Category 3D Game, Offline, Simulation,
Latest Version 1.44.0
Size 104MB
MOD Features Unlimited Cryptocoins, Unlimited Coins, Improve Defense, Damage
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On September 6, 2023
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Zero City Introduction

Game Zero City MOD APK (Unlimited Cryptocoins, Money) has a familiar gameplay like other management games, but the construction in the context of zombies makes the game more dramatic.

After a devastating battle, the only thing left of the world is a wasteland full of mutant zombies. As the last refuge of humanity, your mission in the game Zero City is to find a way to survive and survive in the apocalypse series.

At first glance, the mobile game Zero City APK is very similar to other management games. So if you are familiar with this type of game will know exactly what to expect here. And because it is a story game divided into chapters. Each section will focus on an independent aspect to manage your facility and have more goals to accomplish.

If you’re never unsure what to do next, just take a look at your current task to see what you need to do. Completing the mission not only rewards you with some resources, but also ensures that your base is always up to date with all the latest technology and upgrades.

By developing your base and cast, you can also send them outside to collect additional resources on base development. In order to upgrade residents and more powerful items, players will have to spend a lot of resources, so the continuous development of the squad is extremely necessary.

Battles usually take place automatically, but players can choose the time to activate the skills. This brings about tactics in PvP battles.

On the other hand, Zero City mobile game also promises to bring a range of distinctive features such as Dungeon, collecting characters (divided by rarity), PvP mode or even extremely intense battles between Guild again.

Zero City MOD APK - Gameplay ScreenshotZero City APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Refuge construction management. Build and upgrade rooms to create an impregnable shelter. Workers are already there. Give the order to start building now! Prepare your shelter for defense by building a variety of defensive structures. Decide which defense combination will be most effective!
  • Dwellers developing. In these dark times, every survivor counts, and everyone will have something to do! Teach your people new skills, upgrade, and let them show you what they have learned in practice!
  • Choice of equipment. Create effective weapons and equipment, arm and dress your squad!
  • Multiplayer, PVP. We are not the only survivors, but only the strongest survive the apocalypse, right? Create a mighty, invincible squad to dominate your enemies in arena’s tournament or attacks on other shelters. Show the others who’s running the show in the open confrontation!
  • Story-driven campaign. Lead your squad through all the trials of the new world and survive using the whole arsenal available! There are hundreds of battles with hordes of zombies and mutant fanatics ahead of your brave fighters.

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Zero City Reviews

Saugata Dastider: Good game. Which is a single game made with the concept of Fall out Shelter and some other game… Forgot the name. With a new addition of arena matches and zone clearing. Good addition. But the major bummer is the resources and time to generate them. Which tends to kill the fun. But, apart from that same generic survival game like fall out Shelter.

Alexander Kalinin: Zero City APK has something different from Fallout Shelter in it. I’ve just started and later in the game I’ll probably have to wait eons for buildings to complete etc. But it wont be less enjoyble… I hope. Also worth mentioning small amount of ads. Right now I love it, thanks devs 🙂

Natalia Tjokro: I lose hope when my warrior class reach the limit of 3 stars.. At least, give a choice to buy stars for my survivor using game money (not real money), or sell it at tunnel store or arena store. If not, I think I’m going to uninstall it because at this point I can’t do anything..

Moses Walker: I like the game and the graphics…but the game crashes everytime and very slow and not a smooth gameplay and very slow loading and very laggy, and please make it offline……I hope you can fix these….thank you

Lalitkumar Motagi: The grind towards the later part of the game is too much especially since the daily rewards barely give any upgraded weapons or armour. It’s still a pretty good game.

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