or Alliance? Join the Northern Front events that span multiple regions!
  • Chat! Chat with other players around the globe in real-time conversation
  • Strategy multiplayer MMO RPG! Manage your resources and train your soldiers army troops. Strategy is key to winning against your enemy.
  • Building! Create an Empire strong enough to shelter from the war on the MMO battlefield.
  • Epic Survival Story! Immersive horror storyworld filled with terrifying zombie invaders

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Reviews

Billy McDowell: This is a great game.

Jean Cubberly: Great game. These games are not my favorite. I would classify it as a strategy game. However, this game has caught my attention. It’s a great way to kill time between doctor appointments. It’s like local politics, although I have made it quite far without losing a single penny. I would still make a few bucks even with this. This bad boy deserves your attention. If you don’t like it, you can uninstall it. Have fun!

Benedict Agutaya: This game is very entertaining! It’s great for anyone with a lot of spare time. I loved it, and then I removed it from my smartphone. The utility I gained from slow playing decreased after spending money on the game package. The Z Day Developer Team should find new ways to improve the game. My feeling was that I have an obligation to play the game again and again. The game is still great and well-constructed!

Curtis Cunningham: This game is exactly what I expected from a game like it. It’s got everything I need to keep me entertained. One player might decide to pay for the right to run the region the way he likes. It’s not impossible, though it is a bit annoying. The only thing I would recommend to the dev team is to MAKE PEACE SHIELDS MORE ACQUIRABLE. This alone would prevent 20% of the players abandoning the game.

Download Z Day: Hearts of Heroes APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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