Publisher Wildlife Studios,
Category MOBA,
Latest Version 3.35.0
Size 152MB
MOD Features Unlimited Sprint Skills
Requirements 6.0+
Updated On September 1, 2023
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Zooba  Introduction

Zooba is a turning point for modern games today. With the perfect combination of MOBA and survival genre, Zooba takes you into an exciting animal world with survival battles to find out who is the King of the zoo.

Zooba  MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Battles in Zooba are fierce arenas just like PUBG or Fornite. In the first place, you and 19 other players are sorted into PvP matches without any weapons. Quickly search everywhere to find weapons and new skills. You can pick up up to 3 weapons along with 1 basic skill available to be ready to face enemies. And like MOBA games, those skills will have cooldown time, requiring you to use flexibly.

In addition to using the skill proficiently, note that the enemy can be anywhere and defeat you if you lose your guard. So in every match, you have to have a high concentration. And one thing that is obvious in any survival game is, it is a safe zone, which will make you die slowly if you do not enter the safety zone in time. Therefore, finding a spot in a safe zone makes it possible for you to be safe in the final rounds and towards the 1st rank. In fact, the possibility of surviving depends on your skills and a bit of luck. You may have the advantage of being in an area with many weapons and few enemies.

In each battle, there are many weapons and items scattered on the battlefield. If you’re lucky, you will soon find good equipment. Weapons are a very important factor in deciding victory in a face-to-face battle. So, with good equipment, you can hold more than 50% of the victory.
In addition to fighting with many players in fierce survival battles, you can play with your friends in fun PvP battles. The game has two modes Solo and Duo. In Duo Mode, you can play with friends, survive together in fierce battles. Win and boost your rankings on the global rankings.

Main Features

  •  Choose from over 20 fun characters, from Nix the crafty fox to Pepper the doubtful giraffe, with more being added to the game all the time!
  • Battle against 45 other players across multiple game modes
  •  Upgrade your character and items
  •  Climb through the ranks to earn amazing free prizes
  •  Zoo VIP filled with rewards

Zooba Reviews:

Grace White: This is a fun, amazing game with interesting characters, great map and the special abilities match with the characters. However, there are occasional glitches, crashing and whatnot, along with mismatching of the levels. For example, a level 6 against a level 14. Theres an obvious victor and things like this happen all the time. Overall, great game!

Rodrigo Tanillama: I really like the game! Fun concept, controls and it’s intuitive. The only problem I find is that I’ve had some framerate issues on certain devices. Apart from that, it’s all pretty great. Keep it up! I would also like to see a skunk character in the game in a near future! Pleeease.

Rayyan: This game is absolutely insane. I love it the graphics, the characters, and everything about it. One problem the match making is very bad I’m only level 8 and enemies are like level 14or above it’s so hard to win a match I request the developer to fix this thank you.

Download Zooba APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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